2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers Baseball Factory Sealed Hobby Box
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2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers

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2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers is a 90-card set released in April, 2001. As the name suggests, every single card in this product features a Hall of Famer.

Each 24-pack Hobby box contains at least one game-used card and a Mickey Mantle Pinstripe Exclusives bonus pack.


24 packs plus one three-card Mickey Mantle Pinstripe Exclusives pack per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $3.99).


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 90 - ?
Gallery 15 - 1:6
20th Century Showcase 11 - 1:8
Endless Summer 11 - 1:8
Class of '36 5 - 1:17
Game Bat 40 - 1:24
Game Jersey 18 - 1:168
Game Jersey Autograph 14 - 1:504
Cut Signatures 6 varies ?


Base Set

Dizzy-Dean.jpg?id=0c25d487-e53f-4d9b-9538-8fc4ad3e28cc&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dizzy-Dean.jpg?id=0c25d487-e53f-4d9b-9538-8fc4ad3e28cc&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Reggie Jackson

2 Hank Aaron

3 Eddie Mathews

4 Warren Spahn

5 Robin Yount

6 Lou Brock

7 Dizzy Dean

8 Bob Gibson

9 Stan Musial

10 Enos Slaughter

11 Roger Hornsby

12 Ernie Banks

13 Fergie Jenkins

14 Roy Campanella

15 Pee Wee Reese

16 Jackie Robinson

17 Juan Marichal

18 Christy Mathewson

19 Willie Mays

20 Hoyt Wilhelm

21 Buck Leonard

22 Bob Feller

23 Cy Young

24 Satchel Paige

25 Tom Seaver

26 Brooks Robinson

27 Mike Schmidt

28 Roberto Clemente

29 Ralph Kiner

30 Willie Stargell

31 Honus Wagner

32 Josh Gibson

33 Nolan Ryan

34 Carlton Fisk

35 Jimmy Foxx

36 Johnny Bench

37 Joe Morgan

38 George Brett

39 Walter Johnson

40 James Bell

41 Ty Cobb

42 Al Kaline

43 Harmon Killebrew

44 Luis Aparicio

45 Yogi Berra

46 Joe DiMaggio

47 Whitey Ford

48 Lou Gehrig

49 Mickey Mantle

50 Babe Ruth

51 Josh Gibson

52 Honus Wagner

53 Hoyt Wilhelm

54 Cy Young

55 Walter Johnson

56 Satchel Paige

57 Roger Hornsby

58 Christy Mathewson

59 Tris Speaker

60 Nap Lajoie

61 Mickey Mantle

62 Jackie Robinson

63 Nolan Ryan

64 Josh Gibson

65 Yogi Berra

66 Brooks Robinson

67 Stan Musial

68 Mike Schmidt

69 Joe DiMaggio

70 Ernie Banks

71 Willie Stargell

72 Johnny Bench

73 Willie Mays

74 Satchel Paige

75 Bob Gibson

76 Harmon Killebrew

77 Al Kaline

78 Carlton Fisk

79 Tom Seaver

80 Reggie Jackson

81 Bob Gibson

82 Nolan Ryan

83 Walter Johnson

84 Stan Musial

85 Josh Gibson

86 Cy Young

87 Joe DiMaggio

88 Hoyt Wilhelm

89 Lou Brock

90 Mickey Mantle



Reggie-Jackson.jpg?id=35b363e9-6093-4d72-9aa7-d0634e477db6&size=original&side=front&.jpg Reggie-Jackson.jpg?id=35b363e9-6093-4d72-9aa7-d0634e477db6&size=original&side=back&.jpg

G1 Reggie Jackson

G2 Tom Seaver

G3 Bob Gibson

G4 Jackie Robinson

G5 Joe DiMaggio

G6 Ernie Banks

G7 Mickey Mantle

G8 Willie Mays

G9 Cy Young

G10 Nolan Ryan

G11 Johnny Bench

G12 Yogi Berra

G13 Satchel Paige

G14 George Brett

G15 Stan Musial

20th Century Showcase

Ernie-Banks.jpg?id=42532da6-0db7-445c-90c2-cb9fd4caedda&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ernie-Banks.jpg?id=42532da6-0db7-445c-90c2-cb9fd4caedda&size=original&side=back&.jpg

S1 Cy Young

S2 Joe DiMaggio

S3 Harmon Killebrew

S4 Stan Musial

S5 Mickey Mantle

S6 Satchel Paige

S7 Nolan Ryan

S8 Bob Gibson

S9 Ernie Banks

S10 Mike Schmidt

S11 Willie Mays

Endless Summer

Willie-Mays.jpg?id=93132567-e618-4ef8-bd3c-78a7f7ce21f3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Willie-Mays.jpg?id=93132567-e618-4ef8-bd3c-78a7f7ce21f3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

