1981 FBI Discs

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1981 FBI Reggie Jackson disc


Issued in Canada on the bottom of FBI, Fanta Beverage Inc. flavored drink boxes, the 1981 set is rare. The rarity is most likely due to geographical distribution, unpopular product and the lack of general interest in baseball in Canada during this time.

Like the 1982 FBI discs, the the 1981 set consists of centered black-and-white player portraits with the hat logos airbrushed away. A green-and-orange FBI logo is at top, with the player's name at bottom of the disc.

Unlike the 1982 FBI issue, there is no copyright date on the 1981 discs. The MLB Players Association logo appears to the left of the portrait, with the players position (in English and French) at right, along with his team's city. The team nickname appears only on those discs that have more than one team in a city. The 1981 FBI set is unnumbered.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base ? - ? ?


Base Set

Checklist is incomplete. Discs are unnumbered. The checklist below is in alphabetical order.

Bruce Bochte

Rick Bosetti

George Brett

Jim Clancy

Warren Cromartie

Andre Dawson

Steve Garvey

Larry Hisle

Reggie Jackson

Dave Kingman

Jim Palmer

Pete Rose

Nolan Ryan

Gary Templeton