1951 Berk Ross

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1951 Berk Ross (ACC designation: W-532-1) is a 72-card set released in four 18-card series. Each series contained 10 baseball players and eight athletes from other sports. The cards were distributed in two-card perforated panels, and cards can be found either still in panel format or cut-up individually. Each individual card measures 2 1/16" X 2 1/2" -- about the size of a similar Bowman card.

The set is heavily skewed toward members of the Yankees and Phillies as those were the defending Pennant winners. The set is notable as it features the first mainstream trading cards of Whitey Ford, Bob Cousy, and Dick Button.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 72 - ? ?


Base Set

Series A

  • A1 Al Rosen
  • A2 Bob Lemon
  • A3 Phil Rizzuto
  • A4 Hank Bauer
  • A5 Billy Johnson
  • A6 Jerry Coleman
  • A7 Johnny Mize
  • A8 Dom DiMaggio
  • A9 Richie Ashburn
  • A10 Del Ennis
  • A16 Ben Hogan GOLF
  • A11 Bob Cousy BK
  • A12 Dick Schnittker BK
  • A13 Ezzard Charles BOX
  • A14 Leon Hart FB
  • A15 James Martin FB
  • A17 Bill Durnan HK
  • A18 Bill Quackenbush HK

Series B

  • B1 Stan Musial
  • B2 Warren Spahn
  • B3 Tom Henrich
  • B4 Yogi Berra
  • B5 Joe DiMaggio
  • B6 Bobby Brown
  • B7 Granny Hamner
  • B8 Willie Jones
  • B9 Stan Lopata
  • B10 Mike Goliat
  • B13 Sugar Ray Robinson BOX
  • B14 Doak Walker FB
  • B11 Sherman White BK
  • B12 Joe Maxim BOX
  • B15 Emil Sitko FB
  • B16 Jack Stewart HK
  • B17 Dick Button SKATE
  • B18 Melvin Patton TRACK

Series C

  • C1 Ralph Kiner
  • C2 Bill Goodman
  • C3 Allie Reynolds
  • C4 Vic Raschi
  • C5 Joe Page
  • C6 Ed Lopat
  • C7 Andy Seminick
  • C8 Dick Sisler
  • C9 Eddie Waitkus
  • C10 Ken Heintzelman
  • C14 Wade Walker FB
  • C18 Jesse Owens TRACK
  • C11 Paul Unruh BK
  • C12 Jake LaMotta BOX
  • C13 Ike Williams BOX
  • C15 Rodney Franz FB
  • C16 Sid Abel HK
  • C17 Yvonne Claire Sherman SKATE

Series D

  • D1 Gene Woodling
  • D2 Cliff Mapes
  • D3 Fred Sanford
  • D4 Tommy Byrne
  • D5 Whitey Ford
  • D6 Jim Konstanty
  • D7 Russ Meyer
  • D8 Robin Roberts
  • D9 Curt Simmons
  • D10 Sam Jethroe
  • D11 Bill Sharman BK
  • D12 Sandy Saddler BOX
  • D13 Margaret DuPont TEN
  • D14 Arnold Galiffa FB
  • D15 Charlie Justice FB
  • D16 Glen Cunningham TRACK
  • D17 Gregory Rice TRACK
  • D18 Harrison Dillard TRACK