2001 Fleer Derek Jeter Monumental Moments

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2001 Fleer Derek Jeter Monumental Moments is a five-card set that was randomly inserted into packs five different 2001 Fleer baseball card products as an insert. The cards are also available autographed.

The design of the cards is identical to the Mickey Mantle Monumental Moments inserts from 1998 Fleer Tradition Series Two.


EX---Derek-Jeter.jpg?id=22d69394-eacc-42f4-aa5f-16bc17543544&size=original&side=front&.jpg EX---Derek-Jeter.jpg?id=22d69394-eacc-42f4-aa5f-16bc17543544&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each card is serial-numbered to the amount listed below and available in 2001 E-X (EX), 2001 Fleer Authority (AUTH), 2001 Fleer Game Time (GAME), 2001 Fleer Premium (PREM), and 2001 Fleer Showcase (SHOW).

  • MM1 Derek Jeter PREM 1995
  • MM2 Derek Jeter EX 1996
  • MM3 Derek Jeter GAME 2000
  • MM4 Derek Jeter AUTH 2000
  • MM5 Derek Jeter SHOW 2000

Autographs & Game-Used

Each of the four cards is also available autographed, and serial-numbered to the figures below. Only card #4 is sequentially-numbered.

  • NNO Derek Jeter GAME 100
  • NNO Derek Jeter PREM 95
  • NNO Derek Jeter EX 96
  • MM4AU Derek Jeter AUTH 100
  • NNO Derek Jeter SHOW 100

In addition, a fifth "Base Ink" autograph card featuring a piece of game-used base was inserted into packs of E-X.

  • NNO Derek Jeter EX 500