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==Base Set==
==Base Set==
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===Autographed Rookies===
===Autographed Rookies===
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===Changing Faces===
One of the more bizarrely structured parallels ever devised, Changing Faces is a 300-card set featuring three different versions of each of the 100 non-autographed base cards.  The three variations feature the player with one of three of his teammates. Each is available in the following.
* Bronze (serial-numbered to 150 copies)
* Red (serial-numbered to 150 copies)
* Blue (serial-numbered to 125 copies)
* Silver & Bronze (serial-numbered to 125 copies)
* Gold (serial-numbered to 115 copies)
* Silver & Red (serial-numbered to 100 copies)
* Silver & Blue (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
* HyperSilver & Bronze (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
* Silver & Gold (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
* HyperSilver & Red (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
* HyperSilver & Blue (serial-numbered to ten)
* HyperSilver & Gold (serial-numbered to five)
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===Solo Sigs===
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===Dual Autographs===
==Autographs & Game-Used==
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===Dual Cut Signatures===
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2006 Topps Co-Signers is a 120-card set released May 31st, 2006. The last 20 cards make up an autographed rookie subset.

Each 12-pack Hobby box will yield two single-player autographs and a dual-signed autograph (all on stickers). Despite this, the product is best known for it's dizzying array of parallels.


12 pack per box, six cards per pack (MSRP: $10). 24 boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 120 - ?
short set 100 - 5:1
Autographed Rookies 20 - AU
Changing Faces Red 300 150 1:9
Changing Faces Bronze 300 150 1:9
Changing Faces Blue 300 125 1:11
Changing Faces Silver & Bronze 300 125 1:11
Changing Faces Gold 300 115 1:12
Changing Faces Silver & Red 300 100 1:14
Changing Faces Silver & Blue 300 75 1:18
Changing Faces HyperSilver & Bronze 300 75 1:18
Changing Faces Silver & Gold 300 50 1:27
Changing Faces HyperSilver & Red 300 25 1:54
Changing Faces HyperSilver & Blue 300 10 1:135
Changing Faces HyperSilver & Gold 300 5 1:270
Solo Sigs 50 varies AU
Dual Autographs 85 varies DUAL AU
Dual Cut Signatures 58 varies DUAL AU


Base Set

Huston-Street.jpg?id=b5c56238-b6c9-4e59-b6a5-0990b46335d5&size=original&side=front&.jpg Huston-Street.jpg?id=b5c56238-b6c9-4e59-b6a5-0990b46335d5&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Albert Pujols

