2002 Nestle

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2002 Nestle is a six-card food issue produced by Topps and inserted into various Nestle's Ice Cream products as a bonus for buying that companies product. These cards were wrapped in cellophane to help protect them from the food.

This set is not licensed by MLB Properties (despite Topps otherwise having an MLBP license) and as such, all logos have been airbrushed out.




Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=568af011-0353-4f9b-8075-7f1bda291841&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=568af011-0353-4f9b-8075-7f1bda291841&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1 Barry Bonds
  • 2 Chipper Jones
  • 3 Mike Piazza
  • 4 Alex Rodriguez
  • 5 Sammy Sosa
  • 6 Ichiro