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(Mickey Mantle 1960 Reprint Relic)
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[[Image:2009toppsuh.jpg|right|frame|2009 Topps Updates & Highlights retail box]]
Two Update cards came in [[2009 Topps Heritage Update]] packs.
Two Update cards came in [[2009 Topps Heritage Update]] packs.
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==Base Set==
==Base Set==
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
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UH47 Duke Snider
UH47 Duke Snider
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All 330 base cards are available in the following parallels:
All 330 base cards are available in the following parallels:
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===Chrome Rookie Refractors===
===Chrome Rookie Refractors===
https://img.comc.com/i/Baseball/2009/Topps-Updates--Highlights---Chrome-Rookie-Refractors/CHR46/Ken-Takahashi.jpg?id=d54331f0-3002-4ed1-9ed8-dcea40eb9afe&size=original&side=fromatt nt&.jpg
CHR1 Michael Saunders   
CHR1 Michael Saunders   
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Each card is framed and serial-numbered to 50 copies.
Each card is framed and serial-numbered to 50 copies.
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===Legends of the Game Updates===
===Legends of the Game Updates===
LGU1 Cy Young
LGU1 Cy Young
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===Turkey Red===
===Turkey Red===
TR101 Ty Cobb
TR101 Ty Cobb
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===Ring of Honor===
===Ring of Honor===
RH76 Babe Ruth
RH76 Babe Ruth
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PP1 Adam Dunn
PP1 Adam Dunn
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===Legends of the Game Team Letter Patch Cards===
===Legends of the Game Team Letter Patch Cards===
Note: Each card features a manufactured (not game-used) letter patch. There are multiple letters for each player and when all are collected, spells out the city or team's name. Each card is serial numbered to 50 individual copies.
'''NOTE:''' Each card features a manufactured (not game-used) letter patch. There are multiple letters for each player and when all are collected, spells out the city or team's name. Each card is serial numbered to 50 individual copies.
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===Stadium Stamp Collection===
===Stadium Stamp Collection===
Each is serial-numbered to 90 copies.
Each is serial-numbered to 90 copies.
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===All-Star Stiches===
===All-Star Stiches===
Each is available in a Gold (numbered to 50 copies) and Platinum (one-of-one) parallel.
Each is available in a Gold (numbered to 50 copies) and Platinum (one-of-one) parallel.
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===All-Star Jumbo Patch Autographs===
===All-Star Jumbo Patch Autographs===
Each is serial-numbered to six copies.
Each is serial-numbered to six copies.
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===Career Quest Autographed===
===Career Quest Autographed===
CQA-RP Ryan Perry
CQA-RP Ryan Perry

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Two Update cards came in 2009 Topps Heritage Update packs.

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds HTA Jumbo Odds
Base 330 - 10:1 12:1 ?
Variations 25 - 1:32 1:28 ?
All-Black 330 - N/A W N/A
Throwback 330 - N/A T N/A
Gold 330 2009 1:3 1:3 one-per-pack
Black 330 58 1:44 N/A ?
Platinum 330 one-of-one 1:6250 1:6500 ?
Press Plate 330 four-for-each 1:615 N/A ?
Chrome Refractor Rookie 55 - one-per-box N/A one-per-box
Silk 100 50 1:163 ? ?
Ticket to ToppsTown.com 25 - one-per-pack one-per-pack one-per-pack
Ticket to ToppsTown.com Gold 25 - 1:9 1:9 ?
Legends of the Game Updates 25 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Legends of the Game Updates Gold 25 99 1:950 ? ?
Legends of the Game Updates Platinum 25 25 1:3800 ? ?
Ring of Honor 25 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Turkey Red 50 - 1:4 1:4 one-per-pack
Propaganda Poster 30 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Sketches 100 one-of-one 1:8100 ? ?
Stadium Stamp Collection 10 90 1:2280 1:1900 ?
Legends of the Game Team Letter Name Patch 130 50 1:408 1:3400 ?
All-Star Stitches 66 - 1:58 1:223 ?
All-Star Stitches Gold 66 50 1:616 1:520 ?
All-Star Jumbo Patches 66 6 1:2040 N/A ?
All-Star Stitches Platinum 66 one-of-one 1:30,442 1:25,000 ?
All-Star Stitches Dual 10 25 1:8154 ? ?
All-Star Stitches Triple 10 25 1:3238 N/A ?
All-Star Stitches Autographs 15 25 1:5500 1:4500 ?
All-Star Jumbo Patch Autographs 10 6 ? N/A ?
Legends of the Game Relics 25 20 1:3900 ? ?
World Baseball Classic Stitches Dual 25 25 1:3285 1:2700 ?
World Baseball Classic Stitches Triple 25 25 1:1294 N/A ?
1960 Topps Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic 1 60 1:34,000 ? ?
Ring of Honor Autographs 11 - 1:3900 1:3200 ?
Career Best Autographs 21 - 1:352 1:3200 ?
Career Quest Autographs 12 - 1:546 1:5400 ?
Legends of the Game Autographs 21 one-of-one 1:110,000 1:110,000 ?
Legends of the Game Cut Signatures 10 one-of-one 1:90,000 ? ?
American Legends Cut Signature 10 one-of-one 1:150,000 1:233,238 ?


