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(Retail-Exclusive Autographs)
(Insertion Ratio Matrix)
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!Retail Odds
!Retail Odds
!Hobby Jumbo
!Hobby Jumbo
|Printing Plate||330||four-for-each||N/A||N/A||?
|Printing Plate||330||four-for-each||N/A||N/A||?||N/A||N/A
|Chrome Prospects||110||-||2:1||2:1||6:1
|Chrome Prospects||110||-||2:1||2:1||6:1||4:1||2:1
|Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||777||1:16||1:32||1:5
|Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||777||1:16||1:32||1:5||?||?
|Purple Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||999||N/A||1:8||N/A
|Purple Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||999||N/A||1:8||N/A||?||1:8
|Blue Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||250||1:46||1:121||1:13
|Blue Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||250||1:46||1:121||1:13||?||?
|Gold Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||50||1:228||1:630||1:64
|Gold Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||50||1:228||1:630||1:64||?||?
|Orange Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||25||1:463||1:1,282||1:126
|Orange Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||25||1:463||1:1,282||1:126||?||?
|Red Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||5||1:2828||N/A||1:407
|Red Chrome Refractor Prospects||110||5||1:2828||N/A||1:407||N/A||N/A
|SuperFractor Prospects||110||one-of-one||1:11,000||N/A||1:2,275
|SuperFractor Prospects||110||one-of-one||1:11,000||N/A||1:2,275||N/A||N/A
|Chrome Prospects Printing Plates||110||four-for-each||N/A||?||N/A
|Chrome Prospects Printing Plates||110||four-for-each||N/A||?||N/A||N/A||N/A
|1992 Bowman Throwbacks||100||-||1:2||1:2||?
|1992 Bowman Throwbacks||100||-||1:2||1:2||?||?||?
|Topps 100 Prospects||100||-||1:2||1:2||?
|Topps 100 Prospects||100||-||1:2||1:2||?||?||?
|Bowman Expectations||50||-||1:3||1:3||?
|Bowman Expectations||50||-||1:3||1:3||?||?||?
|USA Baseball Chrome||42||-||1:4||1:4||1:4
|USA Baseball Chrome||42||-||1:4||1:4||1:4||?||?
|USA Baseball Refractor||42||777||1:16||?||1:5
|USA Baseball Refractor||42||777||1:16||?||1:5||?||?
|USA Blue Refractor||42||250||1:46||?||1:13
|USA Blue Refractor||42||250||1:46||?||1:13||?||?
|USA Gold Refractor||42||50||1:228||?||1:64
|USA Gold Refractor||42||50||1:228||?||1:64||?||?
|USA Orange Refractor||42||25||1:463||?||1:126
|USA Orange Refractor||42||25||1:463||?||1:126||?||?
|USA Red Refractor||42||5||1:2,828||?||1:407
|USA Red Refractor||42||5||1:2,828||?||1:407||?||?
|USA SuperFractor||42||one-of-one||1:11,000||?||1:2,275
|USA SuperFractor||42||one-of-one||1:11,000||?||1:2,275||?||?
|Autographed Chrome Rookies||10||-||1:113||N/A||?
|Autographed Chrome Rookies||10||-||1:113||N/A||?||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Rookie Refractor||10||500||1:277||?||?
|Autographed Chrome Rookie Refractor||10||500||1:277||?||?||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Rookie Blue Refractor||10||250||1:545||?||?
|Autographed Chrome Rookie Blue Refractor||10||250||1:545||?||?||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Rookie Gold Refractor||10||50||1:2,733||?||?
|Autographed Chrome Rookie Gold Refractor||10||50||1:2,733||?||?||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Rookie SuperFractor||10||one-of-one||1:141,400||?||?
|Autographed Chrome Rookie SuperFractor||10||one-of-one||1:141,400||?||?||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Prospects||22||-||1:38||?||?
|Autographed Chrome Prospects||22||-||1:38||?||?||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Prospects Refractor||22||500||1:96||?||1:24
|Autographed Chrome Prospects Refractor||22||500||1:96||?||1:24||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Blue Refractor||22||150||1:139||?||1:80
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Blue Refractor||22||150||1:139||?||1:80||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Gold Refractor||22||50||1:957||?||1:240
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Gold Refractor||22||50||1:957||?||1:240||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Orange Refractor||22||25||1:1917||?||1:479
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Orange Refractor||22||25||1:1917||?||1:479||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Red Refractor||22||5||1:9587||?||1:2400
|Autographed Chrome Prospect Red Refractor||22||5||1:9587||?||1:2400||N/A||N/A
|Autographed Chrome Prospect SuperFractor||22||one-of-one||1:47,000||?||1:11,900
|Autographed Chrome Prospect SuperFractor||22||one-of-one||1:47,000||?||1:11,900||N/A||N/A
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card||1||-||1:2013||N/A||1:520
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card||1||-||1:2013||N/A||1:520||N/A||N/A
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Blue||1||250||1:5700||N/A||1:1525
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Blue||1||250||1:5700||N/A||1:1525||N/A||N/A
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Orange||1||25||1:56,500||N/A||1:15,300
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Orange||1||25||1:56,500||N/A||1:15,300||N/A||N/A
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Red||1||one-of-one||N/A||N/A||1:214,000
|Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Red||1||one-of-one||N/A||N/A||1:214,000||N/A||N/A
|MLB logo patch cards||5||50||1:5,900||?||?
|MLB logo patch cards||5||50||1:5,900||?||?||N/A||N/A
|Futures Game Triple Relic||37||99||1:402||?||1:102
|Futures Game Triple Relic||37||99||1:402||?||1:102||N/A||N/A
|Bowman Prospect Autographs||12||-||N/A||1:24||N/A||1:17||1:99

