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SELECT num,player,info,serial FROM cards WHERE (year = 2014) AND (setname = 'Topps Tier One Relics');
SELECT num,player,info,serial FROM cards WHERE (year = 2014) AND (setname = 'Topps Tier One Relics');
====Masahiro Tanaka Dual Relic Redemption====
A redemption card for a Dual Relic of Masahiro Tanaka was randomly seeded into Tier One boxes.  It is serial-numbered to 50 copies and expired May 31st, 2017. A single Relic and Triple Relic card was not produced.
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SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2014) AND (setname = 'Topps Tier One Relics Legends');
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2014) AND (setname = 'Topps Tier One Relics Legends');
===Prodigious Patches===
===Prodigious Patches===

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2014 Topps Tier One was released May 21st. As usual, there is no "base set" to collect -- all cards are autographed or game-used Relics. Each three-card box will contain two autographs and a Relic and every fourth box will yield a second Relic.


Three cards per box (MSRP: $100). Twelve boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Relics 75 varies one-per-box
Relics Dual 75 50 1:7
Relics Triple 75 25 1:13
Relics Legends 20 99 1:13
Relics Legends Dual 20 25 1:49
Relics Legends Triple 20 5 1:242
Prodigious Patches 25 10 1:97
All-Star Relics 50 one-of-one 1:485
Bat Knobs 150 one-of-one 1:161
Acclaimed Autographs 82 varies one-per-box
Acclaimed Autographs Bronze Ink 82 25 1:11
Acclaimed Autographs Silver Ink 82 10 1:28
Acclaimed Autographs Red Ink 82 5 ?
Acclaimed Autographs Gold Ink 82 one-of-one 1:272
New Guard Autographs 84 varies one-per-box
New Guard Autographs Bronze Ink 84 25 1:11
New Guard Autographs Silver Ink 84 10 1:28
New Guard Autographs Red Ink 84 5 ?
New Guard Autographs Gold Ink 84 one-of-one 1:272
Acetate Autographs 20 varies 1:19
Acetate Autographs Bronze Ink 20 25 1:49
Acetate Autographs Silver Ink 20 10 1:121
Acetate Autographs Gold Ink 20 one-of-one 1:1210
Oversized Clear Reprint Autographs 5 10 1:485
Dual Autographs 15 25 1:65
Triple Autographs 10 10 1:485
Autographed Relics 25 99 1:10
Autographed Dual Relics 25 25 1:39
Autographed Triple Relics 25 one-of-one 1:970
Autographed Prodigious Patches 25 10 1:97
Autographed Prodigious Patches Platinum 25 5 1:171
Autographed Bat Knobs 44 one-of-one 1:485
Dual Autographed Relics 25 10 1:97
Cut Signatures 25 one-of-one 1:970




Chris-Archer.jpg?id=0f2898cc-b90c-4939-ab80-58cfd8cfe3cc&size=original&side=front&.jpg Chris-Archer.jpg?id=0f2898cc-b90c-4939-ab80-58cfd8cfe3cc&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Relic is also available in the following parallels.

  • Dual (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Triple (serial-numbered to 25 copies)

