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For the entire month of October, we are asking you to support BCP with a donation.

BCP is a little different than your typical web site. We have no paid employees, no sponsorships, and no outside funding. Everything you see on the site was written and maintained by a group of baseball card collectors from around the world who do this for free. The people who contribute spend hours researching cards, digging for information on older cards, badgering card manufacturers for information on newer cards; and we do all of this so you can have a single place to go to get this information.

We thrive to be one of the best hobby resources when it comes to checklists, set descriptions, insertion ratios, product release schedules and more. For some sets, often times we have a complete checklist, which was compiled by hand, within days of its release.

Over the past year, we've added several features to the site like the ability to search by team and player. These additions were the direct result of the feedback from our visitor survey. When you ask us for improvements, we try our best to add them if we can. There are several additional improvements that we are currently considering, but due to the amount of work, we're not sure if and when they will be implemented.

We’d like to keep BCP up and running, freely accessible to all, but we can only do it with your support.

Just from a operational perspective, running a web site isn't free; there are monthly costs involved in hosting and bandwith. As BCP continues to grow, these costs increase. For the last several years, we have paid these costs out of our own pockets. Last year we decided to start placing ads on the site to recoup some of these costs. Lately, our operational costs are exceeding our income from these ads.

Our goal for October is to raise $1,000. This will cover our operating expenses for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012. This money will also allow us to create a marketing budget so we can attract more visitors and contributors.

We wouldn't be asking for your help if we didn't need it. Please consider making a donation to BCP, no matter how large or small.

Thank You.

Chris Harris, Contributor and Co-creator

Chris Thomas, Contributor and Co-creatorFile:Donate2.png