1980 Topps Pepsi

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1980 Topps Pepsi is a 22-card set that was not released until 25 years later. The cards have a design similar to that of the 1980 Topps base set, but with the addition of a Pepsi logo in the upper-left corner. Also, the team name "flag" on the bottom-half of the card is entirely in white with blue letters for all cards and a color scheme change. The checklist parallels the "All-Star" subset from the base set.

It is unclear why the set was never released. For the next quarter-century, what little cards that were printed remained in the possession of Topps. The set was eventually released in 2005 through The Topps Vault. Topps auctioned off a full set in uncut-sheet form at the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention.

Cards from this set are incredibly rare, with singles of even the most common of players selling for well over $1000.


Not formally released until 2005.



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1980 Topps Pepsi set in uncut sheet form. This framed sheet was auctioned off at the 2011 NSCC.

NOTE: Any assistance in properly identifying each player's card number would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Palmer

Keith Hernandez

Dave Winfield

Reggie Jackson

Fred Lynn

George Brett

Steve Carlton

Robin Yount

J.R. Richard

Ken Landreaux

Jim Sundberg

Mike Schmidt

Dave Lopes

Garry Templeton

Bruce Sutter

Paul Molitor

Dave Parker

Rich Gossage

George Foster

Rod Carew

Ted Simmons

Ron Guidry