TOR-ABE Adrian Beltre 299

TOR-ABL Albert Belle 299

TOR-AC Aroldis Chapman 299

TOR-AD Andre Dawson 399

TOR-AG Adrian Gonzalez 254

TOR-AJ Adam Jones 299

TOR-AK Al Kaline 254

TOR-BBU Billy Butler 299

TOR-BP Buster Posey 254

TOR-BW Billy Williams 299

TOR-BZ Ben Zobrist 399

TOR-CA Chris Archer 299

TOR-CDA Chris Davis 249

TOR-CH Cole Hamels 299

TOR-CKE Clayton Kershaw 254

TOR-CKI Craig Kimbrel 254

TOR-CR Colby Rasmus 254

TOR-CW C.J. Wilson 399

TOR-DJ Derek Jeter 254

TOR-DM Dale Murphy 254

TOR-DOR David Ortiz 199

TOR-DPD Dustin Pedroia 254

TOR-DPE Dustin Pedroia 254

TOR-DSA Deion Sanders 254

TOR-DWR David Wright 254

TOR-EEC Edwin Encarnacion 399

TOR-EEN Edwin Encarnacion 399

TOR-ELN Evan Longoria 399

TOR-ELO Evan Longoria 299

TOR-FF Freddie Freeman 254

TOR-FH Felix Hernandez 254

TOR-FJ Fergie Jenkins 254

TOR-FM Fred McGriff 254

TOR-HP Hunter Pence 254

TOR-HRA Hanley Ramirez 254

TOR-HRY Hyun-Jin Ryu 254

TOR-JBA Jose Bautista 299

TOR-JBR Jackie Bradley Jr. 299

TOR-JBU Jay Bruce 299

TOR-JCA Jose Canseco 299

TOR-JCE Johnny Cueto 299

TOR-JCH Jhoulys Chacin 299

TOR-JCU Johnny Cueto 299

TOR-JEV Joey Votto 254

TOR-JHA Josh Hamilton 254

TOR-JHE Jason Heyward 254

TOR-JOV Joey Votto 254

TOR-JPA Jarrod Parker 254

TOR-JPO Jorge Posada 399

TOR-JSH James Shields 399

TOR-JSM John Smoltz 254

TOR-JVO Joey Votto 254

TOR-JVT Joey Votto 254

TOR-JW Jayson Werth 254

TOR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann 254

TOR-KU Koji Uehara 254

TOR-MB Michael Bourn 299

TOR-MCA Miguel Cabrera 299

TOR-MCB Miguel Cabrera 254

TOR-MMA Manny Machado 254

TOR-MT Mark Trumbo 399

TOR-PF Prince Fielder 254

TOR-PG Paul Goldschmidt 254

TOR-RBR Ryan Braun 299

TOR-RD R.A. Dickey 399

TOR-SC Shin-Soo Choo 299

TOR-TC Tony Cingrani 299

TOR-TG Tom Glavine 254

TOR-TL Tim Lincecum 299

TOR-TTL Troy Tulowitzki 254

TOR-TTU Troy Tulowitzki 254

TOR-YC Yoenis Cespedes 399

TOR-YD Yu Darvish 199

TOR-YM Yadier Molina 399

TOR-ZW Zack Wheeler 254

Masahiro Tanaka Dual Relic Redemption

A redemption card for a Dual Relic of Masahiro Tanaka was randomly seeded into Tier One boxes. It is serial-numbered to 50 copies and expired May 31st, 2017. A single Relic and Triple Relic card was not produced.


Randy-Johnson.jpg?id=b10d94c5-4fd1-4ce4-a006-06c2b5023df7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Randy-Johnson.jpg?id=b10d94c5-4fd1-4ce4-a006-06c2b5023df7&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Relics Legends is serial-numbered to 99 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Dual (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Triple (serial-numbered to five)

TORL-AB Albert Belle

TORL-BJ Bo Jackson

TORL-BR Babe Ruth

TORL-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

TORL-DS Deion Sanders

TORL-GM Greg Maddux

TORL-GS Gary Sheffield

TORL-JG Juan Gonzalez

TORL-JM Joe Morgan

TORL-JP Jorge Posada

TORL-MM Mark McGwire

TORL-MR Manny Ramirez

TORL-NG Nomar Garciaparra

TORL-OC Orlando Cepeda

TORL-RJA Reggie Jackson

TORL-RJO Randy Johnson

TORL-SCA Steve Carlton

TORL-SCR Steve Carlton

TORL-TGL Tom Glavine

TORL-TGY Tony Gwynn

Prodigious Patches

Paul-Goldschmidt.jpg?id=fe4c0b80-f31e-4f6b-a03f-19c34d0f6f73&size=original&side=front&.jpg Paul-Goldschmidt.jpg?id=fe4c0b80-f31e-4f6b-a03f-19c34d0f6f73&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Prodigious Patch is serial-numbered to ten.

