1977 Topps Cloth Stickers

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1977 Topps Cloth Stickers is a 55-"card" set released as a test issue. The design on the front of the card (which features a velvet-like sheen) is virtually identical to the player's 1977 Topps card -- with some exceptions. The back of each card features information on how to peel the sticker. Eleven of the 55 stickers are short-printed.

Each pack contained two cloth stickers and one of eighteen puzzle cards. The fronts of the puzzle cards have checklist information while the backs a piece of one of two 3X3 mosaics that, when assembled, create the 1976 American and National League All-Star team pictures.


36 packs per box, two Cloth Stickers, one puzzle card, and one stick of gum per wax pack (MSRP: $0.15). 16 boxes per case. These wax pack wrappers came with 3 different side ad variations: T-Shirt, Card locker and Checklist cards. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-5-1977-Topps-Cloth-Stickers-Baseball-Wrappers-EM-NM/111296970182?hash=item19e9d0fdc6:g:PbgAAOxyoVZTHSnW


Base Set

Robin-Yount.jpg?id=bb8f1201-bac3-4b0d-84bd-2b59de3440c0&size=original&side=front&.jpg Robin-Yount.jpg?id=bb8f1201-bac3-4b0d-84bd-2b59de3440c0&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Alan Ashby

2 Buddy Bell SP

3 Johnny Bench

4 Vida Blue

5 Bert Blyleven

6 Steve Braun SP

7 George Brett

8 Lou Brock

9 Jose Cardenal

10 Rod Carew SP

11 Steve Carlton

12 Dave Cash

13 Cesar Cedeno SP

14 Ron Cey

15 Mark Fidrych

16 Dan Ford

17 Wayne Garland

18 Ralph Garr

19 Steve Garvey

20 Mike Hargrove

21 Jim Hunter

22 Reggie Jackson

23 Randy Jones

24 Dave Kingman SP

25 Bill Madlock

26 Lee May SP

27 John Mayberry

28 Andy Messersmith

29 Willie Montanez

30 John Montefusco SP

31 Joe Morgan

32 Thurman Munson

33 Bobby Murcer

34 Al Oliver SP

35 Dave Pagan

36 Jim Palmer SP

37 Tony Perez

38 Pete Rose SP

39 Joe Rudi

40 Nolan Ryan SP

41 Mike Schmidt

42 Tom Seaver

43 Ted Simmons

44 Bill Singer

45 Willie Stargell

46 Rusty Staub

47 Don Sutton

48 Luis Tiant

49 Bill Travers

50 Claudell Washington

51 Bob Watson

52 Dave Winfield

53 Carl Yastrzemski

54 Robin Yount

55 Richie Zisk



National-League-All-Stars-Puzzle-Checklist-(Middle-Center).jpg?id=c047fb89-48f5-4531-96a7-97d082f3b10c&size=original&side=front&.jpg National-League-All-Stars-Puzzle-Checklist-(Middle-Center).jpg?id=c047fb89-48f5-4531-96a7-97d082f3b10c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

A AL Puzzle UC

B AL Puzzle UL

C AL Puzzle UR

D AL Puzzle ML

E AL Puzzle MR

F AL Puzzle MC

G AL Puzzle BL

H AL Puzzle BC

I AL Puzzle BR

J NL Puzzle UR

K NL Puzzle ML

L NL Puzzle MC

M NL Puzzle MR

N NL Puzzle UL

O NL Puzzle UC

P NL Puzzle BC

Q NL Puzzle BR

R NL Puzzle BL