2 Roger Clemens

3 Paul Konerko

4 Jeff Francouer

5 Miguel Tejada

6 Curt Schilling

7 Mickey Mantle

8 Miguel Cabrera

9 Derrek Lee

10 Jeff Kent

11 Gary Sheffield

12 Rich Harden

13 Scott Rolen

14 David Wright

15 Troy Glaus

16 Torii Hunter

17 Nolan Ryan

18 Alfonso Soriano

19 Hank Blalock

20 Chase Utley

21 Ryan Howard

22 Robinson Cano

23 Derek Jeter

24 Huston Street

25 Jason Giambi

26 Rafael Furcal

27 Rickie Weeks

28 Ivan Rodriguez

29 Travis Hafner

30 Greg Maddux

31 Andruw Jones

32 Andy Pettitte

33 Scott Podsednik

34 Francisco Rodriguez

35 Josh Beckett

36 Lance Berkman

37 Roy Oswalt

38 Pedro Martinez

39 Jimmy Rollins

40 Johan Santana

41 Randy Johnson

42 Mariano Rivera

43 Nick Johnson

44 Josh Gibson

45 Shawn Green

46 Adrian Beltre

47 Johnny Damon

48 Joe Mauer

49 Todd Helton

50 Alex Rodriguez

51 Jake Peavy

52 David Ortiz

53 Mark Buehrle

54 Eric Gagne

55 Hideki Matsui

56 Bobby Abreu

57 Victor Martinez

58 Brian Roberts

59 Chipper Jones

60 Carlos Beltran

61 Tim Hudson

62 Carlos Lee

63 Barry Zito

64 Moises Alou

65 Mark Teixeira

66 Lyle Overbay

67 Kerry Wood

68 B.J. Ryan

69 Jim Edmonds

70 Carlos Delgado

71 Magglio Ordonez

72 Juan Pierre

73 Manny Ramirez

74 Dontrelle Willis

75 Ichiro Suzuki

76 Nomar Garciaparra

77 Zach Duke

78 Chris Carpenter

79 A.J. Burnett

80 Scott Kazmir

81 Carl Crawford

82 Mark Prior

83 Adam Dunn

84 Justin Morneau

85 Morgan Ensberg

86 Pat Burrell

87 Paul Lo Duca

88 Jason Bay

89 Aubrey Huff

90 Kevin Millwood

91 Vernon Wells

92 Javy Lopez

93 Michael Young

94 Felix Hernandez

95 Ken Griffey, Jr.

96 Bartolo Colon

97 Billy Wagner

98 Vladimir Guerrero

99 Jose Reyes

100 Barry Bonds

Autographed Rookies

Dan-Uggla.jpg?id=574eae3e-c20d-4278-bb4c-768fc0c63655&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dan-Uggla.jpg?id=574eae3e-c20d-4278-bb4c-768fc0c63655&size=original&side=back&.jpg

101 Anthony Lerew

102 Ryan Zimmerman

103 Craig Hansen

104 Francisco Liriano

105 Jason Botts

106 Josh Johnson

107 Hanley Ramirez

108 Adam Wainwright

109 Kenji Johjima

110 Dan Ortmeier

111 Darrell Rasner

112 Chuck James

113 Nelson Cruz

114 Hong-Chih Kuo

115 Ryan Garko

116 Reggie Abercrombie

117 Ian Kinsler

118 Joel Zumaya

119 Willie Eyre

120 Dan Uggla


Changing Faces

Jason-Giambi-Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=77747e34-b5d0-418c-9c65-a97cac9b24b2&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ken-Griffey-Jr-Austin-Kearns.jpg?id=575e2497-d848-4b6d-8102-73017d71c3e8&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bobby-Abreu-Pat-Burrell.jpg?id=10b5d6aa-2e42-4c6e-9d3d-c7904c904ce9&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tim-Hudson-Andruw-Jones.jpg?id=5b4e27e7-f386-464a-b0e5-2dc163bc9076&size=original&side=front&.jpg Kevin-Millwood-Nolan-Ryan.jpg?id=68678a97-149c-482f-b961-60c3f2428e47&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jeff-Francoeur-Chipper-Jones.jpg?id=3f4c286d-3b73-4225-849a-9dc3db7c177b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Curt-Schilling-Manny-Ramirez.jpg?id=7e6720e1-8494-4e44-9435-78575d262bb4&size=original&side=front&.jpg Andy-Pettitte-Roy-Oswalt.jpg?id=e95c19d1-6d46-4984-838d-287b018eee5b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Carl-Crawford-Scott-Kazmir.jpg?id=06191bc0-5c4c-4344-b089-714acae87ce9&size=original&side=front&.jpg Kevin-Millwood-Mark-Teixeira.jpg?id=4101ea78-6aa5-4642-8503-8416d2d1b5f1&size=original&side=front&.jpg Michael-Young-Mark-Teixeira.jpg?id=bc304215-96f4-4859-815c-f564c4e5ac97&size=original&side=front.jpg Bartolo-Colon-Francisco-Rodriguez.jpg?id=0b63e219-8147-498e-97ab-782ad80ca598&size=original&side=front&.jpg

One of the more bizarrely structured parallels ever devised, Changing Faces is a 300-card set featuring three different versions of each of the 100 non-autographed base cards. The three variations feature the player with one of three of his teammates. Each is available in the following.