PP-AD Andre Dawson

PP-AJ Adam Jones

PP-AM Andrew McCutchen

PP-AP Albert Pujols

PP-BH Bryce Harper

PP-BJ Bo Jackson

PP-BP Buster Posey

PP-DP Dustin Pedroia

PP-GM Greg Maddux

PP-IR Ivan Rodriguez

PP-JB Jose Bautista

PP-JG Juan Gonzalez

PP-JH Jason Heyward

PP-JP Jorge Posada

PP-JVE Justin Verlander

PP-JVO Joey Votto

PP-MC Miguel Cabrera

PP-MR Mariano Rivera

PP-MS Max Scherzer

PP-MT Mike Trout

PP-PG Paul Goldschmidt

PP-SC Steve Carlton

PP-TG Tom Glavine

PP-TH Torii Hunter

PP-YD Yu Darvish

All-Star Relics

Each All-Star Relic is a one-of-one.

ASR-ACH Aroldis Chapman

ASR-ACR Allen Craig

ASR-AG Alex Gordon

ASR-AJ Adam Jones

ASR-AM Andrew McCutchen

ASR-AW Adam Wainwright

ASR-BC Bartolo Colon

ASR-BH Bryce Harper

ASR-BPH Brandon Phillips

ASR-BPO Buster Posey

ASR-CBU Clay Buchholz

ASR-CD Chris Davis

ASR-CG Carlos Gonzalez

ASR-CKE Clayton Kershaw

ASR-CKR Craig Kimbrel

ASR-CL Cliff Lee

ASR-CS Chris Sale

ASR-DB Domonic Brown

ASR-DO David Ortiz

ASR-DP Dustin Pedroia

ASR-DW David Wright

ASR-EE Edwin Encarnacion

ASR-FF Freddie Freeman

ASR-FH Felix Hernandez

ASR-HI Hisashi Iwakuma

ASR-JB Jose Bautista

ASR-JG Jason Grilli

ASR-JK Jason Kipnis

ASR-JM Joe Mauer

ASR-JVE Justin Verlander

ASR-JVO Joey Votto

ASR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann

ASR-MB Madison Bumgarner

ASR-MCA Miguel Cabrera

ASR-MCR Matt Carpenter

ASR-MCU Michael Cuddyer

ASR-MH Matt Harvey

ASR-MMA Manny Machado

ASR-MMO Matt Moore

ASR-MR Mariano Rivera

ASR-MSC Max Scherzer

ASR-MT Mike Trout

ASR-NC Nelson Cruz

ASR-PC Patrick Corbin

ASR-PF Prince Fielder

ASR-PG Paul Goldschmidt

ASR-RC Robinson Cano

ASR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

ASR-YD Yu Darvish

ASR-YM Yadier Molina

Bat Knobs

Each Bat Knob is a one-of-one.

