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1992 Denny's Grand Slam holograms is a 26-card set of holographic cards was produced by Upper Deck for Denny's. The set features one player from each major league team, who was selected on the basis of the number and circumstances of his grand slam home runs. With each order of a Grand Slam meal, the customer received one hologram card.


One card with the purchase of a Denny's Grand Slam meal.



1 Marquis Grissom

2 Ken Caminiti

3 Fred McGriff

4 Felix Jose

5 Jack Clark

6 Albert Belle

7 Sid Bream

8 Robin Ventura

9 Cal Ripken, Jr.

10 Ryne Sandberg

11 Paul O'Neill

12 Luis Polonia

13 Cecil Fielder

14 Kal Daniels

15 Brian McRae

16 Howard Johnson

17 Greg Vaughn

18 Dale Murphy

19 Kent Hrbek

20 Barry Bonds

21 Matt Nokes

22 Jose Canseco

23 Jay Buhner

24 Will Clark

25 Ruben Sierra

26 Joe Carter