  • Bronze (serial-numbered to 150 copies)
  • Red (serial-numbered to 150 copies)
  • Blue (serial-numbered to 125 copies)
  • Silver & Bronze (serial-numbered to 125 copies)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 115 copies)
  • Silver & Red (serial-numbered to 100 copies)
  • Silver & Blue (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • HyperSilver & Bronze (serial-numbered to 75 copies)
  • Silver & Gold (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • HyperSilver & Red (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • HyperSilver & Blue (serial-numbered to ten)
  • HyperSilver & Gold (serial-numbered to five)

1A Albert Pujols / Scott Rolen

1B Albert Pujols / Jim Edmonds

1C Albert Pujols / Cris Carpenter

2A Roger Clemens / Andy Pettitte

2B Roger Clemens / Roy Oswalt

2C Roger Clemens / Lance Berkman

3A Paul Konerko / Scott Podsednik

3B Paul Konerko / Mark Buehrle

3C Paul Konerko / Jon Garland

4A Jeff Francouer / Andruw Jones

4B Jeff Francouer / Andruw Jones

4C Jeff Francouer / Tim Hudson

5A Miguel Tejada / Brian Roberts

5B Miguel Tejada / Javy Lopez

5C Miguel Tejada / Melvin Mora

6A Curt Schilling / Josh Beckett

6B Curt Schilling / Matt Clement

6C Curt Schilling / Manny Ramirez

7A Mickey Mantle / Alex Rodriguez

7B Mickey Mantle / Derek Jeter

7C Mickey Mantle / Johnny Damon

8A Miguel Cabrera / Dontrelle Willis

8B Miguel Cabrera / Jeremy Hermida

8C Miguel Cabrera / Manny Ramirez

9A Derrek Lee / Greg Maddux

9B Derrek Lee / Kerry Wood

9C Derrek Lee / Mark Prior

10A Jeff Kent / Rafael Furcal

10B Jeff Kent / Nomar Garciaparra

10C Jeff Kent / Eric Gagne

11A Gary Sheffield / Alex Rodriguez

11B Gary Sheffield / Mickey Mantle

11C Gary Sheffield / Johnny Damon

12A Rich Harden / Huston Street

12B Rich Harden / Barry Zito

12C Rich Harden / Eric Chavez

13A Scott Rolen / Jim Edmonds

13B Scott Rolen / Cris Carpenter

13C Scott Rolen / Albert Pujols

14A David Wright / Jose Reyes

14B David Wright / Carlos Beltran

14C David Wright / Carlos Delgado

15A Troy Glaus / Lyle Overbay

15B Troy Glaus / Vernon Wells

15C Troy Glaus / Nolan Ryan

16A Torii Hunter / Johan Santana

16B Torii Hunter / Justin Morneau

16C Torii Hunter / Joe Mauer

17A Nolan Ryan / Kevin Millwood

17B Nolan Ryan / Michael Young

17C Nolan Ryan / Mark Teixeira

18A Alfonso Soriano / Nick Johnson

18B Alfonso Soriano / Livian Hernandez

18C Alfonso Soriano / Francisco Cordero

19A Hank Blalock / Mark Teixeira

19B Hank Blalock / Nolan Ryan

19C Hank Blalock / Michael Young

20A Chase Utley / Jimmy Rollins

20B Chase Utley / Pat Burrell

20C Chase Utley / Bobby Abreu

21A Ryan Howard / Jimmy Rollins

21B Ryan Howard / Pat Burrell

21C Ryan Howard / Bobby Abreu

22A Robinson Cano / Alex Rodriguez

22B Robinson Cano / Mickey Mantle

22C Robinson Cano / Derrek Jeter

23A Derrek Jeter / Alex Rodriguez

23B Derrek Jeter / Mickey Mantle

23C Derrek Jeter / Robinson Cano

24A Huston Street / Barry Zito

24B Huston Street / Rich Harden

