1971 Dell Today's San Diego Padres

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1971 Dell Today's San Diego Padres Booklet

In 1971, Dell and Sports Collectors Inc. produced a series of 12-page booklets for all of the major league teams and an All Stars booklet. The Dell logo and price of 39 cents appears in a box in the upper right hand corner, unless the booklet was sold in a complete set, in which case the box is blank. The inside cover has a story about the history of the team followed by a page of perforated player cards, a page of statistics for the featured players, a page of milestones for the league, another page of perforated player cards with the following page containing those players’ statistics. The next page is an advertisement to order the remainder of the booklets and suggests ordering them by the four divisions. The inside back cover has the all-time stars for the team with small black and white photos and a brief biography. The back cover has the team logos in the upper left and upper right followed by the team’s 1971 schedule. The center of the booklet has an order envelope to order the booklets by division with all four divisions being available for $4.50. The cards are unnumbered. The back of individual cards feature black printing against a white background and contains the player's personal data and a brief biography, all of which is overprinted over the team logo. Each card is 1 7/8” by 3”.


The set was available through various retail outlets or by ordering directly to “Official Team Albums."