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<b>May 5, 2021</b>
<b>May 5, 2021</b>
* [[2021 Topps Tier One]]
* [[2021 Topps Tier One]]
<b>May 26, 2021</b>
* [[2021 Topps Pro Debut]]
<b>June 9, 2021</b>
<b>June 9, 2021</b>

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Set of the Month

2005 Timeless Treasures is a 100-card set released by Donruss-Playoff exclusively to Hobby outlets in April, 2005. Each four-card tin box will contain two base cards serial-numbered to 799 copies, one insert, and one autograph/game-used card serial-numbered to 100 copies or fewer.

Previous Sets of the Month

1987 K-Mart - 2000 Ultimate Victory - 2009 Ultimate Collection - 2004 Topps Traded & Rookies - 2005 SP Authentic - 1993 Donruss - 1997 Collector's Choice Teams - 1989 Donruss All-Stars - 1986 Fleer League Leaders - 2016 Topps New Era - 2002 Studio - 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X

Just Released

2020 Topps Chrome Black is a 100-card set released November 25th. Despite the name, Chrome Black features an original design and is not a parallel brand.

Each four-card box will yield two base cards, one Refractor parallel serial-numbered to 199 copies or fewer, and one autograph.

We estimate that 45,400 boxes were produced and that each base card is limited, but not serial-numbered, to 230 copies.

2020 Topps Update is a 300-card set released November 6th. Because of the abbreviated season, and the cancellation of the 2020 All-Star Game, this year's Update set has undergone a few changes.

In the base set, the rosters of that year's All-Star Game -- which has been a staple of the Update base set since it went to this format in the mid-2000s -- have been replaced with All-Star Game highlights and previous Home Run Derby winners. And due to the lack of rookie cards (as the MLBPA is holding back those players who made their Major League debut in 2020, for the 2021 sets), an Active Leaders subset was added to pad-out the checklist. Also, a number of players who did not actually play in 2020 (mostly those players who chose to opt-out of the 2020 season for COVID-19 reasons) were included.

On the insert side, a 30-card Prospects set includes some of the first cards of non-MLB players in a Topps-branded product since the establishment of the current MLB "rookie card" guidelines in 2006 -- although it should be noted that many of the players did, in fact, make their Major League debut in 2020, but are having their rookie cards held back by the MLBPA for 2021.

2020 Topps Dynasty was released November 4th. As usual, each box will contain an encased autographed patch card serial-numbered to ten or fewer.

2020 National Treasures was released by Panini November 4th. As usual, every card is autographed and/or a memorabilia card serial-numbered to 99 copies or fewer.

2020 Panini Contenders is a 162-card set released October 30th. The brand has been reconfigured away from a "draft pick" product to include active Major League players, in addition to rookies, prospects, and draft picks. For the first time, Contenders will also be released to retail outlets.

The product does NOT have any active Major League players and as such, is not licensed by the MLB Players Association (even though Panini does have an MLBPA license).

Each pack contains three Purple parallels and an autograph.

2020 Topps Gold Label is a 300-card set released October 14th. As with the Gold Label sets of the late-90s, the set features 100 different players on three different "Class" cards: 1, 2, and 3. Unfortunately, the holo-foil plastic cardstock the brand was known for in the 90s was not used -- regular paper stock was used instead.

Each box will yield one Framed Autograph.

2020 Triple Threads is a 100-card set released October 7th -- two weeks earlier than the previous year. Each seven-card Hobby pack will contain three base cards, two parallels, one triple Relic card serial-numbered to 36 copies or fewer, and an autograph or autographed relic serial-numbered to 99 copies or fewer.

2020 Topps Heritage Minor League is a 225-card set released October 7th. Topps went ahead with this release, despite the fact that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Minor League Baseball season was cancelled. Each 18-pack Hobby box will yield one relic and one autograph.

2020 Panini Chronicles is a 45-card set released September 25th. As with previous iterations of this product, Chronicles features an original base set along with inserts based off other Panini brands. Each six-pack Hobby box will contain three autographs and a game-used memorabilia card.

2020 Bowman Chrome was released September 18th with a 100-card base set supplemented by a 100-card Prospects set. Each 12-pack Hobby box will yield a pair of autographs.

For the fourth consecutive year, HTA Choice boxes are available which contain three autographs and nothing else.

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter is a 350-card set, released the week of September 16th -- two months later than its usual mid-Summer release. As usual, each 24-pack Hobby box will include three of the following: Autographs, Relics, Rip Cards, or A&G Originals.

2020 Stadium Club is a 300-card set released September 2nd. Due to COVID-19, Stadium Club was delayed from its traditional late-June release. Each 16-pack Hobby box will yield a pair of autographs.

2020 Bowman Transcendent was released August 26th. Only 100 sets were produced.

Each factory set contains the following:

One, 50-Card base set 30 Transcendent Autographs One, one-of-one, Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. Through the Years Autograph One, one-of-one, Yordan Alvarez Through the Years Autograph One, one-of-one, 1955 Bowman SuperFractor Autograph One, one-of-one, 1955 Bowman Oversized Cut Signature One PSA-graded Bowman Buyback A VIP Experience Invitation At present time, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the date and location of the VIP Experience has yet to be announced.

This is the second of four Transcendent products Topps is scheduled to release in 2020 and the first Bowman Transcendent set.

2020 Topps Five Star was released August 26th. All cards are autographed, and each box will contain two.

2020 Panini Immaculate was released August 21st. All cards in the product are either autographs or game-used cards. Each six-card box is expected to yield four autographs and two game-used cards.

2020 Topps Archives was released the week of August 19th. The base set is 324 cards featuring designs from the 1955, 1974, and 2002 Topps sets.

2020 Bowman Sterling is a 50-card set supplemented by a 50-card "Prospects" set, released August 12th. As with previous Bowman Sterling sets, each pack will contain an autograph.

2020 Topps Chrome was released August 7th. Each Hobby box will yield two autographs, eight inserts and 12 Refractors while each Jumbo box will have five autos and eight Refractors.

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