2007 Topps A-Rod Road to 500

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2007 Topps A-Rod Road to 500, is a 500-card, cross-brand, mirror insert set, that was distributed across most of Topps' 2007 baseball card lines. Like the 2005 Topps Barry Bonds Home Run History and 2006 Topps Mickey Mantle Home Run History sets, one card was created for each of Alex Rodriguez's career home runs. Like the Bonds and Mantle sets, the design of each Rodriguez card is identical, the lone difference being the number of the home run being celebrated.


For brevity's sake, a complete checklist of all 500 cards will not be listed. Rather, listed below are the products and insertion ratios each specific group of Road to 500 cards were inserted in.

ARHR1-ARHR25: 2007 Topps Series One (1:36) ARHR26-ARHR50: 2007 Finest ARHR51-ARHR75: 2007 Topps Heritage (1:24) ARHR76-ARHR100: 2007 Topps Opening Day (1:24)

ARHR126-ARHR175: 2007 Bowman (1:12) ARHR176-ARHR200: 2007 Topps Co-Signers (two-per-box loader pack) ARHR201-ARHR225: 2007 Topps Series Two (1:36) ARHR226-ARHR250: 2007 Topps Chrome (two-per-box loader pack) ARHR251-ARHR300: 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter (1:24) ARHR276-ARHR300: 2007 Bowman Chrome (two-per-box loader pack) ARHR301-ARHR325: 2007 Topps Turkey Red (1:24)

ARHR351-ARHR375: 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights (1:36) ARHR376-ARHR400: 2007 Bowman Heritage (two-per-box loader pack) ARHR401-ARHR425: 2007 Bowman's Best (two-per-box loader pack) ARHR426-ARHR450: 2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects (two-per-box loader pack) ARHR476-ARHR500: 2007 Bowman Sterling (one-per-box loader pack)


Topps affixed exactly one, and only one, copy of each card with a sticker bearing Rodriguez's autograph. These autographed cards were randomly inserted into each series respective packs.