Base Set

Albert-Pujols.jpg?id=bd4294ec-edda-466c-b4ad-76da8cf0d76d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Albert-Pujols.jpg?id=bd4294ec-edda-466c-b4ad-76da8cf0d76d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • UH1 Ivan Rodriguez
  • UH2 Felipe Lopez
  • UH3 Michael Saunders RC
  • UH4 David Hernandez RC
  • UH5 Brian Fuentes
  • UH6 Josh Barfield
  • UH7 Brayan Pena
  • UH8 Lance Broadway
  • UH9 Jonathan Broxton
  • UH10 Tommy Hanson RC
  • UH11 Daniel Schlereth RC
  • UH12 Edwin Maysonet
  • UH13 Scott Hairston
  • UH14 Yadier Molina AS
  • UH15 Jacoby Ellsbury HL
  • UH16 Brian Buscher
  • UH17 Derek Jeter / David Wright CC
  • UH18 John Grabow
  • UH19 Nelson Cruz AS
  • UH20 Gordon Beckham RC
  • UH21 Matt Diaz
  • UH22 Brett Gardner
  • UH23 Sean O'Sullivan RC
  • UH24 Gabe Gross
  • UH25 Orlando Hudson
  • UH26 Ryan Howard HRD
  • UH27 Josh Reddick RC
  • UH28 Matt Murton
  • UH29 Rich Hill
  • UH30 J.A. Happ
  • UH31 Adam Jones AS
  • UH32 Kris Medlen RC
  • UH33 Daniel Bard RC
  • UH34 Laynce Nix
  • UH35 Tom Gorzelanny
  • UH36 Paul Konerko / Jermaine Dye HL
  • UH37 Adam Kennedy
  • UH38 Justin Upton AS
  • UH39 Jake Fox
  • UH40 Carl Pavano
  • UH41 Xavier Paul (RC)
  • UH42 Eric Hinske
  • UH43 Koyie Hill
  • UH44 Seth Smith
  • UH45 Brad Ausmus
  • UH46 Clayton Richard
  • UH47 Carlos Beltran AS
  • UH48 Albert Pujols AS
  • UH49 Edwin Jackson
  • UH50 Gary Sheffield
  • UH51 Jesus Guzman RC
  • UH52 Kyle Blanks RC
  • UH53 Clete Thomas
  • UH54 Vin Mazzaro RC
  • UH55 Ben Zobrist AS
  • UH56 Wes Helms
  • UH57 Juan Uribe
  • UH58 Omar Quintanilla
  • UH59 David Ross
  • UH60 Brandon Inge HRD
  • UH61 Jamie Hoffmann RC
  • UH62 Russell Branyan
  • UH63 Marc Rzepczynski RC
  • UH64 Alex Gonzalez
  • UH65 Joe Mauer AS
  • UH66 Jhoulys Chacin RC
  • UH67 Brandon McCarthy
  • UH68 David Eckstein
  • UH69 Joe Girardi / Derek Jeter CC
  • UH70 Wilkin Ramirez RC
  • UH71 Chase Utley AS
  • UH72 John Mayberry, Jr. (RC)
  • UH73 Sean West (RC)
  • UH74 Mitch Maier
  • UH75 Matt Lindstrom
  • UH76 Scott Rolen
  • UH77 Jeremy Reed
  • UH78 LaTroy Hawkins
  • UH79 Robert Andino
  • UH80 Matt Stairs
  • UH81 Mark Teixeira AS
  • UH82 David Wright AS
  • UH83 Emilio Bonifacio
  • UH84 Gerardo Parra RC
  • UH85 Joe Crede
  • UH86 Carlos Pena AS
  • UH87 Jake Peavy
  • UH88 Jim Leyland / Tony La Russa CC
  • UH89 Phil Hughes
  • UH90 Orlando Cabrera
  • UH91 Anderson Hernandez
  • UH92 Edwin Encarnacion
  • UH93 Pedro Martinez
  • UH94 Jarrod Washburn
  • UH95 Ryan Freel
  • UH96 Tony Gwynn, Jr.
  • UH97 Juan Castro
  • UH98 Hanley Ramirez AS
  • UH99 Kevin Gregg
  • UH100 CC Sabathia
  • UH101 Nick Green
  • UH102 Brett Hayes (RC)
  • UH103 Evan Longoria AS
  • UH104 Geoff Blum
  • UH105 Luis Valbuena
  • UH106 Jonny Gomes
  • UH107 Anthony Swarzak (RC)
  • UH108 Chris Tillman RC
  • UH109 Orlando Hudson HL
  • UH110 Justin Masterson
  • UH111 Livan Hernandez
  • UH112 Kyle Farnsworth
  • UH113 Francisco Rodriguez AS
  • UH114 Chris Coghlan RC
  • UH115 Jeff Weaver
  • UH116 Alfredo Figaro RC
  • UH117 Alex Rios
  • UH118 Blake Hawksworth (RC)
  • UH119 Bud Norris RC
  • UH120 Aaron Poreda RC
  • UH121 Brandon Inge AS
  • UH122 Kevin Youkilis / David Wright / Derek Jeter / Shane Victorino CC
  • UH123 Ryan Braun AS
  • UH124 Delwyn Young
  • UH125 Fernando Martinez RC
  • UH126 Matt Tolbert
  • UH127 Shane Robinson RC
  • UH128 Chone Figgins AS
  • UH129 Shane Victorino AS
  • UH130 Randy Johnson HL
  • UH131 Derek Jeter AS
  • UH132 Joe Thurston
  • UH133 Graham Taylor RC
  • UH134 Derek Holland RC
  • UH135 Ryan Perry / Rick Porcello CC
  • UH136 Raul Ibanez AS
  • UH137 Ross Ohlendorf
  • UH138 Ryan Church
  • UH139 Brian Moehler
  • UH140 Jack Wilson
  • UH141 Jason Hammel
  • UH142 Jorge Posada HL
  • UH143 Matt Maloney (RC)
  • UH144 Ronny Cedeno
  • UH145 Micah Hoffpauir
  • UH146 Juan Cruz
  • UH147 Jayson Nix
  • UH148 Jason Bay AS
  • UH149 Joel Hanrahan
  • UH150 Raul Ibanez
  • UH151 Jayson Werth AS
  • UH152 Barbaro Canizares RC
  • UH153 Ichiro AS
  • UH154 Gerardo Parra HL
  • UH155 Andrew McCutchen (RC)
  • UH156 Heath Bell AS
  • UH157 Josh Hamilton AS
  • UH158 Wilson Valdez
  • UH159 Chad Billingsley AS
  • UH160 Edgar Renteria
  • UH161 Andrew Bailey AS
  • UH162 Chris Perez
