2001 Upper Deck Gwynn

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2001 Upper Deck Gwynn is a six-card set honoring Tony Gwynn during his final days as an active player. These cards feature shots of Tony Gwynn at various stages throughout his career along with a blurb on the back and career stats. The cards are done in the style of the 2001 Upper Deck flagship set, but with a "Thanks Tony" logo on the bottom left corner. The set consists of five career highlights and an unnumbered "header" card which has an open letter from Gwynn to his fans.




Tony-Gwynn.jpg?id=bedc72c8-e9e5-4b77-938b-c3a7968d551e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tony-Gwynn.jpg?id=bedc72c8-e9e5-4b77-938b-c3a7968d551e&size=original&side=back&.jpg Tony-Gwynn.jpg?id=3d5a9c11-7545-4dc0-93b0-cb3fa93ce8b9&size=original&side=front&.jpg

  • 1 Tony Gwynn
  • 2 Tony Gwynn
  • 3 Tony Gwynn
  • 4 Tony Gwynn
  • 5 Tony Gwynn
  • NNO Header Card