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2005 Topps Cracker Jack

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2005 Cracker Jack hobby box

2005 Cracker Jack is a 250-card set was released in April, 2005. The set is similar to the previous year's set; however, unlike 2004 Topps Cracker Jack, it is not based on the 1914 Cracker Jack set. 50 cards scattered throughout the set are short-printed and seeded into packs at the rate of 1:3/packs.


Hobby: 20 packs per box, eight cards plus one "Secret Surprise" per pack (MSRP: $3). 12 boxes per case.

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 250 - 7:1 ?
short set 200 - 7:1 ?
Short Prints 40 - 1:3 1:3
Red Mini 200 - 1:1 ?
Short Print Red Mini 50 - 1:20 1:20
Blue Mini 250 50 1:75 1:75
Grey Mini 250 25 1:151 1:150
White Mini 250 one-of-one 1:3763 1:3813
Stickers 200 - 1:1 ?
Short Print Stickers 50 - 1:20 1:20
1, 2, 3 Strikes You're Out Relics 6 - 1:204 1:204
Take Me Out to the Ballgame Mini Relics 84 - 1:16 1:16
Cracker Jack Autographs 10 50 1:258 1:258
Secret Surprise Mini Autographs 20 - ? ?


Base Set

The base set of 200 cards plus an additional 50 short prints make up the 250 card master set. Cards 196-218 feature prospect and rookies. Cards 219-229 feature players from the St. Louis Cardinals team that went to the World Series in 2004. Cards 230-240 feature players from the Boston Red Sox team that won the World Series in that year.