  • UH163 Alejandro De Aza
  • UH164 Brett Tomko
  • UH165 Maicer Izturis
  • UH166 Mike Redmond
  • UH167 Julio Borbon RC
  • UH168 Paul Phillips
  • UH169 Mark Kotsay
  • UH170 Jason Giambi
  • UH171 Trevor Hoffman AS
  • UH172 Tyler Greene (RC)
  • UH173 David Robertson
  • UH174 Omar Vizquel
  • UH175 Jody Gerut
  • UH176 Diory Hernandez RC
  • UH177 Neftali Feliz RC
  • UH178 Josh Beckett AS
  • UH179 Carl Crawford HL
  • UH180 Mariano Rivera HL
  • UH181 Zach Duke AS
  • UH182 Mark Buehrle AS
  • UH183 Guillermo Quiroz
  • UH184 Francisco Cordero AS
  • UH185 Kevin Correia
  • UH186 Zack Greinke AS
  • UH187 Ryan Franklin AS
  • UH188 Jeff Francouer
  • UH189 Michael Young / Josh Hamilton / Ian Kinsler CC
  • UH190 Ken Griffey, Jr. HL
  • UH191 Ben Zobrist
  • UH192 Prince Fielder HRD
  • UH193 Landon Powell (RC)
  • UH194 Ty Wigginton
  • UH195 P.J. Walters RC
  • UH196 Brian Fuentes AS
  • UH197 Dan Haren AS
  • UH198 Roy Halladay AS
  • UH199 Mike Rivera
  • UH200 Randy Johnson
  • UH201 Jordan Zimmermann RC
  • UH202 Angel Berroa
  • UH203 Ben Francisco
  • UH204 Brian Barden
  • UH205 Dallas Braden
  • UH206 Chris Burke
  • UH207 Garrett Jones
  • UH208 Chad Gaudin
  • UH209 Andruw Jones
  • UH210 Jason Vargas
  • UH211 Brad Bergesen (RC)
  • UH212 Ian Kinsler HL
  • UH213 Josh Johnson AS
  • UH214 Jason Grilli
  • UH215 Felix Hernandez AS
  • UH216 Mat Latos RC
  • UH217 Craig Stammen RC
  • UH218 Cliff Lee
  • UH219 Ken Takahashi RC
  • UH220 Matt LaPorta RC
  • UH221 Adrian Gonzalez HRD
  • UH222 Ted Lilly AS
  • UH223 Jack Hannahan
  • UH224 Takashi Saito
  • UH225 Gregorio Petit
  • UH226 Kevin Hart
  • UH227 Edwin Jackson AS
  • UH228 Jason LaRue
  • UH229 Kevin Millar
  • UH230 Freddy Sanchez
  • UH231 Josh Bard
  • UH232 Tim Lincecum AS
  • UH233 Ramon Santiago
  • UH234 Mike Sweeney
  • UH235 Joe Nathan AS
  • UH236 Kris Benson
  • UH237 Dustin Pedroia AS
  • UH238 Kevin Cash
  • UH239 George Sherrill
  • UH240 Jason Marquis AS
  • UH241 Dewayne Wise
  • UH242 Randy Wells
  • UH243 Jonathan Papelbon AS
  • UH244 Johan Santana AS
  • UH245 Mariano Rivera AS
  • UH246 Javier Vazquez
  • UH247 Lastings Milledge
  • UH248 Chan Ho Park
  • UH249 Brian McCann AS
  • UH250 Mark Teixeira
  • UH251 Ian Snell
  • UH252 Justin Verlander AS
  • UH253 Prince Fielder AS
  • UH254 Cesar Izturis
  • UH255 Omir Santos RC
  • UH256 Tim Wakefield AS
  • UH257 Adrian Gonzalez AS
  • UH258 Nyjer Morgan
  • UH259 Victor Martinez AS
  • UH260 Ryan Howard AS
  • UH261 Aaron Bates RC
  • UH262 Jeff Niemann
  • UH263 Matt Holliday
  • UH264 Adam LaRoche
  • UH265 Justin Morneau AS
  • UH266 Jonathan Broxton AS
  • UH267 Miguel Cairo
  • UH268 Chris Getz
  • UH269 Cliff Floyd
  • UH270 David Ortiz / Alex Rodriguez CC
  • UH271 Frank Catalanotto
  • UH272 Carlos Pena HRD
  • UH273 Mark Lowe
  • UH274 Joe Mauer HRD
  • UH275 Ryan Garko
  • UH276 Brad Penny
  • UH277 Orlando Hudson AS
  • UH278 Gaby Sanchez RC
  • UH279 Ross Detwiler
  • UH280 Mark DeRosa
  • UH281 Kevin Youkilis AS
  • UH282 Victor Martinez
  • UH283 Freddy Sanchez AS
  • UH284 Mark Melancon RC
  • UH285 Ryan Franklin
  • UH286 Sidney Ponson
  • UH287 Matt Joyce
  • UH288 Jon Garland
  • UH289 Nick Johnson
  • UH290 Jason Michaels
  • UH291 Ross Gload
  • UH292 Yuniesky Betancourt
  • UH293 Aaron Hill AS
  • UH294 Josh Anderson
  • UH295 Miguel Tejada AS
  • UH296 Casey McGehee
  • UH297 Brett Cecil RC
  • UH298 Jason Bartlett AS
  • UH299 Ryan Langerhans
  • UH300 Albert Pujols HRD
  • UH301 Ryan Zimmerman AS
  • UH302 Casey Kotchman
  • UH303 Luke French (RC)
  • UH304 Nick Swisher / Johnny Damon CC
  • UH305 Michael Young AS
  • UH306 Endy Chavez
  • UH307 Heath Bell
  • UH308 Matt Cain AS
  • UH309 Scott Podsednik
  • UH310 Scott Richmond
  • UH311 David Huff RC
  • UH312 Ryan Hanigan
  • UH313 Jeff Baker
  • UH314 Brad Hawpe AS
  • UH315 Jerry Hairston, Jr.
  • UH316 Hunter Pence / Ryan Braun CC
  • UH317 Nelson Cruz HRD
  • UH318 Carl Crawford AS
  • UH319 Ramon Castro
  • UH320 Mark Schlereth / Daniel Schlereth CC
  • UH321 Hunter Pence AS
  • UH322 Sean Marshall
  • UH323 Ramon Ramirez
  • UH324 Nolan Reimold (RC)
  • UH325 Torii Hunter AS
  • UH326 Nate McLouth
  • UH327 Julio Lugo
  • UH328 Matt Palmer
  • UH329 Curtis Granderson AS
  • UH330 Ken Griffey, Jr.


