1977 Topps Burger King Yankees

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1977 Topps Burger King Yankees is a 24-card New York Yankees team set distributed at Burger King restaurants in the New York area. The design is identical to the 1977 Topps set, however many of the photos have been updated to include new acquisitions. The Lou Piniella card was added late, and is short-printed. Only the checklist has any Burger King branding.


Three player cards plus one un-numbered checklist per pack.



NOTE: Cards with an asterisk feature a different photo than that of the 1977 Topps base set.

1 Billy Martin MGR

2 Thurman Munson * UER

3 Fran Healy

4 Jim Hunter

5 Ed Figueroa

6 Don Gullett *

7 Mike Torrez *

8 Ken Holtzman

9 Dick Tidrow

10 Sparky Lyle

11 Ron Guidry

12 Chris Chambliss

13 Willie Randolph * (no rookie cup)

14 Bucky Dent *

15 Graig Nettles *

16 Fred Stanley

17 Reggie Jackson *

18 Mickey Rivers

19 Roy White

20 Jim Wynn *

21 Paul Blair *

22 Carlos May *

23 Lou Piniella SP

NNO Yankees Team Card TP