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2018 Topps Transcendent

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2018 Topps Transcendent was released December 14th. Only 83 sets were produced.

Each factory set, which is packaged in a wooden case contains the following:

  • One 50-Card base set -- serial-numbered to 83 sets.
  • One 65-Card Origins Sketch Reproductions Set -- also serial-numbered to 83 sets.
  • One, one-of-one Origins Sketch Card or a one-of-one Hall of Fame Icons Sketch card.
  • 50 Autographs –- all serial-numbered to 25 copies or fewer.
  • One, one-of-one Mike Trout Through the Years Autograph.
  • One, one-of-one 1983 Auto Patch or one-of-one Cut Signature Relic Book Cards.
  • One, one-of-one 1952 Autographed Superfractors
  • One, one-of-one Oversized Cut Signature
  • One invitation to a VIP meet-and-greet with Mike Trout, February 22nd, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 50 83 one set per box
Origins Sketch Reproductions 65 83 one set per box
Origins Sketch Cards 65 one-of-one SK
Hall of Fame Icons Sketch Cards 18 one-of-one SK
Autographs 88 25 AU
Autographs Emerald 88 15 AU
Autographs Purple 88 10 AU
Autographs Red 88 one-of-one AU
Autographs Platinum 88 one-of-one AU
Mike Trout Through the Years Autograph 83 one-of-one one-per-box
1983 Auto Patch 66 one-of-one '83
1983 Cut Signature Relic Book 17 one-of-one '83
Autographed 1952 SuperFractor 83 one-of-one one-per-box
Oversize Cut Signature 83 one-of-one one-per-box

* SK: One Original Sketch Card or Hall of Fame Icons Sketch Card per box.
* AU: 50 Autographs per box.
*'83: One 1983 Auto Patch or one 1983 Cut Signature Relic Book per box.


Base Set

Each card is serial-numbered to 83 copies.

1 Sandy Koufax

2 Rhys Hoskins

3 Ryne Sandberg

4 Hideki Matsui

5 Gleyber Torres

6 Mariano Rivera

7 Mike Piazza

8 Jose Altuve

9 Frank Thomas

10 Shohei Ohtani

11 Johnny Bench

12 Francisco Lindor

13 George Brett

14 Roger Clemens

15 Tom Seaver

16 Aaron Judge

17 Lou Gehrig

18 Ty Cobb

19 Chipper Jones

20 Kris Bryant

21 Pedro Martinez

22 Greg Maddux

23 Clayton Kershaw

24 Randy Johnson

25 Derek Jeter

26 Bo Jackson

27 Rafael Devers

28 David Ortiz

29 Tommy Lasorda

30 Bryce Harper

31 Jimmie Foxx

32 Gary Sanchez

33 Alex Rodriguez

34 Ted Williams

35 Manny Machado

36 Rickey Henderson

37 Honus Wagner

38 Mark McGwire

39 Jackie Robinson

40 Ichiro

41 Roberto Clemente

42 Mike Trout

43 Reggie Jackson

44 Cal Ripken, Jr.

45 Albert Pujols

46 Don Mattingly

47 Anthony Rizzo

48 Nolan Ryan

49 Ronald Acuña, Jr.

50 Hank Aaron


Origins Sketch Reproductions

Each Origins Sketch Reproduction is serial-numbered to 83 copies. In addition, randomly selected boxes will contain one of the actual sketches used to create this set.

OS-AAJ Aaron Judge

OS-AB Andrew Benintendi

OS-AD Andre Dawson

OS-AJ Aaron Judge

OS-AJU Aaron Judge

OS-AP Albert Pujols

OS-AR Alex Rodriguez

OS-ARI Anthony Rizzo

OS-BF Bob Feller

OS-BH Bryce Harper

OS-BHA Bryce Harper

OS-BJ Bo Jackson

OS-BP Buster Posey

OS-BW Billy Williams

OS-CAR Cal Ripken, Jr.

OS-CB Cody Bellinger

OS-CC Carlos Correa

OS-CF Carlton Fisk

OS-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr.