Jimmie-Foxx.jpg?id=0f61fb75-a6e4-4995-98e4-a887e3e87378&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jimmie-Foxx.jpg?id=0f61fb75-a6e4-4995-98e4-a887e3e87378&size=original&side=back&.jpg

UH47 Duke Snider

UH48 Roger Maris

UH52 Bo Jackson

UH65 Paul Molitor

UH71a Rogers Hornsby

UH71b Ryne Sandberg

UH98 Honus Wagner

UH103 Wade Boggs

UH148 Tris Speaker

UH150 Ty Cobb

UH153 George Sisler

UH186 Christy Mathewson

UH198 Cy Young

UH232a Nolan Ryan CAL

UH232b Nolan Ryan NYM

UH250a Johnny Mize NYY

UH250b Johnny Mize NYG

UH253a Reggie Jackson CAL

UH253b Reggie Jackson OAK

UH260 Willie McCovey

UH281 Jimmie Foxx

UH318 Rickey Henderson

UH325 Frank Robinson

UH330a Babe Ruth Braves

UH330b Babe Ruth Red Sox


Ivan-Rodriguez.jpg?id=f338bed9-4fd4-4092-830e-de91df7c9cb7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Zach-Duke.jpg?id=1035e80e-41ed-4f0e-b259-42f2ac1d89a4&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mariano-Rivera.jpg?id=d48e4ac2-3d4e-43c0-b8ca-30494855226b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Brett-Hayes.jpg?id=c568c0fd-5a73-4fde-9e7e-c5159e9bba30&size=original&side=front&.jpg Omar-Quintanilla.jpg?id=9555201b-28c7-427f-a0f0-8009bc71d7f0&size=original&side=front&.jpg

All 330 base cards are available in the following parallels:

  • All-Black (exclusive to packs sold at Wal-Mart)
  • Throwback Stock (exclusive to packs sold at Target)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 2009)
  • Black (serial-numbered to 58; Hobby and HTA packs only)
  • Platinum (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each card; Hobby and HTA packs only)

Chrome Rookie Refractors

https://img.comc.com/i/Baseball/2009/Topps-Updates--Highlights---Chrome-Rookie-Refractors/CHR46/Ken-Takahashi.jpg?id=d54331f0-3002-4ed1-9ed8-dcea40eb9afe&size=original&side=fromatt nt&.jpg Ken-Takahashi.jpg?id=d54331f0-3002-4ed1-9ed8-dcea40eb9afe&size=original&side=back&.jpg

CHR1 Michael Saunders

CHR2 David Hernandez

CHR3 Tommy Hanson

CHR4 Daniel Schlereth

CHR5 Gordon Beckham

CHR6 Sean O'Sullivan

CHR7 Josh Reddick

CHR8 Kris Medlen

CHR9 Daniel Bard

CHR10 Xavier Paul

CHR11 Jesus Guzman

CHR12 Kyle Blanks

CHR13 Vin Mazzaro

CHR14 Jamie Hoffmann

CHR15 Mark Rzepczynski

CHR16 Jhoulys Chacin

CHR17 Wilkin Ramirez

CHR18 John Mayberry Jr.

CHR19 Sean West

CHR20 Gerardo Parra

CHR21 Brett Hayes

CHR22 Anthony Swarzak

CHR23 Chris Tillman

CHR24 Chris Coghlan

CHR25 Alfredo Figaro

CHR26 Blake Hawksworth

CHR27 Bud Norris

CHR28 Aaron Poreda

CHR29 Fernando Martinez

CHR30 Shane Robinson

CHR31 Graham Taylor

CHR32 Derek Holland

CHR33 Matt Maloney

CHR34 Barbaro Canizares

CHR35 Andrew McCutchen

CHR36 Julio Borbon

CHR37 Tyler Greene

CHR38 Diory Hernandez

CHR39 Neftali Feliz

CHR40 Landon Powell

CHR41 P.J. Walters

CHR42 Jordan Zimmermann

CHR43 Brad Bergesen

CHR44 Mat Latos

CHR45 Craig Stammen

CHR46 Ken Takahashi

CHR47 Matt LaPorta

CHR48 Omir Santos

CHR49 Aaron Bates

CHR50 Gaby Sanchez

CHR51 Mark Melancon

CHR52 Brett Cecil

CHR53 Luke French

CHR54 David Huff

CHR55 Nolan Reimold


Matt-Palmer.jpg?id=3c9ca446-3ef5-4cc0-ae14-b6cf5451a636&size=original&side=front&.jpg Matt-Palmer.jpg?id=3c9ca446-3ef5-4cc0-ae14-b6cf5451a636&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each card is framed and serial-numbered to 50 copies.

S201 Ivan Rodriguez

S202 Felipe Lopez

S203 David Hernandez

S204 Brian Fuentes

S205 Jonathan Broxton

S206 Tommy Hanson

S207 Daniel Schlereth

S208 Gordon Beckham

S209 Sean O'Sullivan

S210 Gabe Gross

S211 Orlando Hudson

S212 Matt Murton

S213 Rich Hill

S214 J.A. Happ

S215 Kris Medlan

S216 Daniel Bard

S217 Laynce Nix

S218 Jake Fox

S219 Carl Pavano

S220 Clayton Richard

S221 Edwin Jackson

S222 Gary Sheffield

S223 Kyle Blanks

S224 Vin Mazzaro

S225 Juan Uribe

S226 David Ross

S227 Russell Branyan

S228 David Eckstein

S229 Wilkin Ramirez

S230 John Mayberry Jr.

S231 Sean West

S232 Matt Lindstrom

S233 Jermey Reed

S234 Emilio Bonifacio

S235 Gerardo Parra

S236 Joe Crede

S237 Tony Gwynn

S238 Kevin Gregg

S239 CC Sabathia

S240 Nick Green

S241 Anthony Swarzak

S242 Livan Hernandez

S243 Chris Coghlan

S244 Jeff Weaver

S245 Alfredo Figaro

S246 Aaron Poreda

S247 Delwyn Young

S248 Fernando Martinez

S249 Graham Taylor

S250 Derek Holland

S251 Jayson Nix

S252 Raul Ibanez

S253 Andrew McCutchen

S254 Edgar Renteria

S255 Mark Sweeney

S256 Maicer Izturis

S257 Mark Kotsay

S258 Jason Giambi

S259 Tyler Greene

S260 Omar Vizquel

S261 Diory Hernandez

S262 Ben Zobrist

S263 Landon Powell

S264 Ty Wigginton

S265 Randy Johnson

S266 Jordan Zimmermann

S267 Angel Berroa

S268 Andruw Jones

S269 Jason Vargas

S270 Brad Bergensen

S271 Craig Stammen

S272 Matt LaPorta

S273 Takashi Saito

S274 Kevin Millar

S275 Randy Wells

S276 Javier Vazquez

S277 Mark Teixeira

S278 Cesar Izturis

S279 Omir Santos

S280 Jeff Niemann

S281 Chris Getz

S282 Brad Penny

S283 Mark DeRosa

S284 Jon Garland

S285 Josh Anderson

S286 Casey McGehee

S287 Brett Cecil

S288 Jason Isringhausen

S289 Endy Chavez

S290 Heath Bell

S291 Scott Podsednik

S292 Scott Richmond

S293 David Huff

S294 Ramon Castro

S295 Sean Marshall

S296 Ramon Ramirez

S297 Nolan Reimold

S298 Nate McLouth

S299 Matt Palmer

S300 Ken Griffey Jr.


