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1986 Sportflics

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In 1986, Sportflics (Major League Marketing) became the fourth fully licensed card producer. In March, they released their premier edition. Developed by Optigraphics of Arlington, Texas, the cards used a state-of-the-art printing process called "lenticular printing." They were referred to as a "Triple Action Magic Motion®" card. Each card changes its picture three times. One headshot and two action shots of one sequence given the effect of the player either hitting or pitching. Optigraphics trademarked the idea on March 22, 1976. Sportflics was trademarked on December 15, 1985. Optigraphics was owned by Ann Flavin, whom later produced Score cards in 1988.

The 200-card set plus 133 trivia cards were touted as “Series #1” and the back of the packs told collectors to “Watch For New Series”, however, no second series ever materialized - most likely due to poor sales.

The 200-card set was made up of 139 base cards and 41 subset cards. Most of the stars of the day had five to eight cards each.

The front design (intentional or not) is very similar to the 1953 Bowman set. The back of the cards when applicable gave a relatively extended overview bio of the player along with their basic raw statistics for their career. The back of the card is also noteworthy because it lists the player's uniform number. A first in baseball card information.

Intended as innovation - it appeared to be gimmicky. Amurol Products president A.G. Atwater, the company responsible for distribution, said "Sportflics are official baseball cards but they have much greater dimension that other cards." [1] Nevertheless, The Hobby, in general, couldn't see pass that the cards were reminiscent of the Kellogg's 3-D cards (1970 - 1983) and the 1984 Seven-Eleven Coin set.

The unintended innovation came in its packaging. This was the first time that a tamper proof foil wrapper was used.

Card #182 showcasing "1985 Milestones" uses the picture of young fan, Matt Tallman, to represent the record setting attendance at MLB games.

Considered to be the least produced of the four licensed MLB card products from 1986.

According to hobby lore, 50 to 100 copies of the Robin Yount Yankee logo card were produced.

[1] Sun Sentinel, 1986, March 19, Trading Cards Now Feature "Triple Action"


36 packs per box, 3 superstar cards and 2 trivia cards per pack and a offer sheet for either a Dwight Gooden or Don Mattingly one of a kind disc. (MSRP .65¢)

Factory sets.

500 uncut sheets were produced. Each numbered set contained eight sheets.

Collation data from one box. Base Set Completion: 14.5% (29 of 200); Duplicates: 79


In a 1986 Sun Sentinel article, Keith Olbermann, then sports director at KTLA-TV, Los Angeles said "Sportflics are very nice, but they're prohibitively expensive. Dealers are charging $40 for the 200 cards compared with $16 or $17 for a full set of 792 cards from Topps. They're novelty items, and this time, they may find their niche in some collector's shoe boxes."

1986 Sportflics pricing debuted in the March 1986 Beckett Baseball Card Monthly issue at $40 for the set. In the "Owner's Box" editorial Dr. James Beckett said, "We wish them well and appreciate their innovative multi-picture, multi-player approach."

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 200 - ? ?



Persograph Prototypes

In 1985, Optigraphics produced six protoypes to show Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association what Sportflics was proposing in order to be a new licensee for producing cards. These cards are very difficult to find and are considerably rarer than the Sample cards which were given out after the Sportflics license had been granted (see below).

Four of the cards are standard-sized, along with one mini-sized (1 5/16" by 1 5/16") Joe DiMaggio card, and one trivia card (1 3/4" by 2"). The standard-size cards resemble regular 1986 Sportflics cards, but have different photos and stats only through 1984. One of the Winfield cards has a bio only; unfortunately the biographical statements on the back are incorrect in several instances. The DiMaggio card has black and white photos on the front, and career totals on the back. The Schmidt card is dubbed a "Persograph" as it contains a list of his favorite things on the back. The trivia card is the same as those distributed with 1986 Sportflics, except it shows the Major League Baseball logo on the front.

NNO Joe DiMaggio (mini)

NNO Mike Schmidt (stats)

NNO Mike Schmidt ("Persograph")

NNO Bruce Sutter

NNO Dave Winfield (1984 stats)

NNO Dave Winfield (biography)

NNO Magic Motion Trivia card.


Pete-Rose.jpg?id=86a8f696-dc3e-4348-85f3-3282ee677b2b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Pete-Rose.jpg?id=86a8f696-dc3e-4348-85f3-3282ee677b2b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

A three-card pack was distributed freely by Optigraphics salesmen to potential buyers to show them what the new Sportflics card set would look like. The set is sometimes referred to as the Vendor Sample Kit. Some of these packs even found their way to the retail counters. They are not rare although they are obviously much less common than the regular issue of Sportflics. The cards show statistics only up through 1984. The copyright date on the card backs shows 1986. The cards are standard size.