OS-CS Corey Seager

OS-DEJ Derek Jeter

OS-DJ Derek Jeter

OS-DJE Derek Jeter

OS-DP Dustin Pedroia

OS-EM Eddie Murray

OS-FL Francisco Lindor

OS-FR Frank Robinson

OS-GM Greg Maddux

OS-GS Gary Sanchez

OS-HA Hank Aaron

OS-HM Hideki Matsui

OS-HMI Hideki Matsui

OS-I Ichiro

OS-ICS Ichiro

OS-IS Ichiro

OS-JB Jeff Bagwell

OS-JBE Johnny Bench

OS-JR Jackie Robinson

OS-JRO Jackie Robinson

OS-KB Kris Bryant

OS-KBR Kris Bryant

OS-LA Luis Aparicio

OS-LG Lou Gehrig

OS-MC Miguel Cabrera

OS-MIT Mike Trout

OS-MM Manny Machado

OS-MMC Mark McGwire

OS-MP Mike Piazza

OS-MR Mariano Rivera

OS-MT Mike Trout

OS-MTR Mike Trout

OS-NR Nolan Ryan

OS-OC Orlando Cepeda

OS-RC Roberto Clemente

OS-RCA Rod Carew

OS-RCL Roger Clemens

OS-RH Rhys Hoskins

OS-RHE Rickey Henderson

OS-RJ Randy Johnson

OS-SK Sandy Koufax

OS-SO Shohei Ohtani

OS-SOH Shohei Ohtani

OS-TS Tom Seaver

OS-TW Ted Williams

OS-WM Willie McCovey

Hall of Fame Icons Sketches

Boxes not containing an Origins Sketch Card will contain a Hall of Fame Icons Sketch. Each is a one-of-one. In addition, each set contained a redemption card good for a Hall of Fame Icons Reproductions set similar to the Origins Reproductions.

HOF-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr.

HOF-FT Frank Thomas

HOF-GB George Brett

HOF-GM Greg Maddux

HOF-HA Hank Aaron

HOF-HW Honus Wagner

HOF-JF Jimmie Foxx

HOF-JR Jackie Robinson

HOF-LG Lou Gehrig

HOF-MP Mike Piazza

HOF-NR Nolan Ryan

HOF-PM Pedro Martinez

HOF-RC Roberto Clemente

HOF-RJ Reggie Jackson

HOF-SK Sandy Koufax

HOF-TC Ty Cobb

HOF-TL Tommy Lasorda

HOF-TW Ted Williams



Each Autograph is serial-numbered to 25 copies and is also available in the following parallels.

  • Emerald (serial-numbered to fifteen)
  • Purple (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Platinum (one-of-one)

NOTE: Most players have two distinct cards in this set: one vertical the other horizontal. The only exceptions are Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter. Not all sets have a Jeter or Pettitte.

TCA-AJ1 Aaron Judge

TCA-AJ2 Aaron Judge

TCA-AM1 Andrew McCutchen

TCA-AM2 Andrew McCutchen

TCA-ANP Andy Pettitte

TCA-AP1 Albert Pujols LAA

TCA-AP2 Albert Pujols STL

TCA-AR1 Alex Rodriguez NYY

TCA-AR2 Alex Rodriguez SEA

TCA-ARI1 Anthony Rizzo

TCA-ARI2 Anthony Rizzo

TCA-BH1 Bryce Harper

TCA-BH2 Bryce Harper

TCA-BJ1 Bo Jackson

TCA-BJ2 Bo Jackson

TCA-CJ1 Chipper Jones

TCA-CJ2 Chipper Jones

TCA-CK1 Clayton Kershaw

TCA-CK2 Clayton Kershaw

TCA-CR1 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TCA-CR2 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TCA-DJ Derek Jeter

TCA-DM1 Don Mattingly

TCA-DM2 Don Mattingly

TCA-DO1 David Ortiz BOS

TCA-DO2 David Ortiz MIN

TCA-FL1 Francisco Lindor

TCA-FL2 Francisco Lindor

TCA-FT1 Frank Thomas

TCA-FT2 Frank Thomas

TCA-GM1 Greg Maddux ATL

TCA-GM2 Greg Maddux CHC

TCA-GS1 Gary Sanchez

TCA-GS2 Gary Sanchez

TCA-GT1 Gleyber Torres

TCA-GT2 Gleyber Torres

TCA-HA1 Hank Aaron

TCA-HA2 Hank Aaron

TCA-HM1 Hideki Matsui

TCA-HM2 Hideki Matsui

TCA-I1 Ichiro SEA

TCA-I2 Ichiro MIA

TCA-JA1 Jose Altuve

TCA-JA2 Jose Altuve

TCA-JB1 Johnny Bench

TCA-JB2 Johnny Bench

TCA-JS1 Juan Soto

TCA-JS2 Juan Soto

TCA-JT1 Jim Thome CLE

TCA-JT2 Jim Thome PHL

TCA-KB1 Kris Bryant

TCA-KB2 Kris Bryant

TCA-MM1 Mark McGwire STL

TCA-MM2 Mark McGwire OAK

TCA-MMA1 Manny Machado

TCA-MMA2 Manny Machado

TCA-MP1 Mike Piazza NYM

TCA-MP2 Mike Piazza LAD

TCA-MR1 Mariano Rivera

TCA-MR2 Mariano Rivera

TCA-MT1 Mike Trout

TCA-MT2 Mike Trout

TCA-NR1 Nolan Ryan HOU

TCA-NR2 Nolan Ryan TEX

TCA-PM1 Pedro Martinez BOS

TCA-PM2 Pedro Martinez MTL

TCA-RAC1 Ronald Acuña, Jr.