24C Huston Street / Eric Chavez

25A Jason Giambi / Alex Rodriguez

25B Jason Giambi / Mickey Mantle

25C Jason Giambi / Derek Jeter

26A Rafael Furcal / Eric Gagne

26B Rafael Furcal / Jeff Kent

26C Rafael Furcal / Nomar Garciaparra

27A Rickie Weeks / Carlos Lee

27B Rickie Weeks / Ben Sheets

27C Rickie Weeks / Chris Capuano

28A Ivan Rodriguez / Magglio Ordonez

28B Ivan Rodriguez / Jeremy Bonderman

28C Ivan Rodriguez / Placido Polanco

29A Travis Hafner / Victor Martinez

29B Travis Hafner / C.C. Sabathia

29C Travis Hafner / Grady Sizemore

30A Greg Maddux / Kerry Wood

30B Greg Maddux / Mark Prior

30C Greg Maddux / Carlos Lee

31A Andruw Jones / Chipper Jones

31B Andruw Jones / Tim Hudson

31C Andruw Jones / Jeff Francoeur

32A Andy Pettitte / Lance Berkman

32B Andy Pettitte / Roger Clemens

32C Andy Pettitte / Roy Oswalt

33A Scott Podsednik / Paul Konerko

33B Scott Podsednik / Mark Buehrle

33C Scott Podsednik / Jon Garland

34A Francisco Rodriguez / Bartolo Colon

34B Francisco Rodriguez / Vladimir Guerrero

34C Francisco Rodriguez / Chone Figgins

35A Josh Beckett / Curt Schilling

35B Josh Beckett / Matt Clement

35C Josh Beckett / Manny Ramirez

36A Lance Berkman / Roy Oswalt

36B Lance Berkman / Andy Pettitte

36C Lance Berkman / Roger Clemens

37A Roy Oswalt / Morgan Ensberg

37B Roy Oswalt / Lance Berkman

37C Roy Oswalt / Andy Pettitte

38A Pedro Martinez / Jose Reyes

38B Pedro Martinez / Carlos Beltran

38C Pedro Martinez / Carlos Delgado

39A Jimmy Rollins / Bobby Abreu

39B Jimmy Rollins / Ryan Howard

39C Jimmy Rollins / Pat Burrell

40A Johan Santana / Joe Mauer

40B Johan Santana / Torii Hunter

40C Johan Santana / Justin Morneau

41A Randy Johnson / Alex Rodriguez

41B Randy Johnson / Mickey Mantle

41C Randy Johnson / Mariano Rivera

42A Mariano Rivera / Alex Rodriguez

42B Mariano Rivera / Mickey Mantle

42C Mariano Rivera / Derek Jeter

43A Nick Johnson / Alfonso Soriano

43B Nick Johnson / Livian Hernandez

43C Nick Johnson / Chad Cordero

44A Josh Gibson / Jason Bay

44B Jay Gibson / Zach Duke

44C Josh Gibson / Sean Casey

45A Shawn Green / Conor Jackson

45B Shawn Green / Luis Gonzalez

45C Shawn Green / Orlando Hernandez

46A Adrian Beltre / Ichiro Suzuki

46B Adrian Beltre / Felix Hernandez

46C Adrian Beltre / Kenji Johjima

47A Johnny Damon / Alex Rodriguez

47B Johnny Damon / Mickey Mantle

47C Johnny Damon / Hideki Matsui

48A Joe Mauer / Justin Morneau

48B Joe Mauer / Johan Santana

48C Joe Mauer / Torii Hunter

49A Todd Helton / Garrett Atkins

49B Todd Helton / Clint Barmes

49C Todd Helton / Roy Holliday

50A Alex Rodriguez / Derek Jeter

50B Alex Rodriguez / Mickey Mantle

50C Alex Rodriguez / Gary Sheffield

51A Jake Peavy / Brian Giles

51B Jake Peavy / Mike Cameron

51C Jake Peavy / Khalil Greene

52A David Ortiz / Manny Ramirez

52B David Ortiz / Curt Schilling

52C David Ortiz / Jose Beckett

53A Mark Buehrle / Paul Konerko

53B Mark Buehrle / Scott Podsednik

53C Mark Buehrle / Jon Garland

54A Eric Gagne / Nomar Garciaparra