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.

2010 Bowman hobby box


2010 Bowman was released to The Hobby on May 10, 2010. The set features 220 cards and a 110 card Prospect "insert" set. Each Hobby box will yield one on-card autograph, and each HTA box three -- although some Hobby boxes have been known yield as many as four autographs, while other none. New this year are three different insert sets: "1992 Bowman Throwbacks," "Topps 100 Prospects," and "Bowman Expectations."

2010 Bowman will feature the first MLB-licensed cards (but not true rookie cards) of Stephen Strasburg, Aroldis Chapman, and Andrew Cashner. On the initial checklist issued by Topps, Strasburg, Chapman, and Cashner did not appear in the Bowman Prospects insert set; however, all three were added at the last minute.

On March 3, 2010, Topps acquired an exclusive license with USA Baseball, and 2010 Bowman set will include cards of the 2009 Collegiate National Team and the 2009 18U National Team. Bryce Harper, the expected #1 pick in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft, was included in the 18U National Team set.

Shortly after 2010 Bowman's release, the after-market value of unopened wax skyrocketed with Hobby boxes selling for $100 and HTA boxes for as much as $220. This was due to the pent-up demand for new product in the first year of Topps' exclusive license, and the top-notch rookie, prospect, and autograph checklist -- including the first certified autograph of Stephen Strasburg.

In May 2010, the SuperFractor of Stephen Strasburg sold on eBay for $16,403. Earlier that month, an autographed SuperFractor of Dustin Ackley sold for $3495.


Hobby: 24 packs per box, 12 cards per pack

Hobby Jumbo: 12 packs per box, 32 cards per pack


Cardboard Connection


Stale Gum

Insertion Ratio Matrix

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds Hobby Jumbo Rack Blasters
Base 220 - 5:1 4:1 15:1 10:1 ?
Prospects 110 - 2:1 2:1 8:1 4:1 ?
Gold 220 - 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 ?
Blue 330 520 1:17 1:29 1:3 ? ?
Orange 330 250 1:35 1:85 1:5 ? ?
Red 330 one-of-one 1:3,400 N/A 1:425 ? ?
Printing Plate 330 four-for-each N/A N/A ? N/A N/A
Chrome Prospects 110 - 2:1 2:1 6:1 4:1 2:1
Chrome Refractor Prospects 110 777 1:16 1:32 1:5 ? ?
Purple Chrome Refractor Prospects 110 999 N/A 1:8 N/A ? 1:8
Blue Chrome Refractor Prospects 110 250 1:46 1:121 1:13 ? ?
Gold Chrome Refractor Prospects 110 50 1:228 1:630 1:64 ? ?
Orange Chrome Refractor Prospects 110 25 1:463 1:1,282 1:126 ? ?
Red Chrome Refractor Prospects 110 5 1:2828 N/A 1:407 N/A N/A
SuperFractor Prospects 110 one-of-one 1:11,000 N/A 1:2,275 N/A N/A
Chrome Prospects Printing Plates 110 four-for-each N/A ? N/A N/A N/A
1992 Bowman Throwbacks 100 - 1:2 1:2 ? ? ?
Topps 100 Prospects 100 - 1:2 1:2 ? ? ?
Bowman Expectations 50 - 1:3 1:3 ? ? ?
USA Baseball Chrome 42 - 1:4 1:4 1:4 ? ?
USA Baseball Refractor 42 777 1:16 ? 1:5 ? ?
USA Blue Refractor 42 250 1:46 ? 1:13 ? ?
USA Gold Refractor 42 50 1:228 ? 1:64 ? ?
USA Orange Refractor 42 25 1:463 ? 1:126 ? ?
USA Red Refractor 42 5 1:2,828 ? 1:407 ? ?
USA SuperFractor 42 one-of-one 1:11,000 ? 1:2,275 ? ?
Autographed Chrome Rookies 10 - 1:113 N/A ? N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Rookie Refractor 10 500 1:277 ? ? N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Rookie Blue Refractor 10 250 1:545 ? ? N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Rookie Gold Refractor 10 50 1:2,733 ? ? N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Rookie SuperFractor 10 one-of-one 1:141,400 ? ? N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Prospects 22 - 1:38 ? ? N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Prospects Refractor 22 500 1:96 ? 1:24 N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Prospect Blue Refractor 22 150 1:139 ? 1:80 N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Prospect Gold Refractor 22 50 1:957 ? 1:240 N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Prospect Orange Refractor 22 25 1:1917 ? 1:479 N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Prospect Red Refractor 22 5 1:9587 ? 1:2400 N/A N/A
Autographed Chrome Prospect SuperFractor 22 one-of-one 1:47,000 ? 1:11,900 N/A N/A
Stephen Strasburg autographed base card 1 - 1:2013 N/A 1:520 N/A N/A
Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Blue 1 250 1:5700 N/A 1:1525 N/A N/A
Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Orange 1 25 1:56,500 N/A 1:15,300 N/A N/A
Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Red 1 one-of-one N/A N/A 1:214,000 N/A N/A
MLB logo patch cards 5 50 1:5,900 ? ? N/A N/A
Futures Game Triple Relic 37 99 1:402 ? 1:102 N/A N/A
Bowman Prospect Autographs 12 - N/A 1:24 N/A 1:17 1:99


