1977 San Diego Padres Family Fun Centers

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1977 San Diego Padres Deans Photos: Dave Kingman


This set of the San Diego Padres was produced by Huish Family Fun Centers and measures approximately 5 1/2" by 8 1/2". The fronts of the cards feature black-and-white player photos with white borders. The backs carry biographical information and career statistics. The set was distributed in eight-card packs with sponsor coupons printed on the pack wrappers. The cards are unnumbered, and are commonly checklisted in alphabetic order for simplicity.


Eight-card packs with sponsor coupons on wrappers.



1 Joey Amalfitano CO

2 Alvin Dark MG

3 Randy Jones

4 Bob Owchinko

5 Dave Roberts

6 Rick Sawyer

7 Pat Scanlon

8 Jerry Turner