54B Eric Gagne / Rafael Furcal

54C Eric Gagne / Jeff Kent

55A Hideki Matsui / Alex Rodriguez

55B Hideki Matsui / Mickey Mantle

55C Hideki Matsui / Derek Jeter

56A Bobby Abreu / Pat Burrell

56B Bobby Abreu / Ryan Howard

56C Bobby Abreu / Jimmy Rollins

57A Victor Martinez / Travis Hafner

57B Victor Martinez / C.C. Sabathia

57C Victor Martinez / Grady Sizemore

58A Brian Roberts / Miguel Tejada

58B Brian Roberts / Javy Lopez

58C Brian Roberts / Melvin Mora

59A Chipper Jones / Andruw Jones

59B Chipper Jones / Tim Hudson

59C Chipper Jones / Jeff Francoeur

60A Carlos Beltran / Jose Reyes

60B Carlos Beltran / Pedro Martinez

60C Carlos Beltran / Carlos Delgado

61A Tim Hudson / Andruw Jones

61B Tim Hudson / Chipper Jones

61C Tim Hudson / Jeff Francoeur

62A Carlos Lee / Rickie Weeks

62B Carlos Lee / Ben Sheets

62C Carlos Lee / Chris Capuano

63A Barry Zito / Huston Street

63B Barry Zito / Rich Harden

63C Barry Zito / Eric Chavez

64A Moises Alou / Barry Bonds

64B Moises Alou / Steve Finley

64C Moises Alou / Omar Vizquel

65A Mark Teixeira / Michael Young

65B Mark Teixeira / Hank Blalock

65C Mark Teixeira / Nolan Ryan

66A Lyle Overbay / Troy Glaus

66B Lyle Overbay / Vernon Wells

66C Lyle Overbay / Nolan Ryan

67A Kerry Wood / Greg Maddux

67B Kerry Wood / Mark Prior

67C Kerry Wood / Derrek Lee

68A B.J. Ryan / Troy Glaus

68B B.J. Ryan / Vernon Wells

68C B.J. Ryan / A.J. Burnett

69A Jim Edmonds / Chris Carpenter

69B Jim Edmonds / Albert Pujols

69C Jim Edmonds / Scott Rolen

70A Carlos Delgado / Jose Reyes

70B Carlos Delgado / Carlos Beltran

70C Carlos Delgado / Pedro Martinez

71A Magglio Ordonez / Ivan Rodriguez

71B Magglio Ordonez / Jeremy Bonderman

71C Magglio Ordonez / Placido Polanco

72A Juan Pierre / Greg Maddux

72B Juan Pierre / Mark Prior

72C Juan Pierre / Derrek Lee

73A Manny Ramirez / David Ortiz

73B Manny Ramirez / Curt Schilling

73C Manny Ramirez / Josh Beckett

74A Dontrelle Willis / Miguel Cabrera

74B Dontrelle Willis / Jeremy Hermida

74C Dontrelle Willis / Hanley Ramirez

75A Ichiro Suzuki / Felix Hernandez

75B Ichiro Suzuki / Kenji Johjima

75C Ichiro Suzuki / Adrian Beltre

76A Nomar Garciaparra / Jeff Kent

76B Nomar Garciaparra / Eric Gagne

76C Nomar Garciaparra / Rafael Furcal

77A Zach Duke / Josh Gibson

77B Zach Duke / Jason Bay

77C Zach Duke / Sean Casey

78A Cris Carpenter / Albert Pujols

78B Cris Carpenter / Scott Rolen

78C Cris Carpenter / Jim Edmonds

79A A.J. Burnett / Troy Glaus

79B A.J. Burnett / Nolan Ryan

79C A.J. Burnett / Lyle Overbay

80A Scott Kazmir / Carlos Crawford

80B Scott Kazmir / Aubrey Huff

80C Scott Kazmir / Julio Lugo

81A Carl Crawford / Aubrey Huff

81B Carl Crawford / Scott Kazmir

81C Carl Crawford / Julio Lugo

82A Mark Prior / Greg Maddux

82B Mark Prior / Kerry Wood

82C Mark Prior / Derrek Lee

83A Adam Dunn / Austin Kearns

83B Adam Dunn / Felipe Lopez

83C Adam Dunn / Ken Griffey

84A Justin Morneau / Torii Hunter

84B Justin Morneau / Joe Mauer