BK-ADA Andre Dawson

BK-ADU Adam Dunn

BK-AE Andre Ethier

BK-AGL Adrian Gonzalez

BK-AGN Adrian Gonzalez

BK-AGO Adrian Gonzalez

BK-AGZ Adrian Gonzalez

BK-AJ Adam Jones

BK-AKA Al Kaline

BK-AKL Al Kaline

BK-AP Albert Pujols

BK-ARA Alexei Ramirez

BK-ARD Alex Rodriguez

BK-ARE Alexei Ramirez

BK-ARI Alexei Ramirez

BK-ARM Aramis Ramirez

BK-ARO Alex Rodriguez

BK-ARZ Alexei Ramirez

BK-BB Billy Butler

BK-BG Brett Gardner

BK-BH Bryce Harper

BK-BR Babe Ruth

BK-BUN B.J. Upton

BK-BUO B.J. Upton

BK-BUP B.J. Upton

BK-CB Carlos Beltran

BK-CD Chris Davis

BK-CGN Carlos Gonzalez

BK-CGO Carlos Gonzalez

BK-CK Clayton Kershaw

BK-CR Cody Ross

BK-CY Christian Yelich

BK-DJE Derek Jeter

BK-DJT Derek Jeter

BK-DMA Don Mattingly

BK-DMT Dale Murphy

BK-DPA Dave Parker

BK-DPE Dustin Pedroia

BK-DPR Dave Parker

BK-DSI Duke Snider

BK-DSN Duke Snider

BK-DST Drew Stubbs

BK-DWI David Wright

BK-DWR David Wright

BK-EAD Elvis Andrus

BK-EAN Elvis Andrus

BK-EB Ernie Banks

BK-EE Edwin Encarnacion

BK-ELN Evan Longoria

BK-ELO Evan Longoria

BK-FM Fred McGriff

BK-FR Frank Robinson

BK-GM Greg Maddux

BK-GS Giancarlo Stanton

BK-GSE Gary Sheffield

BK-GSH Gary Sheffield

BK-HRA Hanley Ramirez

BK-HRI Hanley Ramirez

BK-HRM Hanley Ramirez

BK-IDA Ike Davis

BK-IDE Ian Desmond

BK-IDS Ian Desmond

BK-IDV Ike Davis

BK-IKI Ian Kinsler

BK-IKN Ian Kinsler

BK-IKS Ian Kinsler

BK-IR Ivan Rodriguez

BK-JBE Johnny Bench

BK-JBR Jay Bruce

BK-JBU Jay Bruce

BK-JC Johnny Cueto

BK-JE Jacoby Ellsbury

BK-JF Jimmie Foxx

BK-JL Junior Lake

BK-JMO Justin Morneau

BK-JMR Justin Morneau

BK-JP Jhonny Peralta

BK-JRC Jim Rice

BK-JRE Jose Reyes

BK-JRI Jim Rice

BK-JRS Jose Reyes

BK-JRY Jose Reyes

BK-JT Jose Tabata

BK-JUP Justin Upton

BK-JUT Justin Upton

BK-JVO Joey Votto

BK-JVT Joey Votto

BK-JW Jayson Werth

BK-KY Kevin Youkilis

BK-LA Luis Aparicio

BK-LG Luis Gonzalez

BK-MHL Matt Harvey

BK-MHO Matt Holliday

BK-MKE Matt Kemp

BK-MKM Matt Kemp

BK-MKP Matt Kemp

BK-MKT Matt Kemp

BK-MN Mike Napoli

BK-MP Martin Prado

BK-MR Manny Ramirez

BK-MS Mike Schmidt

BK-MTA Mark Teixeira

BK-MTE Mark Teixeira

BK-MTI Mark Teixeira

BK-MTR Mike Trout

BK-MTX Mark Teixeira

BK-NAE Nolan Arenado

BK-NAR Nolan Arenado

BK-NC Nelson Cruz

BK-NF Nick Franklin

BK-NGA Nomar Garciaparra

BK-NGC Nomar Garciaparra

BK-NGR Nomar Garciaparra

BK-NR Nolan Ryan

BK-OS Ozzie Smith

BK-PF Prince Fielder

BK-PML Paul Molitor

BK-PMO Paul Molitor

BK-PRE Pee Wee Reese

BK-PRS Pee Wee Reese

BK-RCA Robinson Cano

BK-RCL Roberto Clemente

BK-RCR Rod Carew

BK-RHE Rickey Henderson

BK-RHN Rickey Henderson

BK-RHO Ryan Howard

BK-RJA Reggie Jackson

BK-RJC Reggie Jackson

BK-RY Robin Yount

BK-SCA Starlin Castro

BK-SCH Shin-Soo Choo

BK-SVI Shane Victorino

BK-SVT Shane Victorino

BK-TC Ty Cobb

BK-TL Tim Lincecum

BK-TTL Troy Tulowitzki

BK-TTU Troy Tulowitzki

BK-TTW Troy Tulowitzki

BK-VGE Vladimir Guerrero

BK-VGU Vladimir Guerrero

BK-VM Victor Martinez

BK-WCA Will Clark

BK-WCL Will Clark

BK-WMA Willie Mays

BK-WME Wil Myers

BK-WMY Wil Myers

BK-YAL Yonder Alonso

BK-YAO Yonder Alonso

BK-YP Yasiel Puig

BK-ZW Zack Wheeler


Acclaimed Autographs

Adrian-Gonzalez.jpg?id=c80b8d7c-8332-4caa-a315-06f600b69a1d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Adrian-Gonzalez.jpg?id=c80b8d7c-8332-4caa-a315-06f600b69a1d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Acclaimed Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Bronze Ink (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Silver Ink (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red Ink (serial-numbered to five)
  • Gold Ink (one-of-one)

