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==Base Set==
==Base Set==
[[File:Bailey_2009_Upper_Deck_Update_44_F.jpg‎ ‎‎ |250px|thumb|right|2009 Upper Deck Update #44: Andrew Bailey Front]]
[[File:Bailey_2009_Upper_Deck_Update_44_B.jpg‎ ‎‎ |250px|thumb|right|2009 Upper Deck Update #44: Andrew Bailey Back]]
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SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2009) AND (setname = 'Upper Deck Update');
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2009) AND (setname = 'Upper Deck Update')
ORDER BY SUBSTRING(num,1,1),lpad(substring(num,2),10,0);
Each base card is available as a Gold card (numbered to 99).
Each base card is available as a Gold card (numbered to 99).
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===Generation NOW===
===Generation NOW===
Each Generation NOW is available as a Gold card (numbered to 99).
Each Generation NOW is available as a Gold card (numbered to 99).
[[File:Zimmerman_2009_Upper_Deck_Generation_Now_47_F.jpg‎|250px|thumb|right|2009 Upper Deck Generation Now #47: Ryan Zimmerman Front]]
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[[File:Zimmerman_2009_Upper_Deck_Generation_Now_47_B.jpg|250px|thumb|right|2009 Upper Deck Generation Now #47: Ryan Zimmerman Back]]
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2009) AND (setname = 'Upper Deck Generation Now');
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SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2009) AND (setname = 'Upper Deck Update Generation Now');
{{Upper Deck}}
[[Category:Upper Deck]]
[[Category:Upper Deck]]

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2009 Upper Deck Update is a 50-card extension of the 2009 Upper Deck set that was released in late-August 2009. This was the last Upper Deck flagship baseball set released with MLB Properties licensing.

The Update cards were released as part of the 2009 Upper Deck Combo Fat Packs. Combo Fat packs were exclusive to mass-market retail stores and contained 15 cards from Series One and Series Two, two Update cards, two Generation Now inserts, and two 20th Anniversary inserts. They also were distributed in Blasters. Each Blaster had 10 clear cellophane-wrapped packs that contain 18 cards each, which included two Update cards and two Generation Now cards, a 20th Anniversary, and 13 cards from the base set.

This product contains the only non-autographed, non-serial-numbered, rookie card of Matt Wieters.


Base Set

Andrew-McCutchen.jpg?id=cb98e1e2-2969-47cf-b280-2fa9f8598c2b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Andrew-McCutchen.jpg?id=cb98e1e2-2969-47cf-b280-2fa9f8598c2b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • U1 Barack Obama (w/ Albert Pujols)
  • U2 Garret Anderson
  • U3 Nate McLouth
  • U4 Wilkin Ramirez RC
  • U5 Kyle Banks RC
  • U6 Aaron Poreda RC
  • U7 Bartolo Colon
  • U8 Lou Marson (RC)
  • U9 Julio Borbon RC
  • U10 Pedro Martinez
  • U11 Ivan Rodriguez
  • U12 Gerardo Parra RC
  • U13 Brad Ausmus
  • U14 Brad Mills RC
  • U15 Gary Sheffield
  • U16 Nomar Garciaparra
  • U17 Miguel Cairo
  • U18 Sean O'Sullivan RC
  • U19 Eric Hinske
  • U20 Sean West (RC)
  • U21 Mat Latos RC
  • U22 Daniel Bard RC
  • U23 David Huff RC
  • U24 Tony Gwynn, Jr.
  • U25 Vin Mazzaro RC
  • U26 Russell Branyan
  • U27 Gabe Kapler
  • U28 Andruw Jones
  • U29 Marc Rzepczynski RC
  • U30 Jhoulys Chacin RC
  • U31 Daniel Schlereth RC
  • U32 Tommy Hanson RC
  • U33 Brad Bergesen (RC)
  • U34 Nolan Reimold (RC)
  • U35 Matt Wieters RC
  • U36 Gordon Beckham RC
  • U37 Matt LaPorta RC
  • U38 Anthony Swarzak (RC)
  • U39 Fu-Te Ni RC
  • U40 Fernando Martinez RC
  • U41 Francisco Cervelli RC
  • U42 Ramiro Pena RC
  • U43 Mark Melancon RC
  • U44 Andrew Bailey RC
  • U45 Drew Carpenter RC
  • U46 Antonio Bastardo RC
  • U47 Andrew McCutchen (RC)
  • U48 Derek Holland RC
  • U49 Brett Cecil RC
  • U50 Jordan Zimmermann RC


Fernando-Martinez.jpg?id=8c1e757c-7413-48c2-b781-4d59f7b27df6&size=original&side=front&.jpg Fernando-Martinez.jpg?id=8c1e757c-7413-48c2-b781-4d59f7b27df6&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each base card is available as a Gold card (numbered to 99).


Generation NOW

Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=4f4e1a39-4b73-4a55-87ff-8299f537c89c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=4f4e1a39-4b73-4a55-87ff-8299f537c89c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Generation NOW is available as a Gold card (numbered to 99).

  • GN1 A.J. Burnett
  • GN2 Adam Dunn
  • GN3 Adrian Gonzalez
  • GN4 Albert Pujols
  • GN5 Alex Rodriguez
  • GN6 Alfonso Soriano
  • GN7 Aramis Ramirez
  • GN8 B.J. Upton
  • GN9 Brian McCann
  • GN10 Carlos Beltran
  • GN11 Carlos Quentin
  • GN12 CC Sabathia
  • GN13 Chase Utley
  • GN14 Chipper Jones
  • GN15 Chris Iannetta
  • GN16 Cole Hamels
  • GN17 David Wright
  • GN18 Derek Jeter
  • GN19 Dustin Pedroia
  • GN20 Evan Longoria
  • GN21 Grady Sizemore
  • GN22 Hanley Ramirez
  • GN23 Hunter Pence
  • GN24 Ian Kinsler
  • GN25 Jay Bruce
  • GN26 Jimmy Rollins
  • GN27 Joba Chamberlain
  • GN28 Joe Mauer
  • GN29 Joey Votto
  • GN30 Johan Santana
  • GN31 Jon Lester
  • GN32 Jose Reyes
  • GN33 Josh Beckett
  • GN34 Josh Hamilton
  • GN35 Justin Upton
  • GN36 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • GN37 Lance Berkman
  • GN38 Manny Ramirez
  • GN39 Mark Teixeira
  • GN40 Matt Holliday
  • GN41 Miguel Cabrera
  • GN42 Nick Markakis
  • GN43 Prince Fielder
  • GN44 Russell Martin
  • GN45 Ryan Braun
  • GN46 Ryan Howard
  • GN47 Ryan Zimmerman
  • GN48 Stephen Drew
  • GN49 Tim Lincecum
  • GN50 Zack Greinke