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After a one year hiatus, Pinnacle Brands released 1994 Score Rookie/Traded Baseball in October 1994. The set consists of 165 cards with 80 cards of traded players, 83 of rookies, and a pair of checklists. This is one of the few late-season 1994 sets released without a "true" Alex Rodriguez rookie card -- although it has one of A-Rod's scarcest rookie year cards. The only notable rookies are of Chan Ho Park and a short-print of Jose Lima (see below).

Unlike traditional "traded sets," the design of '94SR/T was radically different than of 1994 Score, with bold red borders and separate designs for the rookies and traded players -- not unlike it's sister product, 1994 Sportflics 2000 Rookie/Traded.

Unfortunately, '94SR/T suffered from a lack of "true" rookies, a horrible design, and most importantly, bad timing. The product went live in October 1994 -- around the time of the canceled World Series would have been played.

The Jose Lima SP and the A-Rod Redemption

Jose-Lima.jpg?id=35ab33c1-bd31-4e7a-9708-3fc00630c1a0&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jose-Lima.jpg?id=35ab33c1-bd31-4e7a-9708-3fc00630c1a0&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Midway through '94SR/T's production run a press plate needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, Pinnacle's computer database accidentally deleted the image of Jose Lima's card (#RT158), thereby making Lima's card a short-print. Rather than leave a hole in the middle of the plate, Pinnacle filled it by double-printing John Mabry's card (#RT130). Towards the end of the production run, the plates had to be replaced again. This time, rather than fill Jose Lima's space with John Mabry, Pinnacle filled it with a redemption good for a card of the first player drafted in 1993 to make his Major League debut -- an obvious reference to Alex Rodriguez, who was the first overall pick in the 1993 draft, and who made his debut in July, 1994.

Of course, this begs the question as to why A-Rod was not on the checklist in the first place.


36 packs per box, 10 cards per pack. Hobby and Retail.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 165 ? ?
Gold Rush 165 one-per-pack one-per-pack
Changing Places 10 1:36 1:36
Super Rookies 18 1:36 N/A
September Call-Up Redemption 1 1:240 1:240



Bo-Jackson.jpg?id=82a770ba-e90c-43fb-b710-b6ee71a8019a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bo-Jackson.jpg?id=82a770ba-e90c-43fb-b710-b6ee71a8019a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • NNO September Call-Up Redemption Sample
  • CP2 Rafael Palmeiro
  • RT1 Will Clark
  • RT2 Lee Smith
  • RT3 Bo Jackson
  • RT4 Ellis Burks
  • RT5 Eddie Murray
  • RT6 Delino DeShields
  • RT102 Carlos Delgado
  • SU2 Manny Ramirez
  • NNO Title Card