84C Justin Morneau / Johan Santana

85A Morgan Ensberg / Roger Clemens

85B Morgan Ensberg / Roy Oswalt

85C Morgan Ensberg / Andy Pettitte

86A Pat Burrell / Ryan Howard

86B Pat Burrell / Bobby Abreu

86C Pat Burrell / Jimmy Rollins

87A Paul Lo Duca / Jose Reyes

87B Paul Lo Duca / Carlos Delgado

87C Paul Lo Duca / Carlos Delgado

88A Jason Bay / Josh Gibson

88B Jason Bay / Zach Duke

88C Jason Bay / Sean Casey

89A Aubrey Huff / Scott Kazmir

89B Aubrey Huff / Carl Crawford

89C Aubrey Huff / Julio Lugo

90A Kevin Millwood / Nolan Ryan

90B Kevin Millwood / Michael Young

90C Kevin Millwood / Mark Teixeira

91A Vernon Wells / Lyle Overbay

91B Vernon Wells / Troy Glaus

91C Vernon Wells

92A Javiar Lopez / Miguel Tejada

92B Javy Lopez / Brian Roberts

92C Javy Lopez / Melvin Mora

93A Michael Young / Mark Teixeira

93B Michael Young / Hank Blalock

93C Michael Young / Nolan Ryan

94A Felix Hernandez / Kenji Johjima

94B Felix Hernandez / Adrian Beltre

94C Felix Hernandez / Ichiro Suzuki

95A Ken Griffey, Jr.

95B Ken Griffey, Jr.

95C Ken Griffey, Jr.

96A Bartolo Colon / Vladimir Guerrero

96B Bartolo Colon / Francisco Rodriguez

96C Bartolo Colon / Chone Figgins

97A Billy Wagner / Pedro Martinez

97B Billy Wagner / David Wright

97C Billy Wagner / Paul Lo Duca

98A Vladimir Guerrero / Bartolo Colon

98B Vladimir Guerrero / Francisco Rodriguez

98C Vladimir Guerrero / Chone Figgins

99A Jose Reyes / Pedro Martinez

99B Jose Reyes / David Wright

99C Jose Reyes / Carlos Beltran

100A Barry Bonds / Moises Alou

100B Barry Bonds / Steve Finley

100C Barry Bonds / Omar Vizquel


Solo Sigs

Dan-Johnson.jpg?id=afec38c6-0f99-4022-ab14-b3b56f40264b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dan-Johnson.jpg?id=afec38c6-0f99-4022-ab14-b3b56f40264b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

AD Andre Dawson

AK Al Kaline

AP Albert Pujols

AR Alex Rodriguez

ARE Anthony Reyes

CB Clint Barmes

CBR Craig Breslow

CF Cecil Fielder

CJ Chipper Jones

CM Craig Monroe

CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

CS Chris Snyder

CY Carl Yastrzemski

DJ Dan Johnson

DL Don Larsen

DLE Derrek Lee

DM Don Mattingly

DO David Ortiz

DS Darryl Strawberry

DW David Wright

DWI Dontrelle Willis

ES Ervin Santana

GC Gustavo Chacin

HS Huston Street

JC Jack Clark

JD Johnny Damon

JM Jeff Mathis

JMA Joe Mauer

JP Jonathan Papelbon

JS Johan Santana

MC Miguel Cabrera

MR Mariano Rivera

MRA Manny Ramirez

NR Nolan Ryan

OS Ozzie Smith

PF Prince Fielder

RC Robinson Cano

RCL Roger Clemens

RH Ryan Howard

RHI Rich Hill

RJ Reggie Jackson

RR Rick Rhoden

SK Scott Kazmir

SO Scott Olsen

SSC Shin-Soo Choo

TG Tony Gwynn

VG Vladimir Guerrero

VM Victor Martinez

YB Yogi Berra

ZD Zach Duke

Dual Autographs

Nelson-Cruz-Jason-Botts.jpg?id=1cedc9a2-308f-45d8-80b3-a54e2bd8c87d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Nelson-Cruz-Jason-Botts.jpg?id=1cedc9a2-308f-45d8-80b3-a54e2bd8c87d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