1 David Wright SP

2 Rafael Furcal

3 Alex Rodriguez (Portrait)

3 Alex Rodriguez SP (Fielding)

4 Victor Martinez SP

5 Ken Griffey, Jr.

6 Bobby Crosby SP

7 Ivan Rodriguez

8 Darin Erstad

9 Javy Lopez

10 Brian Giles

11 Aaron Rowand SP

12 Joe Torre MGR

13 Zack Greinke SP

14 Shannon Stewart

15 Jack Wilson

16 Jose Vidro

17 Josh Beckett

18 Barry Zito

19 Bret Boone

20 Greg Maddux

21 Carl Crawford SP

22 Mark Teixeira

23 Jason Schmidt

24 Kazuhisa Ishii

25 Mike Piazza

26 Daniel Cabrera SP

27 Mike Lieberthal

28 Gil Meche

29 Phil Nevin

30 Adrian Beltre SP

31 Chipper Jones SP

32 Zach Day

33 Ben Sheets

34 Carlos Zambrano

35 Melvin Mora

36 Joe Mauer

37 Ken Harvey

38 Bernie Williams

39 Mike Maroth

40 Eric Chavez

41 Matt Lawton SP

42 Ray Durham

43 Vernon Wells

44 Mike Lowell

45 Jim Thome

46 Joel Pineiro

47 Lance Berkman

48 Ryan Klesko

49 Adam Dunn

50 Vladimir Guerrero

51 Eric Gagne SP

52 Richie Sexson

53 Javier Vazquez

54 Roy Oswalt

55 Carlos Delgado

56 John Buck SP

57 Kenny Rogers

58 Sidney Ponson

59 Vicente Padilla

60 Mark Prior (Leg Up)

60 Mark Prior SP (Portrait)

61 A.J. Pierzynski

62 Aubrey Huff

63 Shea Hillenbrand

64 Carlos Guillen

65 Lyle Overbay

66 Al Leiter

67 Eric Hinske

68 Laynce Nix

69 Scott Hairston

70 Roger Clemens

71 Cesar Izturis SP

72 Shawn Green

73 Marcus Giles

74 Rafael Palmeiro

75a Gary Sheffield SP

75b Melky Cabrera SP

76 Juan Pierre

77 Pat Burrell

78 Sean Burroughs

79 Frank Thomas

80 Andruw Jones

81 C.C. Sabathia

82 Jeff Bagwell

83 Tom Glavine

84 Craig Wilson SP

85 Johan Santana (Throwing)

85 Johan Santana SP (Portrait)

86 Raul Ibanez

87 Sean Casey

88 Bucky Jacobsen

89 B.J. Upton

90 Bobby Abreu

91 Geoff Jenkins

92 Troy Glaus

93 Dontrelle Willis

94 Jose Lima

95 Rocco Baldelli

96 Aramis Ramirez

97 Paul Lo Duca

98 Torii Hunter

99 Jay Payton

100 Carlos Beltran

101 Jaret Wright

102 Jason Bay

103 Cliff Floyd

104 Mike Sweeney

105 Sammy Sosa

106 Khalil Greene SP

107 David DeJesus

108 Jermaine Dye

109 Miguel Cabrera

110 Miguel Tejada SP

111 Johnny Estrada SP

112 Ronnie Belliard SP

113 Austin Kearns

114 Erubiel Durazo

115 Preston Wilson

116 Hideo Nomo

117 Dmitri Young

118 Jon Lieber

119 Derrek Lee

120 Todd Helton

121 Omar Vizquel

122 Wily Mo Pena

123 J.D. Drew

124 Matt Holliday

125 Ichiro Suzuki

126 Mark Buehrle SP

127 Barry Bonds

128 Jeff Kent

129 Kerry Wood

130 Mariano Rivera

131 Nick Johnson

132 Randy Winn

133 Phil Garner

134 Jose Reyes

135a Michael Young SP

135b Ian Kinsler SP RC

136 Jose Contreras

137 Oliver Perez

138 Roy Halladay

139 Kevin Millwood

140 Jorge Posada

141 Mike Cameron

142 Edgardo Alfonzo

143 Chris Shelton

144 Luis Castillo

145 Alfonso Soriano

146 Ryan Drese SP

147 Mark Mulder

148 Jason Giambi

149 Travis Hafner

150 Randy Johnson

151 Paul Konerko SP

152 Mike Mussina

153 Brad Wilkerson

154 Tim Hudson

155 Garret Anderson

156 Chase Utley SP

157 Jamie Moyer

158 Scott Kazmir

159 Brett Myers

160 Kazuo Matsui

161 Orlando Hudson

162 Luis Gonzalez

163 Kevin Youkilis

164a Jason Kendall

164b Landon Powell SP

165 Hank Blalock

166 Mark Loretta SP

167 Miguel Cairo

168 Corey Patterson

169 Victor Zambrano

170 Magglio Ordonez

171 J.T. Snow

172 Randy Wolf

173 Rich Harden

174 Bartolo Colon

175 Derek Jeter

176 Casey Kotchman SP

177 Val Majewski

178 Grady Sizemore

179 Rickie Weeks

180 Robinson Cano

181 Nick Swisher SP

182 Ryan Howard

183 John Van Benschoten

184 Delmon Young

185 Aaron Hill

186 Chris Burke SP

187 Merkin Valdez

188 Jeremy Reed

189 Conor Jackson

190 Mark Teahen

191 Joey Gathright SP

192 Gavin Floyd

193 Joe Blanton

194 Jason Kubel

195 Jeff Francis

196 Angel Guzman SP

197 Dallas McPherson

198 Melky Cabrera RC

199 Jake Dittler

200 Elvys Quezada RC*

201 Ian Kinsler SP RC

202 Nate McLouth RC

203 Chris Seddon RC

204 Chad Orvella RC

205 Ian Bladergroen RC*

206 James Jurries SP RC*

207 Landon Powell RC

208 Eric Nielsen RC*

209 Chris Roberson RC

210 Andre Ethier RC

211 Chris Denorfia SP RC

212 Darren Fenster RC*

213 Jeremy West RC*

214 Sean Marshall RC

215 Ryan Sweeney RC

216 Steve Doetsch SP RC*

217 Kevin Melillo RC

218 Chip Cannon RC*

219 Tony LaRussa

220 Chris Carpenter

221a Edgar Renteria SP BOS

221b Edgar Renteria SP STL

222 Albert Pujols

223 Jim Edmonds

224 Jason Marquis

225 Scott Rolen SP

226 Larry Walker SP

227 Matt Morris

228 Mike Matheny SF

228 Mike Matheny SP STL

229 Jeromy Burnitz

230 Terry Francona

231 Johnny Damon SP

232 Keith Foulke

233 Trot Nixon

234 Manny Ramirez

235 David Ortiz SP

236a Pedro Martinez SP BOS

236b Pedro Martinez SP NYM

237 Curt Schilling

238 Kevin Millar

239 Bill Mueller

240 Mark Bellhorn

NNO Josh Beckett SP

Parallel Sets

As with the previous year's set, several different mini parallels were seeded into packs at an overall rate of 1 per pack. The Red mini cards were the base parallels and were seeded 1 per pack while short prints were inserted at 1:20 hobby and retail. The short prints are the same as the base set. The mini stickers were also seeded 1 per pack with the short prints inserted at a rate of 1:20 hobby and retail. The short prints are the same as the base set. The Blue minis were inserted 1:75 hobby and retail packs and were serial numbered out of 50. There are no short prints in this set. The Grey minis were inserted 1:151 hobby and 1:150 retail packs and were serial numbered out of 25. There are no short prints in this set. The White mini parallels were numbered 1/1 and were seeded 1:3763 hobby and 1:3813 retail packs.

