1983 Topps Gaylord Perry

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This six-card set depicts Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry with one card for each of the five teams he pitched for during his career. These cards were produced by Topps but have no Topps logo on either the front or the back of the card. This set does not appear to be officially licensed, but all MLB logos were not removed.

It is unclear how this set was distributed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Gaylord-Perry.jpg?id=e9f5cec3-5d0c-44b0-81ca-b299a3c03865&size=original&side=front&.jpg Gaylord-Perry.jpg?id=e9f5cec3-5d0c-44b0-81ca-b299a3c03865&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1 Gaylord Perry
  • 2 Gaylord Perry
  • 3 Gaylord Perry
  • 4 Gaylord Perry
  • 5 Gaylord Perry
  • 6 Gaylord Perry