1993 Ultra Performers

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1993 Ultra Performers is a 10-card set could only be ordered directly from Fleer by sending in $9.95, five 1993 Fleer or 1993 Ultra baseball wrappers, and an order blank found in hobby and sports periodicals. Only 200,000 sets were produced and each individual card snd set is serial-numbered.


200,000 factory sets.



Frank-Thomas.jpg?id=98f7f08b-6da0-42d5-8f6d-2173bfa129c6&size=original&side=front&.jpg Frank-Thomas.jpg?id=98f7f08b-6da0-42d5-8f6d-2173bfa129c6&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1 Barry Bonds
  • 2 Juan Gonzalez
  • 3 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • 4 Eric Karros
  • 5 Pat Listach
  • 6 Greg Maddux
  • 7 David Nied
  • 8 Gary Sheffield
  • 9 J.T. Snow
  • 10 Frank Thomas


Greg-Maddux.jpg?id=0563a149-0358-4f8e-b885-64b15af2fdb5&size=original&side=front&.jpg Greg-Maddux.jpg?id=0563a149-0358-4f8e-b885-64b15af2fdb5&size=original&side=back&.jpg

A number of cards from this set have emerged over the years without any foil-stamping on the front. These cards were also not serial-numbered on the back.

Blank-Front Proofs

A number of "blank-front" proofs have also emerged. These cards are also not serial-numbered.

Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=1d95ae23-b5dd-4d31-82b6-2f255c11b741&size=original&side=back&.jpg Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=1d95ae23-b5dd-4d31-82b6-2f255c11b741&size=original&side=front&.jpg