CS1 Alex Rodriguez / Barry Bonds

CS2 David Wright / Alex Rodriguez

CS3 Victor Martinez / Kenji Johjima

CS4 Kenji Johjima / Felix Hernandez

CS5 David Ortiz / Manny Ramirez

CS6 Nolan Ryan / Roger Clemens

CS7 David Ortiz / Albert Pujols

CS8 Chipper Jones / Dale Murphy

CS9 Wade Boggs / Don Mattingly

CS10 Nolan Ryan / Felix Hernandez

CS11 Stan Musial / Albert Pujols

CS12 Robinson Cano / Rod Carew

CS13 Cal Ripken / Brooks Robinson

CS14 Dave Winfield / Johnny Damon

CS15 Prince Fielder / Ryan Zimmerman

CS16 Cal Ripken / Ozzie Smith

CS17 Alex Rodriguez / Don Mattingly

CS18 Don Larsen / Yogi Berra

CS19 Mike Schmidt / Brooks Robinson

CS20 Ryan Zimmerman / Wade Boggs

CS21 Dwight Gooden / Keith Hernandez

CS22 Ryan Howard / Derrek Lee

CS23 Jeff Mathis / Chris Snyder

CS24 Dontrelle Willis / Miguel Cabrera

CS25 Ray Knight / Keith Hernandez

CS26 Mike Schmidt / Chase Utley

CS27 Billy Wagner / Paul Lo Duca

CS28 Tony Gwynn / Wade Boggs

CS29 Mike Schmidt / Ozzie Smith

CS30 Dwight Gooden / Darryl Strawberry

CS31 Ryan Howard / Huston Street

CS32 Mariano Rivera / Huston Street

CS33 Prince Fielder / Ryan Howard

CS34 Robinson Cano / Chase Utley

CS35 Johnny Podres / Duke Snider

CS36 David Justice / Chipper Jones

CS37 David Wright / Jose Reyes

CS38 Jeff Mathis / Ryan Garko

CS39 Brandon McCarthy / Pedro Lopez

CS40 Donnie Just / Dale Murphy

CS41 Dave Winfield / Gary Sheffield

CS42 Joe Mauer / Francisco Liriano

CS43 Jim Leyritz / Reggie Jackson

CS44 Ryan Zimmerman / David Wright

CS45 Rick Rhoden / David Parker

CS46 Jonathon Papelbon / Craig Breslow

CS47 Ryan Zimmerman / Kenji Johjima

CS48 Dan Johnson / Prince Fielder

CS49 Victor Martinez / Ryan Garko

CS50 Ben Hendrickson / Anthony Reyes

CS51 Nelson Cruz / Prince Fielder

CS52 Jonathon Papelbon / Anthony Reyes

CS53 Ben Hendrickson / Rich Hill

CS54 Shin-Soo Choo / Kenji Johjima

CS55 Francisco Liriano / Johan Santana

CS56 Brandon McCarthy / Zach Duke

CS57 Josh Johnson / Scott Olsen

CS58 Tommy John / Bob Welch

CS59 Roy White / Joe Pepitone

CS60 Cecil Fielder / Prince Fielder

CS61 Andre Dawson / Derrek Lee

CS62 Conor Jackson / Ryan Howard

CS63 Dontrelle Willis / Zach Duke

CS64 Mariano Rivera / Billy Wagner

CS65 Hong-Chih Kuo / Shin-Soo Choo

CS66 Jim Leyritz / Cecil Fielder

CS67 Scott Kazmir / Francisco Liriano

CS68 Scott Kazmir / Roy Oswalt

CS69 Chuck James / Anthony Lerew

CS70 Cecil Fielder / Ryan Howard

CS71 Chien-Ming Wang / Hong-Chih Kuo

