1998 Topps SportsCubz

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1998 Topps SportsCubz were plastic 3" square "cubes" were apparently issued by Topps as a test issue. The fronts have a player photo set against their team's logo with the words "Topps SportzCubz" on the bottom left and the player's name located on the bottom right. The backs have biographical information as well as season and team stats. Any further information about these cards is appreciated.




Base Set

    1 Roberto Alomar

    2 Dante Bichette

    3 Barry Bonds

    4 Roger Clemens

    5 Juan Gonzalez

    6 Mark Grace

    7 Vladimir Guerrero

    8 Tony Gwynn

    9 Derek Jeter

    10 David Justice

    11 Chuck Knoblauch

    12 Barry Larkin

    13 Greg Maddux

    14 Paul O'Neill

    15 Mike Piazza

    16 Mo Vaughn

    17 Bernie Williams

    18 Albert Belle

    19 Ken Griffey Jr.

    20 Livan Hernandez

    21 Hideki Irabu

    22 Mark McGwire

    23 Raul Mondesi

    24 Andy Pettitte

    25 Tony Clark