Base Set

Veterans (Reds)

1 Ryan Braun

2 Kevin Youkilis

3 Jay Bruce

4 Will Venable

5 Zack Greinke

6 Adrian Gonzalez

7 Carl Crawford

8 Scott Baker

9 Matt Kemp

10 Stephen Drew

11 Jair Jurrjens

12 Jose Reyes

13 Josh Hamilton

14 Carlos Pena

15 Ubaldo Jimenez

16 Jason Kubel

17 Josh Beckett

18 Martin Prado

19 Jake Peavy

20 Shin-Soo Choo

21 Luke Hochever

22 Alcides Escobar

23 Brandon Webb

24 Raul Ibanez

25 Ryan Zimmerman

26 Jeff Niemann

27 Adam Dunn

28 Matt Cain

29 Robinson Cano

30 Andre Ethier

31 Jhoulys Chacin

32 Mark Buehrle

33 Magglio Ordonez

34 Michael Cuddyer

35 Andrew Bailey

36 Akinori Iwamura

37 Brian Roberts

38 Howard Kendrick

39 Derek Holland

40 Ken Griffey Jr.

41 A.J. Burnett

42 Scott Rolen

43 Kenshin Kawakami

44 Carlos Lee

45 Chris Carpenter

46 Adam Lind

47 Jered Weaver

48 Chris Coghlan

49 Clayton Kershaw

50 Prince Fielder

51 Freddy Sanchez

52 CC Sabathia

53 Jayson Werth

54 David Price

55 Matt Holliday

56 Brett Anderson

57 Alexei Ramirez

58 Johnny Cueto

59 Bobby Abreu

60 Ian Kinsler

61 Ricky Romero

62 Cristian Guzman

63 Ryan Doumit

64 Mat Latos

65 Andrew McCutchen

66 John Maine

67 Kurt Suzuki

68 Carlos Beltran

69 Chad Billingsley

70 Nick Markakis

71 Yovani Gallardo

72 Dexter Fowler

73 David Ortiz

74 Kosuke Fukudome

75 Daisuke Matsuzaka

76 Michael Young

77 Rajai Davis

78 Yadier Molina

79 Francisco Liriano

80 Evan Longoria

81 Trevor Cahill

82 Aramis Ramirez

83 Jimmy Rollins

84 Russell Martin

85 Dan Haren

86 Billy Butler

87 James Shields

88 Dan Uggla

89 Wandy Rodriguez

90 Chase Utley

91 Ryan Dempster

92 Ben Zobrist

93 Jeff Francoeur

94 Koji Uehara

95 Victor Martinez

96 Tim Hudson

97 Carlos Gonzalez

98 David DeJesus

99 Brad Hawpe

100 Justin Upton

101 Jorge Posada

102 Cole Hamels

103 Elvis Andrus

104 Adam Wainwright

105 Alfonso Soriano

106 James Loney

107 Carlos Delgado

108 Lance Berkman

109 Matt Garza

110 Gordon Beckham

111 Torii Hunter

112 Brandon Phillips

113 Nelson Cruz

114 Chris Tillman

115 Miguel Cabrera

116 Kevin Slowey

117 Shane Victorino

118 Paul Maholm

119 Kyle Blanks

120 Johan Santana

121 Nate McLouth

122 Kazuo Matsui

123 Troy Tulowitzki

124 Jon Lester

125 Chipper Jones

126 Clay Buchholz

127 Todd Helton

128 Alex Gordon

129 Derrek Lee

130 Justin Morneau

131 Michael Bourn

132 B.J. Upton

133 Jose Lopez

134 Justin Verlander

135 Hunter Pence

136 Daniel Murphy

137 Delmon Young

138 Carlos Quentin

139 Edinson Volquez

140 Dustn Pedroia

141 Justin Masterson

142 Josh Willingham

143 Miguel Montero

144 Alex Rios

145 David Wright

146 Curtis Granderson

147 Rich Harden

148 Hideki Matsui

149 Edwin Jackson

150 Miguel Tejada

151 John Lackey

152 Vladimir Guerrero

153 Max Scherzer

154 Jason Bay

155 Javier Vasquez

156 Johnny Damon

157 Cliff Lee

158 Chone Figgins

159 Kevin Millwood

160 Roy Halladay

161 Alex Rodriguez

162 Pablo Sandoval

163 Ryan Howard

164 Rick Porcello

165 Hanley Ramirez

166 Brian McCann

167 Kendry Morales

168 Josh Johnson

169 Joe Mauer

170 Grady Sizemore

171 J.A. Happ

172 Ichiro

173 Aaron Hill

174 Mark Teixeira

175 Tim Lincecum

176 Denard Span

177 Roy Oswalt

178 Manny Ramirez

179 Jorge De La Rosa

180 Joey Votto

181 Neftali Feliz

182 Yunel Escobar

183 Carlos Zambrano

184 Erick Aybar

185 Albert Pujols

186 Felix Hernandez

187 Adam Jones

188 Jacoby Ellsbury

189 Mark Reynolds

190 Derek Jeter

Rookie Subset (Greens)

NOTE: All cards feature the MLB "ROOKIE CARD" icon

191 John Raynor

192 Carlos Monasterios

193 Kanekoa Teixeira

194 David Herndon

195 Ruben Tejada

196 Mike Leake

197 Jenrry Mejia

198 Austin Jackson

199 Scott Sizemore

200 Jason Heyward

201 Neil Walker

202 Tommy Manzella

203 Wade Davis

204 Eric Young, Jr.

205 Luis Durango

206 Madison Bumgarner

207 Brent Dlugach

208 Buster Posey

209 Henry Rodriguez

210 Tyler Flowers

211 Michael Dunn

212 Drew Stubbs

213 Brandon Allen

214 Daniel McCutchen

215 Juan Francisco

216 Eric Hacker

217 Michael Brantley

218 Dustin Richardson

219 Josh Thole

220 Daniel Hudson


Bowman Prospect Cards (Blues)