AA-ABL Albert Belle 299

AA-AD Andre Dawson 50

AA-AG Adrian Gonzalez 50

AA-AJN Adam Jones 100

AA-AJO Adam Jones 100

AA-AKA Al Kaline 299

AA-AKL Al Kaline 299

AA-BBU Billy Butler 299

AA-BZ Ben Zobrist 299

AA-CBA Carlos Baerga 299

AA-CKE Clayton Kershaw 50

AA-CRA Colby Rasmus 299

AA-CRS Colby Rasmus 299

AA-CWI C.J. Wilson 50

AA-CWL C.J. Wilson 50

AA-DBA Dusty Baker 299

AA-DBK Dusty Baker 299

AA-DFR David Freese 100

AA-DM Dale Murphy 100

AA-DO David Ortiz 50

AA-DP Dustin Pedroia 50

AA-DW David Wright 50

AA-EDA Eric Davis 299

AA-EDV Eric Davis 299

AA-EL Evan Longoria 50

AA-EM Edgar Martinez 299

AA-FL Fred Lynn 100

AA-FMC Fred McGriff 50

AA-FMG Fred McGriff 50

AA-GNE Graig Nettles 299

AA-GNT Graig Nettles 299

AA-IR Ivan Rodriguez 50

AA-JB Jeff Bagwell 50

AA-JCA Jose Canseco 299

AA-JCN Jose Canseco 299

AA-JCU Johnny Cueto 299

AA-JGO Juan Gonzalez 50

AA-JGZ Juan Gonzalez 50

AA-JHA Josh Hamilton 50

AA-JHE Jason Heyward 50

AA-JM Juan Marichal 50

AA-JPA Jim Palmer 100

AA-JPO Jorge Posada 50

AA-JR Jim Rice 299

AA-JSH James Shields 299

AA-JSI James Shields 299

AA-JSM John Smoltz 50

AA-JUI Juan Uribe 299

AA-JUR Juan Uribe 299

AA-JV Joey Votto 50

AA-KL Kenny Lofton 50

AA-LB Lou Brock 50

AA-LGN Luis Gonzalez 299

AA-LGO Luis Gonzalez 299

AA-LHE Livan Hernandez 299

AA-LSI Lee Smith 299

AA-MCA Miguel Cabrera 50

AA-MCU Michael Cuddyer 299

AA-MGE Mike Greenwell 299

AA-MGR Mike Greenwell 299

AA-MTR Mark Trumbo 299

AA-MTU Mark Trumbo 299

AA-MWI Matt Williams 299

AA-MWL Matt Williams 299

AA-NG Nomar Garciaparra 50

AA-OC Orlando Cepeda 50

AA-OHE Orlando Hernandez 299

AA-OHR Orlando Hernandez 299

AA-PGO Paul Goldschmidt 299

AA-POE Paul O'Neill 299

AA-PON Paul O'Neill 299

AA-RB Ryan Braun 50

AA-RD R.A. Dickey 50

AA-RNO Ricky Nolasco 299

AA-RPA Rafael Palmeiro 50

AA-RPL Rafael Palmeiro 50

AA-RZI Ryan Zimmerman 50

AA-TG Tom Glavine 50

AA-TRA Tim Raines 50

AA-TT Troy Tulowitzki EXCH

AA-YC Yoenis Cespedes 299

AA-YM Yadier Molina EXCH

New Guard Autographs

Enny-Romero.jpg?id=1f3bb057-27d5-4264-b6c5-aa722692f4ca&size=original&side=front&.jpg Enny-Romero.jpg?id=1f3bb057-27d5-4264-b6c5-aa722692f4ca&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each New Guard Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Bronze Ink (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Silver Ink (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red Ink (serial-numbered to five)
  • Gold Ink (one-of-one)

