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Elite: Series of inserts, and later a stand-alone product, released by Donruss. Beginning in 1991, Donruss included a series of ten serial-numbered inserts into their base brand (eight "Elite Series" cards numbered to 10,000, a Nolan Ryan "Legends Series" card numbered to 7500, and a "Signature Series" card autographed by Ryne Sandberg and numbered to 5000). Donruss continued with a second batch of ten Elites in '92 and would continue with them until Donruss' final year of 1998. Little known Hobby fact: In 1991, Fleer was set to release a new "high-end" brand called "Fleer Elite." But after Donruss released the Elite inserts, Fleer was forced to change the name to "Fleer Ultra."

Mariano-Rivera.jpg?id=da4b21dc-ab31-4622-bc9d-14735db38546&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mariano-Rivera.jpg?id=da4b21dc-ab31-4622-bc9d-14735db38546&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Beginning in 1997 Donruss produced a new premium set under the Elite name. Donruss Elite, the card set, featured high quality cards, and plenty of serial-numbered inserts, most notably, the Passing the Torch autographed inserts.

Both the Elite inserts and the Elite brand were both resurrected by Donruss-Playoff in 2001 and would remain an annual release until 2005 when the company lost their license.


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DEEE An acronym referring Donruss Elite Extra Edition, a popular baseball prospector's brand. The brand had its roots in a controversial pay-per-redemption program in 2001 Donruss Elite, then appeared as inserts in 2002 Donruss The Rookies and 2003 DLP Rookie/Traded, than finally appeared as a stand-alone brand in 2004. Even after Donruss-Playoff lost their MLBP/MLBPA licensing, DEEE has been released every year since 2007 as a draft picks product with collegiate licensing and can be seen as Donruss-Playoff/Panini's answer to Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.

Despite the fact that, with the exception of 2015, there has not been an "Elite" brand, Elite Extra Edition has remained an annual late-season staple.