BP1 Stephen Strasburg

BP2 Melky Mesa

BP3 Cole McCurry

BP4 Tyler Henley

BP5 Andrew Cashner

BP6 Konrad Schmidt

BP7 Jean Segura

BP8 Jon Gaston

BP9 Nick Santomauro

BP10 Aroldis Chapman

BP11 Logan Watkins

BP12 Bo Bowman

BP13 Jeff Antigua

BP14 Matt Adams

BP15 Joseph Cruz

BP16 Sebastian Valle

BP17 Stefan Gartrell

BP18 Pedro Ciriaco

BP19 Tyson Gillies

BP20 Casey Crosby

BP21 Luis Exposito

BP22 Welington Dotel

BP23 Alexander Torres

BP24 Byron Wiley

BP25 Pedro Florimon

BP26 Cody Satterwhite

BP27 Craig Clark

BP28 Jason Christian

BP29 Tommy Mendonca

BP30 Ryan Dent

BP31 Jhan Marinez

BP32 Eric Niesen

BP33 Gustav Nunez

BP34 Scott Shaw

BP35 Welinton Ramirez

BP36 Trevor May

BP37 Mitch Moreland

BP38 Nick Czyz

BP39 Edinson Rincon

BP40 Domingo Santana

BP41 Carson Blair

BP42 Rashun Dixon

BP43 Alexander Colome

BP44 Allan Dykstra

BP45 J.J. Hoover

BP46 Abner Abreu

BP47 Daniel Nava

BP48 Simon Castro

BP49 Brian Baisley

BP50 Tony Delmonico

BP51 Chase D’Arnaud

BP52 Sheng-An Kuo

BP53 Leandro Castro

BP54 Charlie Leesman

BP55 Caleb Joseph

BP56 Rolando Gomez

BP57 John Lamb

BP58 Adam Wilk

BP59 Randall Delgado

BP60 Neil Medchill

BP61 Josh Donaldson

BP62 Zach Gentile

BP63 Kiel Roling

BP64 Wes Freeman

BP65 Brian Pellegrini

BP66 Kyle Jensen

BP67 Evan Anundsen

BP68 Hak-Ju Lee

BP69 C.J. Retherford

BP70 Dillon Gee

BP71 Bo Greenwell

BP72 Matt Tucker

BP73 Joe Serafin

BP74 Matt Brown

BP75 Alexis Oliveras

BP76 James Beresford

BP77 Steve Lombardozzi

BP78 Curtis Petersen

BP79 Eric Farris

BP80 Yen-Wen Kuo

BP81 Caleb Brewer

BP82 Jacob Elmore

BP83 Jared Clark

BP84 Yowill Espinal

BP85 Jae-Hoon Ha

BP86 Michael Wing

BP87 Wilmer Font

BP88 Jake Kahaulelio

BP89 Dustin Ackley

BP90 Donovan Tate

BP91 Nolan Arenado

BP92 Rex Brothers

BP93 Brett Jackson

BP94 Chad Jenkins

BP95 Slade Heathcott

BP96 J.R. Murphy

BP97 Patrick Shuster

BP98 Alexia Amarista

BP99 Thomas Neal

BP100 Starlin Castro

BP101 Anthony Rizzo

BP102 Felix Doubront

BP103 Nick Franklin

BP104 Anthony Gose

BP105 Julio Teheran

BP106 Grant Green

BP107 David Lough

BP108 Jose Iglesias

BP109 Jaff Decker

BP110 D.J. LeMahieu

1992 Bowman Throwback

NOTE: Cards BT101-BT110 are reprints of each player's 1992 Bowman card.

BT1 Jimmy Rollins

BT2 Ryan Zimmerman

BT3 Alex Rodriguez

BT4 Andrew McCutchen

BT5 Mark Reynolds

BT6 Jason Bay

BT7 Hideki Matsui

BT8 Carlos Beltran

BT9 Justin Morneau

BT10 Matt Cain

BT11 Russell Martin

BT12 Alfonso Soriano

BT13 Joe Mauer

BT14 Troy Tulowitzki

BT15 Miguel Tejada

BT16 Adrian Gonzalez

BT17 Carlos Zambrano

BT18 Hunter Pence

BT19 Torii Hunter

BT20 Michael Young

BT21 Pablo Sandoval

BT22 Manny Ramirez

BT23 Jose Reyes

BT24 Carl Crawford

BT25 CC Sabathia

BT26 Josh Beckett

BT27 Dan Uggla

BT28 Josh Johnson

BT29 Raul Ibanez

BT30 Grady Sizemore

BT31 Nate McLouth

BT32 Chipper Jones

BT33 Carlos Lee

BT34 Jorge Posada

BT35 B.J. Upton

BT36 Ubaldo Jimenez

BT37 Ryan Braun

BT38 Aaron Hill

BT39 Rick Porcello

BT40 Nick Markakis

BT41 Felix Hernandez

BT42 Matt Holliday

BT43 Prince Fielder

BT44 Yadier Molina

BT45 Justin Upton

BT46 Carlos Pena

BT47 Miguel Cabrera

BT48 Dan Haren

BT49 Cliff Lee

BT50 Victor Martinez

BT51 Josh Hamilton

BT52 Evan Longoria

BT53 Johan Santana

BT54 Ryan Howard

BT55 Jon Lester

BT56 Mark Buehrle

BT57 Lance Berkman

BT58 Roy Oswalt

BT59 Dustn Pedroia

BT60 Daisuke Matsuzaka

BT61 Joey Votto

BT62 Ken Griffey Jr.