NGA-ACO Alex Cobb 399

NGA-ACR Allen Craig 50

NGA-AG Anthony Gose 399

NGA-ALM Andrew Lambo 399

NGA-AR Anthony Rizzo 50

NGA-ASI Andrelton Simmons 99

NGA-ASM Andrelton Simmons 99

NGA-AWE Allen Webster 399

NGA-BHA Billy Hamilton

NGA-BHR Bryce Harper 50

NGA-BMI Brad Miller 399

NGA-CAH Cody Asche 399

NGA-CAR Chris Archer 181

NGA-CSA Chris Sale 50

NGA-CSN Carlos Santana 50

NGA-CY Christian Yelich 181

NGA-DB Dylan Bundy 50

NGA-DG Didi Gregorius 399

NGA-DSA Danny Salazar 399

NGA-EGA Evan Gattis 182

NGA-EJ Erik Johnson 399

NGA-ER Enny Romero 399

NGA-FF Freddie Freeman 50

NGA-HAL Henderson Alvarez 399

NGA-JA Jose Abreu 399

NGA-JCO Jarred Cosart 399

NGA-JKE Joe Kelly 399

NGA-JLA Junior Lake 399

NGA-JLK Junior Lake 399

NGA-JN Jimmy Nelson 399

NGA-JOD Jake Odorizzi 399

NGA-JPR Jurickson Profar 50

NGA-JSC Jonathan Schoop 399

NGA-JSE Jean Segura 182

NGA-JTE Julio Teheran 182

NGA-KSE Kyle Seager 399

NGA-KW Kolten Wong 399

NGA-MAA Matt Adams 399

NGA-MAD Matt Adams 399

NGA-MB Madison Bumgarner 50

NGA-MCA Matt Carpenter 50

NGA-MCR Matt Carpenter 50

NGA-MD Matt Davidson 399

NGA-MMA Manny Machado 50

NGA-MMI Mike Minor 182

NGA-MMN Mike Minor 182

NGA-MOL Mike Olt 399

NGA-MT Mike Trout 50

NGA-MWC Michael Wacha 399

NGA-MWH Michael Wacha 399

NGA-MZN Mike Zunino 50

NGA-MZU Mike Zunino 50

NGA-PBO Peter Bourjos 399

NGA-PBU Peter Bourjos 399

NGA-PCO Patrick Corbin 50

NGA-PCR Patrick Corbin 50

NGA-SGA Sonny Gray 399

NGA-SGR Sonny Gray 399

NGA-SMA Starling Marte 399

NGA-SMI Shelby Miller 50

NGA-SML Shelby Miller 50

NGA-SPE Salvador Perez 399

NGA-TBA Trevor Bauer 50

NGA-TBU Trevor Bauer 50

NGA-TCI Tony Cingrani 399

NGA-TCN Tony Cingrani 399

NGA-TD Travis d'Arnaud 182

NGA-TFR Todd Frazier 99

NGA-TJO Taylor Jordan 399

NGA-TTH Tyler Thornburg 399

NGA-TTO Tyler Thornburg 399

NGA-TW Taijuan Walker 182

NGA-WFL Wilmer Flores 399

NGA-WFO Wilmer Flores 399

NGA-WME Wil Myers 50

NGA-WMI Wade Miley 399

NGA-WMY Wil Myers 50

NGA-WR Wilin Rosario 399

NGA-XB Xander Bogaerts 399

NGA-YD Yu Darvish EXCH

NGA-YV Yordano Ventura 399

NGA-ZWE Zack Wheeler 50

NGA-ZWH Zack Wheeler 50

NGA-JKI Jason Kipnis 50

Acetate Autographs

Each Acetate Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Bronze Ink (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Silver Ink (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Gold Ink (one-of-one)

TOA-BJ Bo Jackson 99

TOA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. 30

TOA-EBA Ernie Banks 99

TOA-GM Greg Maddux 30

TOA-HA Hank Aaron 30

TOA-JB Johnny Bench 99

TOA-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. 30

TOA-MM Mark McGwire 45

TOA-MR Mariano Rivera 69

TOA-MSH Mike Schmidt 99

TOA-NR Nolan Ryan 45

TOA-OSI Ozzie Smith 99

TOA-PM Pedro Martinez 99

TOA-RH Rickey Henderson 99

TOA-RJA Reggie Jackson 45

TOA-RJO Randy Johnson 30

TOA-SCR Steve Carlton 99

TOA-SK Sandy Koufax 99

TOA-TGW Tony Gwynn 99

TOA-WM Willie Mays 30

Oversized Clear Reprint Autographs

Each Oversized Clear Reprint Autograph is serial-numbered to ten.