Legends of the Game Updates

Honus-Wagner.jpg?id=54701674-be0b-4d2c-889f-e7777b963aa2&size=original&side=front&.jpg Honus-Wagner.jpg?id=54701674-be0b-4d2c-889f-e7777b963aa2&size=original&side=back&.jpg

LGU1 Cy Young

LGU2 Honus Wagner

LGU3 Christy Mathewson

LGU4 Ty Cobb

LGU5 Tris Speaker

LGU6 Babe Ruth

LGU7 George Sisler

LGU8 Rogers Hornsby

LGU9 Jimmie Foxx

LGU10 Johnny Mize

LGU11 Nolan Ryan

LGU12 Juan Marichal

LGU13 Steve Carlton

LGU14 Reggie Jackson

LGU15 Frank Robinson

LGU16 Wade Boggs

LGU17 Paul Molitor

LGU18 Babe Ruth

LGU19 Nolan Ryan

LGU20 Frank Robinson

LGU21 Reggie Jackson

LGU22 Wade Boggs

LGU23 Rogers Hornsby

LGU24 Paul Molitor

LGU25 Johnny Mize

Turkey Red

David-Price.jpg?id=4157a18e-afa1-4cc2-bc9b-527f398416b9&size=original&side=front&.jpg David-Price.jpg?id=4157a18e-afa1-4cc2-bc9b-527f398416b9&size=original&side=back&.jpg

TR101 Ty Cobb

TR102 David Price

TR103 Jorge Posada

TR104 Brian Roberts

TR105 Tris Speaker

TR106 John Lackey

TR107 Miguel Tejada

TR108 Dan Haren

TR109 Troy Tulowitzki

TR110 Yunel Escobar

TR111 Kenji Uehara

TR112 Vernon Wells

TR113 Jimmie Foxx

TR114 CC Sabathia

TR115 Alexei Ramirez

TR116 Rick Porcello

TR117 Gary Sheffield

TR118 Ryan Dempster

TR119 Shin-Soo Choo

TR120 Adam Dunn

TR121 Edinson Volquez

TR122 Kevin Youkilis

TR123 Roy Halladay

TR124 Justin Verlander

TR125 Max Scherzer

TR126 Jorge Cantu

TR127 Roy Oswalt

TR128 Tommy Hanson

TR129 Raul Ibanez

TR130 Johan Santana

TR131 Jermaine Dye

TR132 Mariano Rivera

TR133 Rogers Hornsby

TR134 Daisuke Matsuzaka

TR135 Andrew McCutchen

TR136 Jake Peavy

TR137 Jason Bay

TR138 Ken Griffey

TR139 Chris Carpenter

TR140 Carl Crawford

TR141 Victor Martinez

TR142 Brad Hawpe

TR143 Aaron Hill

TR144 Randy Johnson

TR145 Gordon Beckham

TR146 Jordan Zimmermann

TR147 Freddy Sanchez

TR148 Carlos Pena

TR149 Johnny Cueto

TR150 Babe Ruth

Ring of Honor

Johnny-Mize.jpg?id=10f582c2-2814-43ed-a26a-f3800c05c476&size=original&side=front&.jpg Johnny-Mize.jpg?id=10f582c2-2814-43ed-a26a-f3800c05c476&size=original&side=back&.jpg

RH76 Babe Ruth

RH77 Jackie Robinson

RH78 Chris Duncan

RH79 Christy Mathewson

RH80 Cy Young

RH81 Jermaine Dye

RH82 Honus Wagner

RH83 Chone Figgins

RH84 Walter Johnson

RH85 Jon Garland

RH86 Mel Ott

RH87 Jimmie Foxx

RH88 Hideki Okajima

RH89 Johnny Mize

RH90 Rogers Hornsby

RH91 Miguel Cabrera

RH92 Pee Wee Reese

RH93 Darin Erstad

RH94 Tris Speaker

RH95 Steve Garvey

RH96 Lou Gehrig

RH97 Babe Ruth

RH98 David Ortiz

RH99 Thurman Munson

RH100 Roy Campanella


Andrew-McCutchen.jpg?id=f28f7216-242f-4973-9411-4909b50e15de&size=original&side=front&.jpg Andrew-McCutchen.jpg?id=f28f7216-242f-4973-9411-4909b50e15de&size=original&side=back&.jpg

PP1 Adam Dunn

PP2 Adrian Gonzalez UER (shows Brewers logo)

PP3 Albert Pujols

PP4 Andrew McCutchen

PP5 Alfonso Soriano

PP6 Carlos Quentin

PP7 Chipper Jones

PP8 David Wright

PP9 Dustin Pedroia

PP10 Evan Longoria

PP11 Grady Sizemore

PP12 Hanley Ramirez UER (Says "'06 AL Rookie of the Year" on back)

PP13 Hunter Pence

PP14 Ichiro Suzuki

PP15 Andrew Bailey

PP16 Jay Bruce

PP17 Joe Mauer

PP18 Josh Hamilton

PP19 Justin Upton

PP20 Manny Ramirez

PP21 Mark Teixeira

PP22 Miguel Cabrera

PP23 Nick Markakis UER (Date on front should read "1954")

PP24 Roy Halladay

PP25 Ryan Braun

PP26 Ryan Howard

PP27 Tim Lincecum

PP28 Todd Helton

PP29 Vladimir Guerrero

PP30 Zack Greinke

Manufactured Relics

Legends of the Game Team Letter Patch Cards

Roy-Campanella-(Letter-D).jpg?id=506d7d14-bb73-48cb-8cab-c9dc690e2fbe&size=original&side=front&.jpg Roy-Campanella-(Letter-D).jpg?id=506d7d14-bb73-48cb-8cab-c9dc690e2fbe&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Each card features a manufactured (not game-used) letter patch. There are multiple letters for each player and when all are collected, spells out the city or team's name. Each card is serial numbered to 50 individual copies.