ES1 Mickey Mantle

ES2 Yogi Berra

ES3 Mike Schmidt

ES4 Jackie Robinson

ES5 Johnny Bench

ES6 Tom Seaver

ES7 Ernie Banks

ES8 Harmon Killebrew

ES9 Joe DiMaggio

ES10 Willie Mays

ES11 Brooks Robinson

Class of '36

Honus-Wagner.jpg?id=5595ca31-7ae9-48df-bb10-3f655d5e7167&size=original&side=front&.jpg Honus-Wagner.jpg?id=5595ca31-7ae9-48df-bb10-3f655d5e7167&size=original&side=back&.jpg

C1 Ty Cobb

C2 Babe Ruth

C3 Christy Mathewson

C4 Walter Johnson

C5 Honus Wagner

Mickey Mantle Pinstripe Exclusives

See 2001 Upper Deck Pinstripe Exclusives.

Autographs & Game-Used

Game Bat

Hank-Greenberg.jpg?id=2e7d1abe-4fda-4dfa-93a5-f0aa0689d2ff&size=original&side=front&.jpg Hank-Greenberg.jpg?id=2e7d1abe-4fda-4dfa-93a5-f0aa0689d2ff&size=original&side=back&.jpg

B-BR Babe Ruth

B-BRO Brooks Robinson

B-BW Billy Williams

B-CF Carlton Fisk DP

B-DD Don Drysdale

B-DS Duke Snider

B-EB Ernie Banks

B-ES Enos Slaughter

B-EW Early Wynn

B-FR Frank Robinson

B-GB George Brett DP

B-GK George Kell

B-HA Hank Aaron DP

B-HG Hank Greenberg

B-JB Johnny Bench DP

B-JBO Jim Bottomley

B-JD Joe DiMaggio

B-JF Jimmy Foxx

B-JM Johnny Mize

B-JMO Joe Morgan DP

B-JP Jim Palmer SP 372

B-JR Jackie Robinson SP 371

B-LA Luis Aparicio

B-MM Mickey Mantle

B-MO Mel Ott

B-NF Nellie Fox

B-NR Nolan Ryan

B-OC Orlando Cepeda

B-RC Roberto Clemente SP 409

B-RCA Roy Campanella

B-RF Rollie Fingers

B-RH Roger Hornsby

B-RJ Reggie Jackson DP

B-RK Ralph Kiner

B-RS Red Schoendienst

B-RY Robin Yount DP

B-TP Tony Perez

B-WM Willie Mays DP

B-WS Willie Stargell

B-YB Yogi Berra

Game Jersey

Roberto-Clemente.jpg?id=81ae512f-67fd-45f3-86fc-225bd7b5cf03&size=original&side=front&.jpg Roberto-Clemente.jpg?id=81ae512f-67fd-45f3-86fc-225bd7b5cf03&size=original&side=back&.jpg

J-BR Brooks Robinson

J-DD Don Drysdale SP 49

J-DS Duke Snider SP 267

J-DSU Don Sutton

J-FR Frank Robinson

J-JD Joe DiMaggio

J-JM Joe Morgan

J-LA Luis Aparicio

J-LG Lou Gehrig SP PANTS 194

J-MM Mickey Mantle SP 216

J-NR Nolan Ryan DP

J-OC Orlando Cepeda

J-PW Pee Wee Reese

J-RC Roberto Clemente

J-TP Tony Perez

J-TS Tom Seaver

J-WM Willie Mays

J-WS Willie Stargell

Game Jersey Autograph

Ernie-Banks.jpg?id=fe6cfd1d-2df2-4d30-a3dd-f98b17f5423b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ernie-Banks.jpg?id=fe6cfd1d-2df2-4d30-a3dd-f98b17f5423b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Shortly before the release of Hall of Famers, Willie Stargell, who agreed to sign for this product, died. It is unclear what the Stargell exchange card Upper Deck packed out was redeemed for.

SJ-BR Brooks Robinson

SJ-DS Duke Snider

SJ-DSU Don Sutton

SJ-EB Ernie Banks

SJ-FR Frank Robinson

SJ-GB George Brett

SJ-JM Joe Morgan

SJ-LA Luis Aparicio

SJ-NR Nolan Ryan

SJ-OC Orlando Cepeda

SJ-RJ Reggie Jackson

SJ-TP Tony Perez

SJ-TS Tom Seaver

SJ-WS Willie Stargell EXCH

Cut Signatures

LC1 Honus Wagner / Ty Cobb / Babe Ruth / Christy Mathe 1

C-BR Babe Ruth 2

C-CM Christy Mathewson 1

C-HW Honus Wagner 1

C-TC Ty Cobb 2

C-WJ Walter Johnson 5