1987 Classic Update

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Classic Update is a 50-card set distributed as part of an update to the 1987 Classic trivia board game. Unlike the original Classic game, the Update set was sold without the game. The set is sometimes referred to as the "Travel Edition" of the game.

The card backs contain several trivia questions (and answers) which are used to play the game. A yellow border frames the full-color photo. The games were produced by Game Time, Ltd. and were available in toy stores as well as from card dealers. Cards are numbered beginning with 101, as they are an extension of the original set.

According to the set's producers, reportedly about 1/3 of the 150,000 sets printed were error sets in that they had green backs instead of yellow backs. This "green back" variation/error set is valued at approximately double the price of the yellow set.

Early cards of Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire highlight this set. Despite the MLB/MLBPA license, none of the cards in the set are considered "true" rookies. Most cards issued of Barry Bonds tend to be off center. It is believed that the average centering on this card is approximately 80/20.


Factory sets only. 150,000 sets produced: 100,000 with yellow backs, 50,000 with green backs.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Yellow Backs 50 - 50:1
Green Backs 50 - 50:1


Base Set

101 Mike Schmidt

102 Eric Davis

103 Pete Rose

104 Don Mattingly

105 Wade Boggs

106 Dale Murphy

107 Glenn Davis

108 Wally Joyner

109 Bo Jackson

110 Cory Snyder

111 Jim Lindeman

112 Kirby Puckett

113 Barry Bonds

114 Roger Clemens

115 Oddibe McDowell

116 Bret Saberhagen

117 Joe Magrane

118 Scott Fletcher

119 Mark McLemore

120 Joe Niekro

121 Mark McGwire

122 Darryl Strawberry

123 Mike Scott

124 Andre Dawson

125 Jose Canseco

126 Kevin McReynolds

127 Joe Carter

128 Casey Candaele

129 Matt Nokes

130 Kal Daniels

131 Pete Incaviglia

132 Benito Santiago

133 Barry Larkin

134 Gary Pettis

135 B.J. Surhoff

136 Juan Nieves

137 Jim Deshaies

138 Pete O'Brien

139 Kevin Seitzer

140 Devon White

141 Rob Deer

142 Kurt Stillwell

143 Edwin Correa

144 Dion James

145 Danny Tartabull

146 Jerry Browne

147 Ted Higuera

148 Jack Clark

149 Ruben Sierra

150 Mark McGwire / Eric Davis