LGTLP-JR Jackie Robinson (DODGERS)

LGTLP-RC Roy Campenella (DODGERS)

LGTLP-TM Thurman Munson (NEW YORK)




LGTLP-MM Mickey Mantle (NEW YORK)

LGTLP-JF Jimmie Foxx (RED SOX)



LGTLP-CM Christy Mathewson (NEW YORK)


LGTLP-TS Tris Speaker (BOSTON)

LGTLP-GS George Sisler (ST. LOUIS)


Stadium Stamp Collection

Crosley-Field.jpg?id=4537c06a-12db-4b71-bda7-5e8aeef70a4b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Crosley-Field.jpg?id=4537c06a-12db-4b71-bda7-5e8aeef70a4b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each is serial-numbered to 90 copies.

SSC1 Polo Grounds

SSC2 Forbes Field

SSC3 Wrigley Field

SSC4 Yankee Stadium

SSC5 Tiger Stadium

SSC6 Shibe Park

SSC7 Crosley Field

SSC8 Comiskey Park

SSC9 Fenway Park

SSC10 Ebbets Field

Sketch Cards

Each is a one-of-one.

SC Aaron Hill

SC Adam Dunn

SC Adam Jones

SC Adam Lind

SC Adrian Gonzalez

SC Albert Pujols

SC Alex Rios

SC Alex Rodriguez

SC Andrew Bailey

SC Andrew McCutchen

SC Ben Zobrist

SC Brad Hawpe

SC Brandon Inge

SC Brian Fuentes

SC Brian McCann

SC Carl Crawford

SC Carlos Beltran

SC Carlos Pena

SC CC Sabathia

SC Chad Billingsley

SC Chase Utley

SC Chipper Jones

SC Chone Figgins

SC Cristian Guzman

SC Curtis Granderson

SC Dan Haren

SC David Ortiz

SC David Wright

SC Derek Jeter

SC Dustin Pedroia

SC Edwin Jackson

SC Evan Longoria

SC Felix Hernandez

SC Francisco Cordero

SC Francisco Rodriguez

SC Freddy Sanchez

SC Gordon Beckham

SC Grady Sizemore

SC Hanley Ramirez

SC Heath Bell

SC Hunter Pence

SC Ian Kinsler

SC Ichiro Suzuki

SC Jason Bartlett

SC Jason Bay

SC Jason Marquis

SC Jered Weaver

SC Jermaine Dye

SC Joe Mauer

SC Joe Nathan

SC Johan Santana

SC John Smotlz

SC Johnny Cueto

SC Johnny Damon

SC Jonathan Broxton

SC Jonathan Papelbon

SC Jorge Posada

SC Josh Beckett

SC Josh Hamilton

SC Josh Johnson

SC Justin Morneau

SC Justin Upton

SC Justin Verlander

SC Kevin Millwood

SC Kevin Youkilis

SC Lance Berkman

SC Manny Ramirez

SC Mariano Rivera

SC Mark Buehrle

SC Mark Reynolds

SC Mark Teixeira

SC Matt Cain

SC Matt Holliday

SC Matt Kemp

SC Michael Young

SC Miguel Cabrera

SC Miguel Tejada

SC Nick Markakis

SC Orlando Hudson

SC Pablo Sandoval

SC Prince Fielder

SC Raul Ibanez

SC Roy Halladay

SC Russell Branyan

SC Ryan Braun

SC Ryan Franklin

SC Ryan Howard

SC Ryan Zimmerman

SC Shane Victorino

SC Ted Lilly

SC Tim Lincecum

SC Tim Wakefield

SC Tommy Hanson

SC Torii Hunter

SC Vernon Wells

SC Victor Martinez

SC Vin Mazzaro

SC Vladimir Guerrero

SC Yadier Molina

SC Zack Greinke

Autographs & Game-Used

All-Star Stiches

Brian-Fuentes.jpg?id=c4a190df-f928-4442-a005-904ff29bfced&size=original&side=front&.jpg Brian-Fuentes.jpg?id=c4a190df-f928-4442-a005-904ff29bfced&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each is available in a Gold (numbered to 50 copies) and Platinum (one-of-one) parallel.

AST-1 Chase Utley

AST-2 Nelson Cruz

AST-3 Adam Jones

AST-4 Justin Upton

AST-5 Albert Pujols

AST-6 Ben Zobrist

AST-7 Joe Mauer

AST-8 Yadier Molina

AST-9 Mark Teixeira

AST-10 David Wright

AST-11 Carlos Pena

AST-12 Hanley Ramirez

AST-13 Adrian Gonzalez

AST-14 Francisco Rodriguez

AST-15 Evan Longoria

AST-16 Brandon Inge

AST-17 Shane Victorino

AST-18 Raul Ibanez

AST-19 Jason Bay

AST-20 Jayson Werth

AST-21 Ichiro Suzuki

AST-22 Heath Bell

AST-23 Andrew Bailey

AST-24 Chad Billingsley

AST-25 Josh Hamilton

AST-26 Trevor Hoffman

AST-27 Josh Beckett

AST-28 Zach Duke

AST-29 Mark Buehrle

AST-30 Zack Greinke

AST-31 Francisco Cordero

AST-32 Ryan Franklin

AST-33 Brian Fuentes

AST-34 Dan Haren

AST-35 Roy Halladay

AST-36 Josh Johnson

AST-37 Felix Hernandez

AST-38 Ted Lilly

AST-39 Edwin Jackson

AST-40 Tim Lincecum

AST-41 Joe Nathan

AST-42 Jason Marquis

AST-43 Jonathan Papelbon

AST-44 Johan Santana

AST-45 Mariano Rivera

AST-46 Brian McCann

AST-47 Justin Verlander

AST-48 Prince Fielder

AST-49 Tim Wakefield

AST-50 Ryan Braun

AST-51 Victor Martinez

AST-52 Ryan Zimmerman

AST-53 Justin Morneau

AST-54 Orlando Hudson

AST-55 Kevin Youkilis

AST-56 Freddy Sanchez

AST-57 Aaron Hill

AST-58 Miguel Tejada

AST-59 Jason Bartlett

AST-60 Ryan Howard

AST-61 Michael Young

AST-62 Brad Hawpe

AST-63 Carl Crawford

AST-64 Hunter Pence

AST-65 Curtis Granderson

AST-66 Johnathan Broxton

AST-67 Matt Cain

All-Star Jumbo Patches

Each is serial-numbered to six copies.