TCA-RAC2 Ronald Acuña, Jr.

TCA-RC1 Roger Clemens NYY

TCA-RC2 Roger Clemens BOS

TCA-RD1 Rafael Devers

TCA-RD2 Rafael Devers

TCA-RH1 Rickey Henderson

TCA-RH2 Rickey Henderson

TCA-RHO1 Rhys Hoskins

TCA-RHO2 Rhys Hoskins

TCA-RJ1 Randy Johnson MTL

TCA-RJ2 Randy Johnson ARZ

TCA-RJA1 Reggie Jackson NYY

TCA-RJA2 Reggie Jackson OAK

TCA-RS1 Ryne Sandberg

TCA-RS2 Ryne Sandberg

TCA-SK1 Sandy Koufax

TCA-SK2 Sandy Koufax

TCA-SO1 Shohei Ohtani

TCA-SO2 Shohei Ohtani

TCA-YM1 Yadier Molina

TCA-YM2 Yadier Molina

Mike Trout Through the Years Autograph

Each Mike Trout Through the Years Autograph is a one-of-one and is done in the style of a previously released Topps Baseball design.

MT-1952 Mike Trout

MT-1953 Mike Trout

MT-1954 Mike Trout

MT-1955 Mike Trout

MT-1956 Mike Trout

MT-1957 Mike Trout

MT-1958 Mike Trout

MT-1959 Mike Trout

MT-1960 Mike Trout

MT-1961 Mike Trout

MT-1962 Mike Trout

MT-1963 Mike Trout

MT-1964 Mike Trout

MT-1965 Mike Trout

MT-1966 Mike Trout

MT-1967 Mike Trout

MT-1968 Mike Trout

MT-1969 Mike Trout

MT-1970 Mike Trout

MT-1971 Mike Trout

MT-1972 Mike Trout

MT-1973 Mike Trout

MT-1974 Mike Trout

MT-1975 Mike Trout

MT-1976 Mike Trout

MT-1977 Mike Trout

MT-1978 Mike Trout

MT-1979 Mike Trout

MT-1980 Mike Trout

MT-1981 Mike Trout

MT-1982 Mike Trout

MT-1983 Mike Trout

MT-1984 Mike Trout

MT-1985 Mike Trout

MT-1986 Mike Trout

MT-1987 Mike Trout

MT-1988 Mike Trout

MT-1989 Mike Trout

MT-1990 Mike Trout

MT-1991 Mike Trout

MT-1992 Mike Trout

MT-1993 Mike Trout

MT-1994 Mike Trout

MT-1995 Mike Trout

MT-1996 Mike Trout

MT-1997 Mike Trout

MT-1998 Mike Trout

MT-1999 Mike Trout

MT-2000 Mike Trout

MT-2001 Mike Trout

MT-2002 Mike Trout

MT-2003 Mike Trout

MT-2004 Mike Trout

MT-2005 Mike Trout

MT-2006 Mike Trout

MT-2007 Mike Trout

MT-2008 Mike Trout

MT-2009 Mike Trout

MT-2010 Mike Trout

MT-2011 Mike Trout

MT-2012 Mike Trout

MT-2013 Mike Trout

MT-2014 Mike Trout

MT-2015 Mike Trout

MT-2016 Mike Trout

MT-2017 Mike Trout

MT-2018 Mike Trout

MT-51PB Mike Trout

MT-55BB Mike Trout

MT-58AS Mike Trout

MT-68TG Mike Trout

MT-69TS Mike Trout

MT-72IA Mike Trout

MT-75TH Mike Trout

MT-77TB Mike Trout

MT-78RB Mike Trout

MT-82IA Mike Trout

MT-82TH Mike Trout

MT-88AS Mike Trout

MT-88RB Mike Trout

MT-89RB Mike Trout

MT-90RB Mike Trout

MT-91AS Mike Trout

1983 Auto Patch

Each 1983 Auto Patch is a one-of-one.

1983 Cut Signature Relic Book

Each 1983 Cut Signature Relic Book is a one-of-one.

Autographed 1952 SuperFractor

Each Autographed 1952 SuperFractor is done in the style of the 1952 Topps Baseball set and is a one-of-one.

Oversize Cut Signature

Each Oversize Cut Signature is a one-of-one.