BT63 Jacoby Ellsbury

BT64 David Wright

BT65 Derek Jeter

BT66 Chase Utley

BT67 Mark Teixeira

BT68 Justin Verlander

BT69 Kendry Morales

BT70 Adam Jones

BT71 Vladimir Guerrero

BT72 Albert Pujols

BT73 Roy Halladay

BT74 Matt Kemp

BT75 Kevin Youkilis

BT76 Jake Peavy

BT77 Hanley Ramirez

BT78 Ian Kinsler

BT79 Ichiro

BT80 Curtis Granderson

BT81 Gordon Beckham

BT82 Jayson Werth

BT83 Brandon Webb

BT84 Adam Dunn

BT85 David Ortiz

BT86 Cole Hamels

BT87 Brian McCann

BT88 Zack Greinke

BT89 Tim Lincecum

BT90 Andre Ethier

BT91 Matt Garza

BT92 Billy Butler

BT93 Yovani Gallardo

BT94 Chone Figgins

BT95 Yunel Escobar

BT96 Alexi Ramirez

BT97 Clayton Kershaw

BT98 Chris Coghlan

BT99 Denard Span

BT100 A.J. Burnett

BT101 Ivan Rodriguez

BT102 Chipper Jones

BT103 Carlos Delgado

BT104 Gary Sheffield

BT105 Garret Anderson

BT106 Mariano Rivera

BT107 John Smoltz

BT108 Omar Vizquel

BT109 Jim Thome

BT110 Manny Ramirez

Topps 100 Prospects

TP1 Stephen Strasburg

TP2 Aroldis Chapman

TP3 Jason Heyward

TP4 Jesus Montero

TP5 Mike Stanton

TP6 Mike Moustakas

TP7 Kyle Drabek

TP8 Tyler Matzek

TP9 Austin Jackson

TP10 Starlin Castro

TP11 Todd Frazier

TP12 Carlos Santana

TP13 Josh Vitters

TP14 Neftali Feliz

TP15 Tyler Flowers

TP16 Alcides Escobar

TP17 Ike Davis

TP18 Domonic Brown

TP19 Donavan Tate

TP20 Buster Posey

TP21 Dustin Ackley

TP22 Desmond Jennings

TP23 Brandon Allen

TP24 Freddie Freeman

TP25 Jake Arrieta

TP26 Bobby Borchering

TP27 Logan Morrison

TP28 Christian Friederich

TP29 Wilmer Flores

TP30 Austin Romine

TP31 Tony Sanchez

TP32 Madison Bumgarner

TP33 Mike Montgomery

TP34 Andrew Lambo

TP35 Derek Norris

TP36 Shelby Miller

TP37 Thomas Neal

TP38 Trevor Reckling

TP39 Andrew Cashner

TP40 Daniel Hudson

TP41 Jiovanni Miller

TP42 Grant Green

TP43 Jeremy Hellickson

TP44 Felix Doubront

TP45 Martin Perez

TP46 Jenrry Mejia

TP47 Adrian Cardenas

TP48 Ivan DeJesus Jr.