CRO-BG Bob Gibson

CRO-JB Johnny Bench

CRO-TG Tony Gwynn

CRO-TS Tom Seaver

CRO-WM Willie Mays

Dual Autographs

Each Dual Autograph is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

DA-BB Craig Biggio / Jeff Bagwell

DA-CT Mike Trout / Miguel Cabrera

DA-GB Nomar Garciaparra / Wade Boggs

DA-HJ Reggie Jackson / Rickey Henderson

DA-JM Randy Johnson / Pedro Martinez

DA-MC Orlando Cepeda / Juan Marichal

DA-MJ Adam Jones / Manny Machado

DA-ML Wil Myers / Evan Longoria

DA-MP Yadier Molina / Buster Posey

DA-PV Brandon Phillips / Joey Votto

DA-RG Ivan Rodriguez / Juan Gonzalez

DA-RP Mariano Rivera / Jorge Posada

DA-SG John Smoltz / Tom Glavine

DA-SJ Bo Jackson / Deion Sanders

DA-SR Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver

Triple Autographs

Each Triple Autograph is serial-numbered to ten.

TA-1 Greg Maddux / John Smoltz / Tom Glavine

TA-2 Wade Boggs / Mike Schmidt / Robin Yount

TA-3 Koji Uehara / David Ortiz / Dustin Pedroia

TA-4 Rafael Palmeiro / Juan Gonzalez / Ivan Rodriguez

TA-5 Mike Trout / Bryce Harper / Miguel Cabrera

TA-6 Mariano Rivera / Paul O'Neill / Jorge Posada

TA-7 Dylan Bundy / Manny Machado / Adam Jones

TA-8 Frank Robinson / Ken Griffey, Jr. / Johnny Bench

TA-9 Yoenis Cespedes / Sonny Gray / Jarrod Parker

TA-10 Tom Seaver / Nolan Ryan / Steve Carlton

Autographed Game-Used

Autographed Relics

Jordan-Zimmerman.jpg?id=dbc57323-2bc1-4ea2-b02f-3ea05481d14c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jordan-Zimmerman.jpg?id=dbc57323-2bc1-4ea2-b02f-3ea05481d14c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Autographed Relic Patch is serial-numbered to 99 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Dual (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Triple (one-of-one)

TOAR-AC Alex Cobb

TOAR-AS Andrelton Simmons

TOAR-BH Billy Hamilton

TOAR-BJ Bo Jackson

TOAR-BP Buster Posey

TOAR-CA Chris Archer

TOAR-CS Chris Sale

TOAR-DO David Ortiz

TOAR-EG Evan Gattis

TOAR-FF Freddie Freeman

TOAR-GM Greg Maddux

TOAR-JBA Jose Bautista

TOAR-JG Juan Gonzalez

TOAR-JH Jason Heyward

TOAR-JP Jorge Posada

TOAR-JV Joey Votto

TOAR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann

TOAR-KU Koji Uehara

TOAR-MT Mike Trout

TOAR-RH Rickey Henderson

TOAR-RJA Reggie Jackson

TOAR-SC Steve Carlton

TOAR-TGL Tom Glavine

TOAR-WB Wade Boggs

TOAR-YD Yu Darvish

Autographed Prodigious Patches

Each Autographed Prodigious Patch is serial-numbered to ten and also available in a Platinum parallel, which is numbered to five.

PPAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

PPAR-AJ Adam Jones

PPAR-BH Billy Hamilton

PPAR-CH Cole Hamels

PPAR-CS Chris Sale

PPAR-DO David Ortiz

PPAR-DW David Wright

PPAR-EL Evan Longoria

PPAR-FF Freddie Freeman

PPAR-JH Josh Hamilton

PPAR-JSM John Smoltz

PPAR-JU Justin Upton

PPAR-MB Madison Bumgarner

PPAR-MC Miguel Cabrera

PPAR-MM Manny Machado

PPAR-MR Mariano Rivera

PPAR-MT Mike Trout

PPAR-MW Michael Wacha

PPAR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

PPAR-SC Steve Carlton

PPAR-TG Tony Gwynn

PPAR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

PPAR-TW Taijuan Walker

PPAR-WB Wade Boggs

PPAR-WM Wil Myers

Autographed Bat Knobs

Each Autographed Bat Knob is a one-of-one.