Base Set

Traded Players

Deion-Sanders.jpg?id=d5bd7aa2-0916-4100-abbf-bd2089268c07&size=original&side=front&.jpg Deion-Sanders.jpg?id=d5bd7aa2-0916-4100-abbf-bd2089268c07&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • RT1 Will Clark
  • RT2 Lee Smith
  • RT3 Bo Jackson
  • RT4 Ellis Burks
  • RT5 Eddie Murray
  • RT6 Delino DeShields
  • RT7 Erik Hanson
  • RT8 Rafael Palmeiro
  • RT9 Luis Polonia
  • RT10 Omar Vizquel
  • RT11 Kurt Abbott
  • RT12 Vince Coleman
  • RT13 Rickey Henderson
  • RT14 Terry Mulholland
  • RT15 Greg Hibbard
  • RT16 Walt Weiss
  • RT17 Chris Sabo
  • RT18 Dave Henderson
  • RT19 Rick Sutcliffe
  • RT20 Harold Reynolds
  • RT21 Jack Morris
  • RT22 Dan Wilson
  • RT23 Dave Magadan
  • RT24 Dennis Martinez
  • RT25 Wes Chamberlain
  • RT26 Otis Nixon
  • RT27 Eric Anthony
  • RT28 Randy Milligan
  • RT29 Julio Franco
  • RT30 Kevin McReynolds
  • RT31 Anthony Young
  • RT32 Brian Harper
  • RT33 Gene Harris
  • RT34 Eddie Taubensee
  • RT35 David Segui
  • RT36 Stan Javier
  • RT37 Felix Fermin
  • RT38 Darrin Jackson
  • RT39 Tony Fernandez
  • RT40 Jose Vizcaino
  • RT41 Willie Banks
  • RT42 Brian Hunter
  • RT43 Reggie Jefferson
  • RT44 Junior Felix
  • RT45 Jack Armstrong
  • RT46 Bip Roberts
  • RT47 Jerry Browne
  • RT48 Marvin Freeman
  • RT49 Jody Reed
  • RT50 Alex Cole
  • RT51 Sid Fernandez
  • RT52 Pete Smith
  • RT53 Xavier Hernandez
  • RT54 Scott Sanderson
  • RT55 Turner Ward
  • RT56 Rex Hudler
  • RT57 Deion Sanders
  • RT58 Sid Bream
  • RT59 Tony Pena
  • RT60 Bret Boone
  • RT61 Bobby Ayala
  • RT62 Pedro Martinez
  • RT63 Howard Johnson
  • RT64 Mark Portugal
  • RT65 Roberto Kelly
  • RT66 Spike Owen
  • RT67 Jeff Treadway
  • RT68 Mike Harkey
  • RT69 Doug Jones
  • RT70 Steve Farr


Jim-Edmonds.jpg?id=18b21baa-c095-4755-a68a-c30fa95592e1&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jim-Edmonds.jpg?id=18b21baa-c095-4755-a68a-c30fa95592e1&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • RT71 Billy Taylor
  • RT72 Manny Ramirez
  • RT73 Bob Hamelin
  • RT74 Steve Karsay
  • RT75 Ryan Klesko
  • RT76 Cliff Floyd
  • RT77 Jeffrey Hammonds
  • RT78 Javy Lopez
  • RT79 Roger Salkeld
  • RT80 Hector Carrasco
  • RT81 Gerald Williams
  • RT82 Raul Mondesi
  • RT83 Sterling Hitchcock
  • RT84 Danny Bautista
  • RT85 Chris Turner
  • RT86 Shane Reynolds
  • RT87 Rondell White
  • RT88 Salomon Torres
  • RT89 Turk Wendell
  • RT90 Tony Tarasco
  • RT91 Shawn Green
  • RT92 Greg Colbrunn
  • RT93 Ed Zambrano
  • RT94 Rich Becker
  • RT95 Chris Gomez
  • RT96 John Patterson
  • RT97 Derek Parks
  • RT98 Rich Rowland
  • RT99 James Mouton
  • RT100 Tim Hyers
  • RT101 Jose Valentin
  • RT102 Carlos Delgado
  • RT103 Robert Eenhoorn
  • RT104 John Hudek RC
  • RT105 Domingo Cedeno
  • RT106 Denny Hocking
  • RT107 Greg Pirkl
  • RT108 Mark Smith
  • RT109 Paul Shuey
  • RT110 Jorge Fabregas
  • RT111 Rikkert Faneyte
  • RT112 Rob Butler
  • RT113 Darren Oliver
  • RT114 Troy O'Leary
  • RT115 Scott Brow
  • RT116 Tony Eusebio
  • RT117 Carlos Reyes RC
  • RT118 J.R. Phillips
  • RT119 Alex Diaz
  • RT120 Charles Johnson
  • RT121 Nate Minchey
  • RT122 Scott Sanders
  • RT123 Daryl Boston
  • RT124 Joey Hamilton
  • RT125 Brian Anderson RC
  • RT126 Dan Miceli
  • RT127 Tom Brunansky
  • RT128 Dave Staton
  • RT129 Mike Oquist
  • RT130 John Mabry
  • RT131 Norberto Martin
  • RT132 Hector Fajardo
  • RT133 Mark Hutton
  • RT134 Fernando Vina
  • RT135 Lee Tinsley
  • RT136 Chan Ho Park RC
  • RT137 Paul Spoljaric
  • RT138 Matias Carrillo
  • RT139 Mark Kiefer
  • RT140 Stan Royer
  • RT141 Bryan Eversgerd RC
  • RT142 Brian L. Hunter
  • RT143 Joe Hall RC
  • RT144 Johnny Ruffin
  • RT145 Alex Gonzalez
  • RT146 Keith Lockhart
  • RT147 Tom Marsh
  • RT148 Tony Longmire
  • RT149 Keith Mitchell
  • RT150 Melvin Nieves
  • RT151 Kelly Stinnett RC
  • RT152 Miguel Jimenez
  • RT153 Jeff Juden
  • RT154 Matt Walbeck
  • RT155 Marc Newfield
  • RT156 Matt Mieske
  • RT157 Marcus Moore
  • RT158 Jose Lima SP
  • RT159 Mike Kelly
  • RT160 Jim Edmonds
  • RT161 Steve Trachsel
  • RT162 Greg Blosser
  • RT163 Mark Acre RC