CS72 Shin-Soo Choo / Chien-Ming Wang

CS73 Nelson Cruz / Jason Botts

CS74 Francisco Liriano / Ervin Santana

CS75 Adam Wainwright / Anthony Reyes

CS76 Scott Kazmir / Ervin Santana

CS77 Robinson Cano / Gary Sheffield

CS78 David Wright / Miguel Cabrera

CS79 Dan Johnson / Conor Jackson

CS80 Frank Tanana / Mickey Tettleton

CS81 Andruw Jones / Chipper Jones

CS82 Morgan Ensberg / Roy Oswalt

CS83 Michael Young / Ozzie Smith

CS84 Grady Sizemore / Nick Swisher

CS85 Garrett Atkins / Clint Barmes

Dual Cut Signatures

ABCBH Albert Chandler / Billy Herman

ABCFF Albert Chandler / Frankie Frick

ABCJC Albert Chandler / Jocko Conlon

ABCJJ Albert Chandler / Judy Johnson

ABCLB Albert Chandler / Lou Boudreau

ABCRF Albert Chandler / Rick Ferrell

ABCWG Albert Chandler / Warren Giles

ABCWH A.B. Chandler / Will Harridge

ALLA Al Lopez / Luke Appling

BDWH Bill Dickey / Waite Hoyt

BHJM Billy Herman / Joe McCarthy

BLHW Bob Lemon / Hoyt Wilhelm

BLJH Bob Lemon / Jim Hunter

BLJJ Buck Leonard / Judy Johnson

BLJS Bob Lemon / Joe Sewell

BLLB Bob Lemon / Lou Boudreau

BLRF Bob Lemon / Rick Ferrell

BTGK Bill Terry / G. Kelly

BTSM Bill Terry / Sal Maglie

BTTJ Bill Terry / Travis Jackson

BTTW Bill Terry / Ted Williams

CGFF Charlie Gehringer / Frankie Frisch

CGHN Charlie Gehringer / Hal Newhouser

CGRF Charlie Gehringer / Rick Ferrell

CHBH Charlie Gehringer / Billy Herman

CHWH Jim Hunter / Waite Hoyt

DGGM D.B. Gurion / Golda Meir

EALB Earl Averill / Lou Boudreau

FCGW Frank Crosetti / Gene Woodling

HGCG Hank Greenberg / Charlie Gehringer

HKCG Harvey Kuenn / Charlie Gehringer

HKLB Harvey Kuenn / Lou Boudreau

HTBT Harry S. Truman / Bess Truman

HWHN Hoyt Wilhelm / Hal Newhouser

HWTL Hoyt Wilhelm / Ted Lyons

JCAB Jocko Conlon / Al Barlick

JFKRFK John Kennedy / Robert D. Kennedy

JSGW Joe Sewell / Gene Woodling

JSLA Joe Sewell / Luke Appling

JSLB Joe Sewell / Lou Boudreau

JSSC Joe Sewell / Stanley Coveleski

LABH Luke Appling / Billy Herman

LBBH Lou Boudreau / Billy Herman

LBCG Lou Boudreau / Charlie Gehringer

LBRF Lou Boudreau / Rick Ferrell

LWBT Lloyd Waner / Bill Terry

LWCG Lloyd Waner / Charlie Gehringer

LWWS Lloyd Waner / Willie Stargell

MMTW Mickey Mantle / Ted Williams

RFJJ Rick Ferrell / Judy Johnson

RNGF Richard Nixon / Gerald Ford

RRNR Ronald Reagan / Nancy Reagan

SMHW Sal Maglie / Hoyt Wilhelm

TEAE Thomas Edison / Albert Einstein

TJBH Travis Jackson / Billy Herman

TJGK Travis Jackson / Gene Kelly