TP49 Nolan Arenado

TP50 Slade Heathcott

TP51 Ian Desmond

TP52 Michael Taylor

TP53 Jaime Garcia

TP54 Jose Tabata

TP55 Josh Bell

TP56 Jarrod Parker

TP57 Matt Dominguez

TP58 Koby Clemens

TP59 Angel Morales

TP60 Juan Francisco

TP61 John Ely

TP62 Brett Jackson

TP63 Chad Jenkins

TP64 Jose Iglesias

TP65 Logan Forsythe

TP66 Alex Liddi

TP67 Eric Arnett

TP68 Wilkin Ramirez

TP69 Lars Anderson

TP70 Jared Mitchell

TP71 Mike Leake

TP72 D.J. Lemahieu

TP73 Chris Marrero

TP74 Matt Moore

TP75 Jordan Brown

TP76 Christopher Parmelee

TP77 Ryan Kalish

TP78 A.J. Pollock

TP79 Alex White

TP80 Scott Sizemore

TP81 Jay Austin

TP82 Zach McAllister

TP83 Max Stassi

TP84 Robert Stock

TP85 Jake McGee

TP86 Zack Wheeler

TP87 Chase D’Arnaud

TP88 Danny Duffy

TP89 Josh Lindblom

TP90 Anthony Gose

TP91 Simon Castro

TP92 Chris Carter

TP93 Matt Hobgood

TP94 Ben Revere

TP95 Mat Gamel

TP96 Anthony Hewitt

TP97 Julio Teheran

TP98 Josh Reddick

TP99 Hank Conger

TP100 Jordan Walden

Bowman Expectations

1 Jorge Posada/Jesus Montero

2 Ryan Howard/Domonic Brown

3 Hanley Ramirez/Mike Stanton

4 Chipper Jones/Freddie Freeman

5 Tim Lincecum/Stephen Strasburg

6 Jose Reyes/Wilmer Flores

7 David Wright/Ike Davis

8 Alfonso Soriano/Starlin Castro

9 Jay Bruce/Todd Frazier

10 Ryan Braun/Mat Gamel

11 Randy Johnson/Madison Bumgarner

12 Ubaldo Jimenez/Tyler Matzek

13 Joe Mauer/Buster Posey

14 Carl Crawford/Desmond Jennings

15 Evan Longoria/Alex Liddi

16 Andrew McCutchen/Jose Tabata

17 Chipper Jones/Jason Heyward

18 Aramis Ramirez/Josh Vitters

19 Ryan Zimmerman/Ian Desmond

20 Alex Gordon/Mike Moustakas

21 Adam Dunn/Chris Marrero

22 Mike Napoli/Hank Conger

23 Pablo Sandoval/Thomas Neal

24 Carlos Quentin/Tyler Flowers

25 Victor Martinez/Carlos Santana

26 Carlos Zambrano/Andrew Cashner

27 Jose Lopez/Dustin Ackley

28 Rich Harden/Neftali Feliz

29 Johnny Damon/Slade Heathcott

30 Kevin Youkilis/Lars Anderson

31 Dan Haren/Jarrod Parker

32 Matt Kemp/Dee Gordon

33 Will Venable/Donavan Tate

34 Andre Ethier/Andrew Lambo

35 Brian McCann/Tony Sanchez

36 Josh Beckett/Shelby Miller

37 Matt Cain/Zack Wheeler

38 Johnny Cueto/Jenrry Mejia

39 David Price/Jake McGee

40 Matt Garza/Jeremy Hellickson

41 Nick Markakis/Josh Bell

42 Ivan Rodriguez/Derek Norris

43 Elvis Andrus/Jiovanni Miller

44 Mark Reynolds/Bobby Borchering

45 Prince Fielder/Chris Carter

46 Grady Sizemore/Jordan Brown

47 Stephen Drew/Pedro Ciriaco

48 Chad Billingsley/John Ely

49 Justin Morneau/Christopher Parmelee

50 Roy Halladay/Kyle Drabek

Chrome 2009 USA National/18U National Teams