1 Mike Schmidt / Dale Murphy / Jim Rice "RBI Sluggers"

43 Pete Rose

45 Tom Seaver

Base Set

Ryne-Sandberg.jpg?id=6cf483ec-605b-4624-8baa-504d5100bbd5&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ryne-Sandberg.jpg?id=6cf483ec-605b-4624-8baa-504d5100bbd5&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 George Brett

2 Don Mattingly

3 Wade Boggs

4 Ed Murray

5 Dale Murphy

6 Rickey Henderson

7 Harold Baines

8 Cal Ripken, Jr.

9 Orel Hershiser

10 Bret Saberhagen

11 Tim Raines

12 Fernando Valenzuela

13 Tony Gwynn

14 Pedro Guerrero

15 Keith Hernandez

16 Ernest Riles

17 Jim Rice

18 Ron Guidry

19 Willie McGee

20 Ryne Sandberg

21 Kirk Gibson

22 Ozzie Guillen RC

23 Dave Parker

24 Vince Coleman RC

25 Tom Seaver

26 Brett Butler

27 Steve Carlton

28 Gary Carter

29 Cecil Cooper

30 Jose Cruz

31 Alvin Davis

32 Dwight Evans

33 Julio Franco

34 Damaso Garcia

35 Steve Garvey

36 Kent Hrbek

37 Reggie Jackson

38 Fred Lynn

39 Paul Molitor

40 Jim Presley

41 Dave Righetti

42 Robin Yount

43 Nolan Ryan

44 Mike Schmidt

45 Lee Smith

46 Rick Sutcliffe

47 Bruce Sutter

48 Lou Whitaker

49 Dave Winfield

50 Pete Rose


Cal-Ripken-Jr-Rod-Carew-Pete-Rose.jpg?id=1a68bba9-5eec-417a-b880-2fb14e85e213&size=original&side=front&.jpg Cal-Ripken-Jr-Rod-Carew-Pete-Rose.jpg?id=1a68bba9-5eec-417a-b880-2fb14e85e213&size=original&side=back&.jpg

51 Steve Garvey/Pete Rose/Ryne Sandberg

52 Harold Baines/George Brett/Jim Rice

53 Phil Niekro/Jerry Reuss/Mike Witt

54 Don Mattingly/Cal Ripken, Jr./Robin Yount

55 Goose Gossage/Dan Quisenberry/Lee Smith

56 Pete Rose/Steve Sax/Darryl Strawberry

57 Don Baylor/Reggie Jackson/Cal Ripken, Jr.

58 Bill Madlock/Dave Parker/Pete Rose

59 Mike Flanagan/Ron Guidry/La Marr Hoyt

60 Tom Seaver/Rick Sutcliffe/Fernando Valenzuela

61 Tony Armas/Reggie Jackson/Jim Rice

62 Keith Hernandez/Dale Murphy/Mike Schmidt

63 George Brett/Fred Lynn/Robin Yount

64 Bert Blyleven/John Denny/Jerry Koosman

65 Rollie Fingers/Bruce Sutter

66 Andre Dawson/Bob Horner/Gary Matthews

67 Carlton Fisk/Ron Kittle/Tom Seaver

68 George Foster/Dave Kingman/Mike Schmidt

69 Rod Carew/Cal Ripken, Jr./Pete Rose

70 Steve Carlton/Tom Seaver/Rick Sutcliffe

71 Reggie Jackson/Fred Lynn/Robin Yount

72 Dave Righetti/Rick Sutcliffe/Fernando Valenzuela

73 Fred Lynn/Eddie Murray/Cal Ripken, Jr.

74 Rod Carew/Alvin Davis/Lou Whitaker

75 Wade Boggs/Carney Lansford/Don Mattingly

Willie-Hernandez.jpg?id=f3c5e618-8967-4fd0-b809-06c7348dbca3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Willie-Hernandez.jpg?id=f3c5e618-8967-4fd0-b809-06c7348dbca3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

76 Jesse Barfield

77 Phil Bradley

78 Chris Brown

79 Tom Browning

80 Tom Brunansky

81 Bill Buckner

82 Chili Davis

83 Mark Davis

84 Rich Gedman

85 Willie Hernandez

86 Ron Kittle

87 Lee Lacy

88 Bill Madlock

89 Mike Marshall

90 Keith Moreland

91 Graig Nettles

92 Lance Parrish

93 Kirby Puckett

94 Juan Samuel

95 Steve Sax

96 Dave Stieb

97 Darryl Strawberry

98 Willie Upshaw

99 Frank Viola

100 Dwight Gooden

101 Joaquin Andujar

102 George Bell

103 Bert Blyleven

104 Mike Boddicker

105 Britt Burns

106 Rod Carew

107 Jack Clark

108 Danny Cox

109 Ron Darling

110 Andre Dawson

111 Leon Durham

112 Tony Fernandez

113 Tom Herr

114 Teddy Higuera RC

115 Bob Horner

116 Dave Kingman

117 Jack Morris

118 Dan Quisenberry

119 Jeff Reardon

120 Bryn Smith

121 Ozzie Smith

122 John Tudor

123 Tim Wallach

124 Willie Wilson

125 Carlton Fisk


Tim-Raines-Ryne-Sandberg-Keith-Hernandez.jpg?id=e3810c64-b128-407a-a27c-f888b2a3a53d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tim-Raines-Ryne-Sandberg-Keith-Hernandez.jpg?id=e3810c64-b128-407a-a27c-f888b2a3a53d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