ASJP-1 Chase Utley

ASJP-2 Nelson Cruz

ASJP-3 Adam Jones

ASJP-4 Justin Upton

ASJP-5 Albert Pujols

ASJP-6 Ben Zobrist

ASJP-7 Joe Mauer

ASJP-8 Yadier Molina

ASJP-9 Mark Teixeira

ASJP-10 David Wright

ASJP-11 Carlos Pena

ASJP-12 Hanley Ramirez

ASJP-13 Adrian Gonzalez

ASJP-14 Francisco Rodriguez

ASJP-15 Evan Longoria

ASJP-16 Brandon Inge

ASJP-17 Shane Victorino

ASJP-18 Raul Ibanez

ASJP-19 Jason Bay

ASJP-20 Jayson Werth

ASJP-21 Ichiro Suzuki

ASJP-22 Heath Bell

ASJP-23 Andrew Bailey

ASJP-24 Chad Billingsley

ASJP-25 Josh Hamilton

ASJP-26 Trevor Hoffman

ASJP-27 Josh Beckett

ASJP-28 Zach Duke

ASJP-29 Mark Buehrle

ASJP-30 Zack Greinke

ASJP-31 Francisco Cordero

ASJP-32 Ryan Franklin

ASJP-33 Brian Fuentes

ASJP-34 Dan Haren

ASJP-35 Roy Halladay

ASJP-36 Josh Johnson

ASJP-37 Felix Hernandez

ASJP-38 Ted Lilly

ASJP-39 Edwin Jackson

ASJP-40 Tim Lincecum

ASJP-41 Joe Nathan

ASJP-42 Jason Marquis

ASJP-43 Jonathan Papelbon

ASJP-44 Johan Santana

ASJP-45 Mariano Rivera

ASJP-46 Brian McCann

ASJP-47 Justin Verlander

ASJP-48 Prince Fielder

ASJP-49 Tim Wakefield

ASJP-50 Ryan Braun

ASJP-51 Victor Martinez

ASJP-52 Ryan Zimmerman

ASJP-53 Orlando Hudson

ASJP-54 Kevin Youkilis

ASJP-55 Freddy Sanchez

ASJP-56 Aaron Hill

ASJP-57 Miguel Tejada

ASJP-58 Jason Bartlett

ASJP-59 Ryan Howard

ASJP-60 Michael Young

ASJP-61 Brad Hawpe

ASJP-62 Carl Crawford

ASJP-63 Hunter Pence

ASJP-64 Curtis Granderson

ASJP-65 Johnathan Broxton

ASJP-66 Matt Cain

All-Star Jumbo Patch Autographs

Josh-Johnson.jpg?id=f7caf11c-c275-43d8-aa3a-87b44d8324da&size=original&side=front&.jpg Josh-Johnson.jpg?id=f7caf11c-c275-43d8-aa3a-87b44d8324da&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each is serial-numbered to six copies.

