2000 Upper Deck Yankees Master Collection

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The 2000 Upper Deck Yankees Master Collection was released in early June, 2000. Each box set contains 37 cards. The box set includes a 25-card base set that is individually numbered to 500, an 11-card game-used bat set also serial-numbered to 500 and a one card mystery pack that includes various memorabilia and autographed cards. Each set comes inside of an elegant laser etched wooden case, emblazoned with a metallic Yankees logo.


500 factory sets. (MSRP: $3000).



Base Set

Babe-Ruth.jpg?id=0c31d271-f402-4186-a05b-3c5a48830e59&size=original&side=front&.jpg Babe-Ruth.jpg?id=0c31d271-f402-4186-a05b-3c5a48830e59&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each card is serial-numbered to 500 copies and came packaged inside a "snap-tite" holder.

NYY1 Babe Ruth

NYY2 Lou Gehrig

NYY3 Tony Lazzeri

NYY4 Babe Ruth

NYY5 Lou Gehrig

NYY6 Lefty Gomez

NYY7 Bill Dickey

NYY8 Bill Dickey

NYY9 Tommy Henrich

NYY10 Spud Chandler

NYY11 Tommy Henrich

NYY12 Phil Rizzuto

NYY13 Whitey Ford

NYY14 Yogi Berra

NYY15 Casey Stengel

NYY16 Billy Martin

NYY17 Don Larsen

NYY18 Elston Howard

NYY19 Roger Maris

NYY20 Mickey Mantle

NYY21 Reggie Jackson

NYY22 Bucky Dent

NYY23 Derek Jeter

NYY24 Derek Jeter

NYY25 Derek Jeter

Autographs & Game-Used

All-Time Yankees Game Bats

Reggie-Jackson.jpg?id=e510a948-f45a-43ad-b908-e13010a53fb3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Reggie-Jackson.jpg?id=e510a948-f45a-43ad-b908-e13010a53fb3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each All-Time Yankees Game Bats is serial-numbered to 500 copies.

NOTE: Card #ATY-11 is NOT a game-bat card.

ATY1 Babe Ruth

ATY2 Mickey Mantle

ATY3 Reggie Jackson

ATY4 Don Mattingly

ATY5 Billy Martin

ATY6 Graig Nettles

ATY7 Derek Jeter

ATY8 Yogi Berra

ATY9 Thurman Munson

ATY10 Whitey Ford

ATY11 Lou Gehrig NO BAT

Mystery Pack Inserts

Each Master Collection came packaged with one "Mystery Pack," which yielded one of the cards listed below.

BM1-2 Billy Martin BAT CUT AU 2

BR1-3 Babe Ruth BAT CUT AU 3

MM1-7 Mickey Mantle BAT CUT AU 7

BRC1-3 Babe Ruth CUT AU 3

LGC1-3 Lou Gehrig CUT AU 3

TMC1-2 Thurman Munson CUT AU 2

DJ-B Derek Jeter BAT AU 100

DJ-J Derek Jeter JSY AU 100

RJ-B Reggie Jackson BAT AU 100

WF-J Whitey Ford BAT AU 100

YB-B Yogi Berra BAT AU 80