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This is a 30-card set found in specially marked boxes of Post Cereal. Each box contained 3 cards in a cello pack. The cards were produced by Mike Schechter Associates (MSA). Since neither MSA nor Post had a license from Major League Baseball the player photographs were air brushed to remove team logos. The card front has a non-glossy finish with color player photographs with red, white and blue borders. The card backs are unfinished, with a vertical orientation. The backs have complete player stats and a facsimile autograph.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 30 - ? ?


Base Set

File:Ryan 1990 Post 11 F.jpg
1990 Post Cereal #11: Nolan Ryan
File:Ryan 1990 Post 11 B.jpg
1990 Post Cereal #11: Nolan Ryan (back)

1 Don Mattingly

2 Roger Clemens

3 Kirby Puckett

4 George Brett

5 Tony Gwynn

6 Ozzie Smith

7 Will Clark

8 Orel Hershiser

9 Ryne Sandberg

10 Darryl Strawberry

11 Nolan Ryan

12 Mark McGwire

13 Jim Abbott

14 Bo Jackson

15 Kevin Mitchell

16 Jose Canseco

17 Wade Boggs

18 Dale Murphy

19 Mark Grace

20 Mike Scott

21 Cal Ripken, Jr.

22 Pedro Guerrero

23 Ken Griffey, Jr.

24 Eric Davis

25 Rickey Henderson

26 Robin Yount

27 Von Hayes

28 Alan Trammell

29 Dwight Gooden

30 Joe Carter