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  • ...with purple skin, and white players brown). The key Rookie Cards in this set are Danny Ainge, Tim Raines, and Jeff Reardon. While many of the pictures were taken at the two Chicago area stadiums, some were shot (especially tho
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  • ...og. Sales were probably disappointing for it wouldn't be until 1982 before factory sets were issued again. 1974 marks the first time Topps priced their cards Each team's manager and his coaches again have a combined card with small pictures of each coach below the larger photo of the team's manager.
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  • ==Base Set== ...which pictures Corbin wearing a gray Diamondbacks jersey, is only found in factory sets.
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  • ...ed in wax, cello, and rack packs. It was also issued as a complete factory set in the J.C. Penney catalog. The design is a mix of action shots and portrai ...o throw a pitch. And of course, the card's sequence number in the collated set appears in the uppermost left corner.
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  • ...parallels. Following the "Insert-Mania" trend of the time, this year’s set featured 9 different insert offerings in addition to two parallels, which w There are no notable Rookie Cards in the set.
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  • 2015 Topps Series One is a 700-card set released in two series of 350 cards. Series One came out February 4th, whi ==Base Set==
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  • ...Topps flagship base set was 700 cards and for the third straight year, the set will have a borderless design. Series One was released January 30th, while ==Base Set==
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  • ==Base Set== ...ered as #365 and #564. Corrected versions will be included in time for the factory sets.
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