This 42 card set features the 22 members of the 2009 USA Baseball National Team and the 20 players on the 18U Team. These are the first USA Baseball cards produced by Topps since acquiring the license, and the first by Topps since 1993.

Each is available in the following parallels:

  • Refractor (numbered to 777)
  • Blue Refractor (numbered to 250)
  • Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)
  • Orange Refractor (numbered to 25)
  • Red Refractor (numbered to 5, Hobby Only)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one, Hobby Only)
  • Printing Plates (four for each, Jumbo Box Only)

USA-BC1 Trevor Bauer

USA-BC2 Chad Bettis

USA-BC3 Bryce Brentz

USA-BC4 Michael Choice

USA-BC5 Gerrit Cole

USA-BC6 Christian Colon

USA-BC7 Blake Forsythe

USA-BC8 Yasmani Grandal

USA-BC9 Sonny Gray

USA-BC10 Rick Hague

USA-BC11 Tyler Holt

USA-BC12 Casey McGrew

USA-BC13 Brad Miller

USA-BC14 Matt Newman

USA-BC15 Nick Pepitone

USA-BC16 Drew Pomeranz

USA-BC17 T.J. Walz

USA-BC18 Cody Wheeler

USA-BC19 Andy Wilkins

USA-BC20 Asher Wojciechowski

USA-BC21 Kolten Wong

USA-BC22 Tony Zych

USA18-BC1 Cody Buckel

USA18-BC2 Nick Castellanos

USA18-BC3 Garin Cecchini

USA18-BC4 Sean Coyle

USA18-BC5 Nicholas Delmonico

USA18-BC6 Kevin Gausman

USA18-BC7 Cory Hahn

USA18-BC8 Bryce Harper

USA18-BC9 Kavin Keyes

USA18-BC10 Manny Machado

USA18-BC11 Connor Mason

USA18-BC12 Ladson Montgomery

USA18-BC13 Phillip Pfeifer

USA18-BC14 Brian Ragira

USA18-BC15 Robbie Ray

USA18-BC16 Kyle Ryan

USA18-BC17 Jameson Taillon

USA18-BC18 AJ Vanegas

USA18-BC19 Karsten Whitson

USA18-BC20 Tony Wolters


All 220 base set cards, and the first 110 Prospect inserts are available in the following parallels:

  • Blue (numbered to 520)
  • Orange (numbered to 250)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (four for each)


All 220 base cards (but not the Prospects) are available in this one-per-pack parallel.

Bowman Chrome Prospect Cards

The first 110 Bowman Prospect inserts are available in the following Chrome parallels:

  • Chrome (two-per-Hobby and six-per-HTA pack)
  • Purple Refractor (numbered to 999, retail only)
  • Chrome Refractor (numbered to 777)
  • Blue Refractor (numbered to 250)
  • Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)
  • Orange Refractor (numbered to 25)
  • Red Refractor (numbered to 5, Hobby and Jumbo only)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one, Hobby and Jumbo only)
  • Printing Plates (four for each, Jumbo only)

Each card number has a "BCP" prefix, and cards BCP89-BCP110 are also available in an autographed version (see below).