Checklist.jpg?id=6746af7d-46b1-43ca-a791-9e95ebfd1913&size=original&side=front&.jpg Checklist.jpg?id=6746af7d-46b1-43ca-a791-9e95ebfd1913&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: The two checklist cards are broken down by League.

  • RT164 AL Checklist
  • RT165 NL Checklist


Pedro-Martinez.jpg?id=f01302fe-4037-442d-82a0-ea426043e97a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Pedro-Martinez.jpg?id=f01302fe-4037-442d-82a0-ea426043e97a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

All 165 base cards are available in a one-per-pack Gold Rush parallel.

NOTE: It does not appear that the Jose Lima Gold Rush parallel was short-printed.


Changing Places

Deion-Sanders.jpg?id=579c9d25-ac67-424c-af36-d0c0c46fcb6e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Deion-Sanders.jpg?id=579c9d25-ac67-424c-af36-d0c0c46fcb6e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • CP1 Will Clark
  • CP2 Rafael Palmeiro
  • CP3 Roberto Kelly
  • CP4 Bo Jackson
  • CP5 Otis Nixon
  • CP6 Rickey Henderson
  • CP7 Ellis Burks
  • CP8 Lee Smith
  • CP9 Delino DeShields
  • CP10 Deion Sanders

Super Rookies

Tony-Tarasco.jpg?id=35c0ba2b-79eb-4634-ba35-5707ba3aee36&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tony-Tarasco.jpg?id=35c0ba2b-79eb-4634-ba35-5707ba3aee36&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Super Rookies are exclusive to Hobby packs.

  • SU1 Carlos Delgado
  • SU2 Manny Ramirez
  • SU3 Ryan Klesko
  • SU4 Raul Mondesi
  • SU5 Bob Hamelin
  • SU6 Steve Karsay
  • SU7 Jeffrey Hammonds
  • SU8 Cliff Floyd
  • SU9 Kurt Abbott
  • SU10 Marc Newfield
  • SU11 Javy Lopez
  • SU12 Rich Becker
  • SU13 Greg Pirkl
  • SU14 Rondell White
  • SU15 James Mouton
  • SU16 Tony Tarasco
  • SU17 Brian Anderson
  • SU18 Jim Edmonds

September Call-Up Redemption

Expired-Redemption.jpg?id=f806b2c3-631c-4cc5-8dec-cb11417c3df6&size=original&side=front&.jpg Expired-Redemption.jpg?id=f806b2c3-631c-4cc5-8dec-cb11417c3df6&size=original&side=back&.jpg
Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=5e41d55a-bd9c-4af2-b578-0d20784aacdf&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=5e41d55a-bd9c-4af2-b578-0d20784aacdf&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: The September Call-Up Redemption card expired January 31st, 1995.

  • NNO September Call-Up Trade
  • HC1 Alex Rodriguez