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SportsBuy (formerly NAXCOM) was the world's largest dedicated marketplace for sports collectibles. During its run, the website had several million transactions generated by over 200,000 registered users.

The firm started in the early 90s promoting card shows in the Southern California area. In December of 2001, the firm launched NAXCOM (The National Automated eXchange Collectibles On-line Marketplace) an On-line Marketplace modeled after the stock market. In just a few years, NAXCOM became the fastest growing Sports & Collectibles Marketplace on the Internet with 3,300,000 user listings (10X more than the category at eBay) and 85,000 registered users as off 5/13/2005.

In 2006, SportsBuy acquired from Topps for an undisclosed fee, but later spun it off.

On April 30, 2014, was closed.