126 Gary Carter/George Foster/Al Oliver

127 Tim Raines/Ryne Sandberg

128 Paul Molitor/Cal Ripken, Jr./Willie Wilson

129 Dennis Eckersley/John Candelaria

130 Ron Cey/Rollie Fingers/Pete Rose

131 Dave Concepcion/George Foster/Bill Madlock

132 Vida Blue/John Denny/Fernando Valenzuela

133 Doyle Alexander/Joaquin Andujar/Richard Dotson

134 John Denny/Tom Seaver/Rick Sutcliffe

135 Phil Niekro/Tom Seaver/Don Sutton

136 Vince Coleman / Dwight Gooden / Alfredo Griffin

137 Gary Carter/Steve Garvey/Fred Lynn

138 Tony Perez/Pete Rose/Rusty Staub

139 George Foster/Jim Rice/Mike Schmidt

140 Bill Buckner/Tony Gwynn/Al Oliver

141 Jack Morris/Dave Righetti/Nolan Ryan

142 Vida Blue/Bert Blyleven/Tom Seaver

143 Dwight Gooden/Nolan Ryan/Fernando Valenzuela

144 Davey Lopes/Tim Raines/Willy Wilson

145 Tony Armas/Cecil Cooper/Ed Murray

146 Rod Carew/Rollie Fingers/Jim Rice

147 Rick Dempsey/Reggie Jackson/Alan Trammell

148 Pedro Guerrero/Mike Schmidt/Dan Porter

149 Mike Boddicker/Ron Guidry/Rick Sutcliffe

150 Reggie Jackson/Dave Kingman/Fred Lynn

Ted-Power.jpg?id=f6bf4099-7540-4282-a5af-f7a9e05959a0&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ted-Power.jpg?id=f6bf4099-7540-4282-a5af-f7a9e05959a0&size=original&side=back&.jpg

151 Buddy Bell

152 Oil Can Boyd

153 Dave Concepcion

154 Brian Downing

155 Shawon Dunston

156 John Franco

157 Scott Garrelts

158 Bob James

159 Charlie Leibrandt

160 Oddibe McDowell

161 Roger McDowell RC

162 Mike Moore

163 Phil Niekro

164 Al Oliver

165 Tony Pena

166 Ted Power

167 Mike Scioscia

168 Mario Soto

169 Bob Stanley

170 Garry Templeton

171 Andre Thornton

172 Alan Trammell

173 Doug DeCinces

174 Greg Walker

175 Don Sutton

Big Six

Jose-Canseco-Mark-Funderburk-Mike-Greenwell-Steve-Lombardozzi-Billy-Joe-Robidoux-Dan-Tartabull.jpg?id=7e13ada7-d0ad-4dda-885e-42c036b0e6e3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jose-Canseco-Mark-Funderburk-Mike-Greenwell-Steve-Lombardozzi-Billy-Joe-Robidoux-Dan-Tartabull.jpg?id=7e13ada7-d0ad-4dda-885e-42c036b0e6e3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

176 Awards

177 1985 Hot Rookies

178 1985 Hot Rookies

179 Gold Glove

180 Active Lifetime .300

181 Active Lifetime .300

182 1985 Milestones

183 Triple Crown

184 1985 Highlights

185 1985 20 Game Winners

World Series Champions

Kansas-City-Royals-Team-(Bret-Saberhagen-Lonnie-Smith-Danny-Jackson-Dane-Iorg-Jim-Sundberg-Charlie-Leibrandt-Dan-Quisenberry-Darryl-Motley-George-Brett-Steve-Balboni-Willie-Wilson-Frank-White).jpg?id=2eea1404-13ca-4c07-978c-681db7685480&size=original&side=front&.jpg Kansas-City-Royals-Team-(Bret-Saberhagen-Lonnie-Smith-Danny-Jackson-Dane-Iorg-Jim-Sundberg-Charlie-Leibrandt-Dan-Quisenberry-Darryl-Motley-George-Brett-Steve-Balboni-Willie-Wilson-Frank-White).jpg?id=2eea1404-13ca-4c07-978c-681db7685480&size=original&side=back&.jpg

186 World Series Champs

Davey-Lopes.jpg?id=9cb86a55-30f6-4476-b41b-21a3c029c1ea&size=original&side=front&.jpg Davey-Lopes.jpg?id=9cb86a55-30f6-4476-b41b-21a3c029c1ea&size=original&side=back&.jpg

187 Hubie Brooks

188 Glenn Davis

189 Darrell Evans

190 Goose Gossage

191 Andy Hawkins

192 Jay Howell

193 La Marr Hoyt

194 Davey Lopes

195 Milt Scott

196 Ted Simmons

197 Gary Ward

198 Bob Welch

199 Mike Young

200 Buddy Biancalana


42 Robin Yount (Yankee logo on back)

178 (Jim Wilson instead of Mark Funderburk)

179 Karl Best / Mark Funderburk / Andres Galarraga / Dwayne Henry / Pete Incaviglia / Todd Worrell