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1991 Denny's Grand Slam Hologram baseball card set was produced by Upper Deck. The 26-card set contains one player from each Major League team, who was selected on the basis of the number and circumstances of his grand slam home runs. These cards were available at Denny's only with the purchase of a meal from the restaurant's Grand Slam menu; each card came sealed in a plastic bag that prevents prior identification. It is estimated that two million cards were printed.

In 1991, if the contest card was a winner, the collector was entitled to a free meal. By the end of the contest, almost half the teams had hit grand slams during the length of the contest. So many teams hit grand slams in that time frame which caused Denny's never to run that aspect of the promotion again.


One card per pack, available with purchase of a Denny's Grand Slam.



1 Ellis Burks

2 Cecil Fielder

3 Will Clark

4 Eric Davis

5 Dave Parker

6 Kelly Gruber

7 Kent Hrbek

8 Don Mattingly

9 Brook Jacoby

10 Mark McGwire

11 Howard Johnson

12 Tim Wallach

13 Ricky Jordan

14 Andre Dawson

15 Eddie Murray

16 Danny Tartabull

17 Bobby Bonilla

18 Benito Santiago

19 Alvin Davis

20 Cal Ripken, Jr.

21 Ruben Sierra

22 Pedro Guerrero

23 Wally Joyner

24 Craig Biggio

25 Dave Justice

26 Tim Raines