ASJAR-AP Albert Pujols

ASJAR-DW David Wright

ASJAR-RI Raul Ibanez

ASJAR-RB Ryan Braun

ASJAR-EL Evan Longoria

Prince Fielder

Miguel Tejada

Zack Greinke

Adam Jones

Ryan Howard

All-Star Stiches Dual Relics

Each is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

ASTD-1 Ryan Braun/Kevin Youkilis

ASTD-2 Mariano Rivera/Francisco Rodriguez

ASTD-3 Mark Teixeira/Prince Fielder

ASTD-4 Ryan Howard/Justin Morneau

ASTD-5 David Wright/Evan Longoria

ASTD-6 Tim Lincecum/Roy Halladay

ASTD-7 Johan Santana/Zack Greinke

ASTD-8 Adrian Gonzalez/Carlos Pena

ASTD-9 Justin Upton/Adam Jones

ASTD-10 Albert Pujols/Joe Mauer

All-Star Stiches Triple Relics

Each is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

ASTT-1 Evan Longoria/Carl Crawford/Ben Zobrist

ASTT-2 Chase Utley/Ryan Howard/Raul Ibanez

ASTT-3 Carl Crawford/Ichiro/Curtis Granderson

ASTT-4 Kevin Youkilis/Josh Beckett/Jason Bay

ASTT-5 Johan Santana/Tim Lincecum/Roy Halladay

ASTT-6 Felix Hernandez/Dan Haren/Chad Billingsley

ASTT-7 Mark Teixeira/Prince Fielder/Adrian Gonzalez

ASTT-8 Albert Pujols/Ryan Howard/Justin Morneau

ASTT-9 Adam Jones/Ryan Braun/Justin Upton

ASTT-10 Mariano Rivera/Francisco Rodriguez/Jonathan Papelbon

Legends of the Game Updates Relic Cards

LGUR1 Cy Young

LGUR2 Honus Wagner

LGUR3 Christy Mathewson

LGUR4 Ty Cobb

LGUR5 Tris Speaker

LGUR6 Babe Ruth

LGUR7 George Sisler

LGUR8 Rogers Hornsby

LGUR9 Jimmie Foxx

LGUR10 Johnny Mize

LGUR11 Nolan Ryan

LGUR12 Juan Marichal

LGUR13 Steve Carlton

LGUR14 Reggie Jackson

LGUR15 Frank Robinson

LGUR16 Wade Boggs

LGUR17 Paul Molitor

LGUR18 Babe Ruth

LGUR19 Nolan Ryan

LGUR20 Frank Robinson

LGUR21 Reggie Jackson

LGUR22 Wade Boggs

LGUR23 Rogers Hornsby

LGUR24 Paul Molitor

LGUR25 Johnny Mize

World Baseball Classic Dual Relics

Each is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

CDR-NH Drew Naylor/Luke Hughes

CDR-HD Liam Hendriks/Mitch Dening

CDR-WA Nick Weglarz/Phillippe Aumont

CDR-LL Kai Liu/Chenhao Li

CDR-ZF Xiaotian Zhang/Fei Feng

CDR-CK Hung-Wen Chen/Po-Hsuan Keng

CDR-RM Luis Rodriquez/Alexander Mayeta

CDR-CO Mike Constanzo/Adam Ottavino

CDR-CP Francisco Cervelli/Nick Punto

CDR-LK Jae Woo Lee/Kwang-Hyun Kim

CDR-SC Joakim Soria/David Cortes

CDR-GC Edgar Gonzalez/Jorge Cantu

CDR-DH Yurendell De Caster/Greg Halman

CDR-SS Alexander Smit/Juan Carlos Sulbaren

CDR-ER Damaso Espino/Carlos Ruiz

CDR-RT Concepcion Rodriguez/Ruben Tejada

CDR-EN Justin Erasmus/Gift Ngoepe

CDR-RL Hein Robb/Dylan Lindsay

CDR-WR David Wright/Jimmy Rollins

CDR-COR Miguel Cabrera/Magglio Ordonez

CDR-AA Norichika Aoki/Shinnosuke Abe

CDR-HLL Dae Hoe Lee/Jin Young Lee

CDR-RR Jose Reyes/Hanley Ramirez

CDR-CM Johnny Cueto/Pedro Martinez

CDR-GCE Yulieski Gourriel/Frederich Cepeda

World Baseball Classic Triple Relics

Each is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

CTR-NHH Drew Naylor/Luke Hughes/Liam Hendriks

CTR-WAM Nick Weglarz/Phillippe Aumont/Russell Martin

CTR-RRT Jose Reyes/Hanley Ramirez/Miguel Tejada

CTR-RNL Hein Robb/Gift Ngoepe/Dylan Lindsay

CTR-LLC Dae Hoe Lee/Jin Young Lee/Shin Soo Choo

CTR-IDA Ichiro/Yu Darvish/Shinnosuke Abe

CTR-GCS Edgar Gonzalez/Jorge Cantu/Joakim Soria

CTR-CHR Francisco Cervelli/Ramon Hernandez/Carlos Ruiz

CTR-RRR Jose Reyes/Jimmy Rollins/Hanley Ramirez

CTR-COH Johnny Cueto/Roy Oswat/Felix Hernandez

CTR-DHS Yurenell De Caster/Greg Halman/Curt Smith

CTR-FAT Kosuke Fukudome/Masahiro Tanaka/Norichika Aoki

CTR-RTR Carlos Ruiz/Ruben Tejada/Concepcion Rodriguez

CTR-SSR Jonathan Sanchez/Geovany Soto/J.C. Romero

CTR-DWO Adam Dunn/Bernie Williams/Magglio Ordonez

CTR-SOH Carlos Silva/Magglio Ordonez/Ramon Hernandez

CTR-DWR Adam Dunn/David Wright/Jimmy Rollins

CTR-MSR Russell Martin/Geovany Soto/Carlos Ruiz

CTR-KRL Tae Kyun Kim/Hyun Jin Ryu/Jae Woo Lee

CTR-GCC Yulieski Gourriel/Frederich Cepeda/Yoennis Cespedes

CTR-SSS Juan Carlos Sulbaren/Curt Smith/Alexander Smit

CTR-DMC Adam Dunn/Alexander Mayeta/Miguel Cabrera

CTR-TGP Ruben Tejada/Edgar Gonzalez/Nick Punto

CTR-RCE Carlos Ruiz/Manuel Corpas/Damaso Espino

CTR-PCO Nick Punto/Francisco Cervelli/Adam Ottavino

Mickey Mantle 1960 Reprint Relic

Each is serial-numbered to 60 copies.

MMR-60 Mickey Mantle

    Autographed Ring of Honor

    ROHA-RK Ray Knight

    ROHA-CD Chris Duncan

    ROHA-JD Jermaine Dye

    ROHA-CF Chone Figgins

    ROHA-JG Jon Garland

    ROHA-HO Hideki Okajima

    ROHA-DO David Ortiz

    ROHA-MC Miguel Cabrera

    ROHA-BS Bruce Sutter

    ROHA-DE Darin Erstad

    Career Best Autographed

    CBA-PM Peter Moylan

    CBA-HB Heath Bell

    CBA-MJ Matt Joyce

    CBA-RC Ryan Church

    CBA-KG Kevin Gregg

    CBA-RH Rich Hill

    CBA-MB Milton Bradley

    CBA-AE Andre Ethier

    CBA-OH Orlando Hudson

    CBA-MC Matt Cain

    CBA-RI Raul Ibanez

    CBA-RO Roy Oswalt

    CBA-VG Vladimir Guerrero

    CBA-MH Matt Holliday

    CBA-GS Gary Sheffield

    CBA-JG Jason Giambi

    CBA-IR Ivan Rodriguez

    CBA-NM Nate McLouth

    CBA-AJ Andruw Jones

    Career Quest Autographed

    Ryan-Perry.jpg?id=fdb8ae2e-1e86-44f2-bfa3-4f57a9c6cdc0&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ryan-Perry.jpg?id=fdb8ae2e-1e86-44f2-bfa3-4f57a9c6cdc0&size=original&side=back&.jpg

    CQA-RP Ryan Perry

    CQA-TH Tommy Hanson

    CQA-VM Vinny Mazzaro

    CQA-MG Mat Gamel

    CQA-DH David Hernandez

    CQA-GB Gordon Beckham

    CQA-JZ Jordon Zimmermann

    CQA-AM Andrew McCutchen

    CQA-KU Koji Uehara

    CQA-RP Rick Porcello

    CQA-RB Reid Brignac

    Legends of the Game Autographs

    Each Legends of the Game Autograph is a one-of-one.

    • AK Al Kaline
    • BF Bob Feller
    • FJ Fergie Jenkins
    • FR Frank Robinson
    • FR2 Frank Robinson
    • GC Gary Carter
    • GC2 Gary Carter
    • JM Juan Marichal
    • NR Nolan Ryan
    • NR2 Nolan Ryan
    • PM Paul Molitor
    • PM2 Paul Molitor
    • RJ Reggie Jackson
    • SC Steve Carlton
    • TS Tom Seaver
    • TS2 Tom Seaver
    • WB Wade Boggs
    • WB2 Wade Boggs
    • WM Willie McCovey
    • WM2 Willie McCovey

    Legends of the Game Cut Signatures

    Each Legends of the Game Cut Signature is a one-of-one.

    • BD Bill Dickey
    • BM Bobby Murcer
    • CG Charlie Gehringer
    • FF Frankie Frisch
    • HN Hal Newhouser
    • JM Johnny Mize
    • JS Johnny Sain
    • JSE Joe Sewell
    • LG Lefty Grove
    • WM Wally Moon

    American Legends Cut Signatures

    Each American Legends Cut Signature is a one-of-one.