Autographs & Game-Used

Chrome Autographed Rookies

These cards partially-parallel the "Green" rookie card subset and are exclusive to Hobby and Jumbo packs. All Chrome Autographed Rookies are available in the following parallels:

  • Refractor (numbered to 500)
  • Blue Refractor (numbered to 250)
  • Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plate (four for each, Jumbo only)

198 Austin Jackson

199 Scott Sizemore

200 Jason Heyward

209 Henry Rodriguez

211 Michael Dunn

212 Drew Stubbs

213 Brandon Allen

214 Daniel McCutchen

215 Juan Francisco

216 Eric Hacker

217 Michael Brantley

218 Dustin Richardson

219 Josh Thole

220 Daniel Hudson

Bowman Chrome Autograph Prospect Cards

The Bowman Chrome Autographed Prospects are numbered as an extension of the Bowman Chrome Prospects set and are exclusive to Hobby and Jumbo packs. Unlike previous recent Bowman products, most of these players are available BOTH as autographs and un-autographed base cards. Cards BCP89-BCP110 parallel the regular Chrome/Prospect set; while cards BCP111-BCP119 are autograph-exclusive.

All cards are available in the following parallels:

  • Refractor (numbered to 500)
  • Blue Refractor (numbered to 150)
  • Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)
  • Orange Refractor (numbered to 25)
  • Red Refractor (numbered to 5)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plate (four for each, Jumbo only)

BCP89 Dustin Ackley

BCP90 Donavan Tate

BCP91 Nolan Arenado

BCP92 Rex Brothers

BCP93 Brett Jackson

BCP94 Chad Jenkins

BCP95 Slade Heathcott

BCP96 J.R. Murphy

BCP97 Patrick Schuster

BCP98 Alexia Amarista

BCP99 Thomas Neal

BCP100 Starlin Castro

BCP101 Anthony Rizzo

BCP102 Felix Doubront

BCP103 Nick Franklin

BCP104 Anthony Gose

BCP105 Julio Teheran

BCP106 Grant Green

BCP107 David Lough

BCP108 Jose Iglesias

BCP109 Jaff Decker

BCP110 D.J. LeMahieu

BCP111 Craig Clark

BCP112 Jefry Marte

BCP113 Josh Donaldson

BCP114 Steven Hensley

BCP115 James Darnell

BCP116 Kirk Nieuwenhuis

BCP117 Wil Myers

BCP118 Bryan Mitchell

BCP119 Martin Perez

Stephen Strasburg Bowman Autograph Prospect

This card is an autographed parallel of Strasburg's Bowman Prospect insert and is exclusive to Hobby and Jumbo packs. The Strasburg Autograph is available in the following parallels:

  • Blue (numbered to 250)
  • Orange (numbered to 25)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plate (four for each, Jumbo only)

BP1 Stephen Strasburg

Bowman Futures Game Triple Relic Cards

This set, which is exclusive to Hobby and Jumbo packs, features all 37 participants in the 2009 All-Star Futures Game. Each card has three swatches from their Futures Game jersey and is serial-numbered to 99 copies.

FG-1 Mat Latos

FG-2 Trevor Reckling

FG-3 Brad Lincoln

FG-4 Danny Duffy

FG-5 Madison Bumgarner

FG-6 Kyle Drabek

FG-7 Jason Heyward

FG-8 Eric Young Jr.

FG-9 Mike Stanton

FG-10 Jarrod Parker

FG-11 Chris Tillman

FG-12 Chris Heisey

FG-13 Desmond Jennings

FG-14 Chris Carter

FG-15 Scott Sizemore

FG-16 Daryl Jones

FG-17 Josh Vitters

FG-18 Tyler Flowers

FG-19 Yohan Flande

FG-20 Jhoulys Chacin

FG-21 Francisco Samuel

FG-22 Nick Weglarz

FG-23 Jesus Montero

FG-24 Wilmer Flores

FG-25 Alcides Escobar

FG-26 Leyson Septimo

FG-27 Alex Liddi

FG-28 Luis Durango

FG-29 Starlin Castro

FG-30 Dayan Viciedo

FG-31 Carlos Santana

FG-32 Pedro Baez

FG-33 Barbaro Canizares

FG-34 Kyeong Kang

FG-35 Tyson Gillies

FG-36 Rene Tosoni

FG-37 Neftali Feliz

Bowman Prospect Autographs

These 12 autographs are exclusive to retail and rack packs, and Blaster boxes. Unlike the Hobby autographs, all cards are signed on stickers.

BPA-TS Tony Sanchez

BPA-DC Dusty Coleman

BPA-MH Matt Hobgood

BPA-LF Logan Forsythe

BPA-EB Eric Berger

BPA-BM Brent Morel

BPA-ZS Zach Simons

BPA-DH Darin Holcomb

BPA-DT Donavan Tate

BPA-CV Cesar Valdez

BPA-JB Justin Bristow

BPA-JF Jeremy Farrell