Autographs/Game Used

1, 2, 3 Strikes You're Out! Relics

A six card set inserted into packs at an overall rate of 1:204 retail or hobby packs. The cards feature major league pitchers, but 4 of the 6 players are not stars.

BR Brad Radke

CS Curt Schilling

JB Josh Beckett

JW Jaret Wright

RD Ryan Drese

RO Russ Ortiz


An 11 card set featuring on card autographs of some baseball's hottest players. The cards are in two groups, an A group serial numbered to 25 and a B group serial numbered to 50.

AR Alex Rodriguez

BB Barry Bonds

CB Carlos Beltran

CC Carl Crawford

CS C.C. Sabathia

CW Craig Wilson

DW David Wright

EC Eric Chavez

EG Eric Gagne

GA Garret Anderson

JS Johan Santana

Secret Surprise Mini Autographs

A 21 card set that was split into six different groups. Only 100 copies of each Group A card were produced (according to Topps), but the cards are not serial numbered.

AG Angel Guzman

AR Alex Rodriguez

CB Carlos Beltran

CC Carl Crawford

CN Chris Nelson

CS C.C. Sabathia

CT Curtis Thigpen

CW Craig Wilson

DM Dallas McPherson

DW David Wright

EC Eric Chavez

EG Eric Gagne

GA Garret Anderson

HB Hank Blalock

JS Johan Santana

KM Kevin Millar

MK Mark Kotsay

ML Mark Loretta

MM Melvin Mora

RR Richie Robnett

SK Scott Kazmir

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Relics

The main game used insert set of the 2005 Cracker Jack set was the Take Me Out to the Ball Game Relics. An 84 card set featuring bat, uniform and jersey peices of major league players were inserted at an overall rate of 1:16 hobby and retail packs.

AB Adrian Beltre

AB1 Angel Berroa

AB2 Angel Berroa

AD Adam Dunn

AL Adam LaRoche

AP Albert Pujols

AR Alex Rodriguez

ARA Aramis Ramirez

AS Alfonso Soriano

BB Barry Bonds

BC Bobby Cox

BCR Bobby Crosby

BK Bobby Kielty

BS Benito Santiago

BW Bernie Williams

CB Carlos Beltran

CBI Craig Biggio

CC Coco Crisp

CG Cristian Guzman

CP Corey Patterson

CT Charles Thomas

DE Darin Erstad

DM Doug Mientkiewicz

DO David Ortiz

DW Dontrelle Willis

EC1 Eric Chavez

EC2 Eric Chavez

GS Gary Sheffield

HB1 Hank Blalock

HB2 Hank Blalock

HB3 Hank Blalock

IR1 Ivan Rodriguez

IR2 Ivan Rodriguez

JB Jeff Bagwell

JE Johnny Estrada

JE1 Jim Edmonds

JE2 Jim Edmonds

JG Jody Gerut

JGI Jay Gibbons

JGU Jose Guillen

JJ Jacque Jones

JK Jason Kendall

JP1 Jorge Posada

JP2 Jorge Posada

JR Jeremy Reed

JT Jim Thome

JTO Joe Torre

KM Kevin Millar

KME Kevin Mench

LB1 Lance Berkman

LB2 Lance Berkman

LG Luis Gonzalez

LN Laynce Nix

MC Miguel Cabrera

MG Marcus Giles

MK Mark Kotsay

MM Melvin Mora

MO Magglio Ordonez

MP Mike Piazza

MR Manny Ramirez

MTE1 Miguel Tejada

MTE2 Miguel Tejada

MT1 Mark Teixeira

MT2 Mark Teixeira

MT3 Mark Teixeira

MY Michael Young

NG Nick Green

OV Omar Vizquel

PK Paul Konerko

PN Phil Nevin

RB Ron Belliard

RF Rafael Furcal

RK Ryan Klesko

RP Rafael Palmeiro

RS Reggie Sanders

SB Sean Burroughs

SG Shawn Green

TG Troy Glaus

TH Todd Helton

THU Torii Hunter

VC Vinny Castilla

VG Vladimir Guerrero

VM Victor Martinez

MRE Mike Restovich