ABK-ABE Albert Belle

ABK-AG Adrian Gonzalez

ABK-AJ Adam Jones

ABK-AK Al Kaline

ABK-BG Brett Gardner

ABK-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

ABK-DO David Ortiz

ABK-DPD Dustin Pedroia

ABK-DPE Dustin Pedroia

ABK-DS Deion Sanders

ABK-DW David Wright

ABK-ELG Evan Longoria

ABK-ELN Evan Longoria

ABK-ELO Evan Longoria

ABK-FFE Freddie Freeman

ABK-FFR Freddie Freeman

ABK-HRA Hanley Ramirez

ABK-HRM Hanley Ramirez

ABK-IR Ivan Rodriguez

ABK-JBE Johnny Bench

ABK-JBR Jay Bruce

ABK-JH Josh Hamilton

ABK-JPO Jorge Posada

ABK-JPS Jorge Posada

ABK-JVO Joey Votto

ABK-JVY Joey Votto

ABK-MB Madison Bumgarner

ABK-MC Miguel Cabrera

ABK-MM Manny Machado

ABK-NGA Nomar Garciaparra

ABK-NGR Nomar Garciaparra

ABK-OCE Orlando Cepeda

ABK-OCP Orlando Cepeda

ABK-RBA Ryan Braun

ABK-RBR Ryan Braun

ABK-RC Rod Carew

ABK-RJA Reggie Jackson

ABK-RJC Reggie Jackson

ABK-SCA Steve Carlton

ABK-SCR Steve Carlton

ABK-TG Tony Gwynn

ABK-TTL Troy Tulowitzki

ABK-TTU Troy Tulowitzki

ABK-ZW Zack Wheeler

Dual Autographed Relics

Each Dual Autographed Relic is serial-numbered to ten.

TODAR-AB Billy Williams / Andre Dawson

TODAR-AF Andrelton Simmons / Freddie Freeman

TODAR-AM Adam Jones / Manny Machado

TODAR-CJ Craig Biggio / Jeff Bagwell

TODAR-CM Chris Archer / Matt Moore

TODAR-DB Deion Sanders / Bo Jackson

TODAR-DDO David Ortiz / Dustin Pedroia

TODAR-DDT Dennis Eckersley / Dave Stewart

TODAR-GJ Greg Maddux / John Smoltz

TODAR-JJ Jay Bruce / Joey Votto

TODAR-JO Orlando Cepeda / Juan Marichal

TODAR-JP Jorge Posada / Paul O'Neill

TODAR-JT Tom Glavine / John Smoltz

TODAR-JY Jarrod Parker / Yoenis Cespedes

TODAR-KJ Johnny Bench / Ken Griffey, Jr.

TODAR-MA Manny Machado / Adam Jones

TODAR-MB Bryce Harper / Miguel Cabrera

TODAR-MJ Jorge Posada / Mariano Rivera

TODAR-MM Mike Trout / Miguel Cabrera

TODAR-MR Mike Schmidt / Robin Yount

TODAR-NW Wade Boggs / Nomar Garciaparra

TODAR-ST Steve Carlton / Tom Seaver

TODAR-TN Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver

TODAR-WE Wil Myers / Evan Longoria

TODAR-YB Buster Posey / Yadier Molina

Cut Signatures

Each Cut Signature is a one-of-one.

CS-AL Al Lopez

CS-BF Bob Feller

CS-DD Don Drysdale

CS-ER Edd Roush

CS-ES Enos Slaughter

CS-EW Earl Weaver

CS-FF Ford Frick

CS-HG Hank Greenberg

CS-HH Harry Hooper

CS-JD Joe DiMaggio

CS-JF Jimmie Foxx

CS-JP Johnny Podres

CS-LD Leo Durocher

CS-MO Mel Ott

CS-PR Pee Wee Reese

CS-PRI Phil Rizzuto

CS-RK Ralph Kiner

CS-SC Sam Crawford

CS-SP Satchel Paige

CS-TL Ted Lyons

CS-TW Ted Williams

CS-WG Warren Giles

CS-WL Whitey Lockman

CS-WS Warren Spahn

CS-WST Willie Stargell