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2000 Skybox APEX was a proposed base-level brand from Fleer-Skybox that never got past the planning stages. Fleer had plans on unifying their three base-level Skybox-branded products (Circa Baseball, Thunder Football, and Z-Force Basketball) into one: APEX. Only the Basketball product (1999-00 Skybox APEX) was ever released.

It wasn't until after Fleer-Skybox's 2005 bankruptcy that any evidence of the baseball version of APEX came to light in the form of 11" X 17" "Design/Press Direction Specification" sheets. It must be noted that ACTUAL SKYBOX APEX CARDS (to include promos and pre-production copies) have never emerged on the secondary market, and it is assumed were never printed.

So far, only four such sheets are known to exist.

  • Ken Griffey, Jr. base card
  • Sammy Sosa "Gone Squad" insert
  • Mark McGwire "Hit Machines Warp Tek" insert
  • Pedro Martinez "Pendemonium" autographed redemption.

The design of the "Hit Machines" insert was eventually recycled and included in 2000 Metal. Any assistance in identifying other 2000 Skybox APEX cards would be greatly appreciated.