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1999 Topps Gallery

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1999 Topps Gallery is a 150-card set; the last 50 cards are short-printed. Rookies include Pat Burrell and Alfonso Soriano.


Hobby: 24 packs per box, six cards per pack (MSRP: $3).


Gallery of Heroes Insert Review: [1]

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 150 - ?
short set 100 - ?
SPs 50 - one-per-pack
Player's Private Issue 150 250
Printing Plates 150 four for each 1:985
Awards Gallery 10 - 1:12
Gallery of Heroes 10 - 1:24
Heritage 20 - 1:12
Heritage Proofs 20 - 1:48
Exhibitions 20 - 1:48
Autographs 3 - 1:209



PP1 Scott Rolen

PP3 Brad Fullmer

PP2 Andres Galarraga

Base Set

1 Mark McGwire

2 Jim Thome

3 Bernie Williams

4 Larry Walker

5 Juan Gonzalez

6 Ken Griffey, Jr.

7 Raul Mondesi

8 Sammy Sosa

9 Greg Maddux

10 Jeff Bagwell

11 Vladimir Guerrero

12 Scott Rolen

13 Nomar Garciaparra

14 Mike Piazza

15 Travis Lee

16 Carlos Delgado

17 Darin Erstad

18 Dave Justice

19 Cal Ripken, Jr.

20 Derek Jeter

21 Tony Clark

22 Barry Larkin

23 Greg Vaughn

24 Jeff Kent

25 Wade Boggs

26 Andres Galarraga

27 Ken Caminiti

28 Jason Kendall

29 Todd Helton

30 Chuck Knoblauch

31 Roger Clemens

32 Jeromy Burnitz

33 Javy Lopez

34 Roberto Alomar

35 Eric Karros

36 Ben Grieve

37 Eric Davis

38 Rondell White

39 Dmitri Young

40 Ivan Rodriguez

41 Paul O'Neill

42 Jeff Cirillo

43 Kerry Wood

44 Albert Belle

45 Frank Thomas

46 Manny Ramirez

47 Tom Glavine

48 Mo Vaughn

49 Jose Cruz

50 Sandy Alomar

51 Edgar Martinez

52 John Olerud

53 Todd Walker

54 Tim Salmon

55 Derek Bell

56 Matt Williams

57 Alex Rodriguez

58 Rusty Greer

59 Vinny Castilla

60 Jason Giambi

61 Mark Grace

62 Jose Canseco

63 Gary Sheffield

64 Brad Fullmer

65 Trevor Hoffman

66 Mark Kotsay

67 Mike Mussina

68 Johnny Damon

69 Tino Martinez

70 Curt Schilling

71 Jay Buhner

72 Kenny Lofton

73 Randy Johnson

74 Kevin Brown

75 Brian Jordan

76 Craig Biggio

77 Barry Bonds

78 Tony Gwynn

79 Jim Edmonds

80 Shawn Green

81 Todd Hundley

82 Cliff Floyd

83 Jose Guillen

84 Dante Bichette

85 Moises Alou

86 Chipper Jones

87 Ray Lankford

88 Fred McGriff

89 Rod Beck

90 Dean Palmer

91 Pedro Martinez

92 Andruw Jones

93 Robin Ventura

94 Ugueth Urbina

95 Orlando Hernandez

96 Sean Casey

97 Denny Neagle

98 Troy Glaus

99 John Smoltz

100 Al Leiter


The last 50 cards in the base set are short-printed and seeded at the rate of one-per-pack. The 50 cards are are three subsets:

  • Masters (cards #101-#115)
  • Artisans (cards #116-#127)
  • Apprentices (cards #128-#150)

101 Ken Griffey, Jr.

102 Frank Thomas

103 Mark McGwire

104 Sammy Sosa

105 Chipper Jones

106 Alex Rodriguez

107 Nomar Garciaparra

108 Juan Gonzalez

109 Derek Jeter

110 Mike Piazza

111 Barry Bonds

112 Tony Gwynn

113 Cal Ripken, Jr.

114 Greg Maddux

115 Roger Clemens

116 Brad Fullmer

117 Kerry Wood

118 Ben Grieve

119 Todd Helton

120 Kevin Millwood

121 Sean Casey

122 Vladimir Guerrero

123 Travis Lee

124 Troy Glaus

125 Bartolo Colon

126 Andruw Jones ART

127 Scott Rolen

128 Alfonso Soriano RC

129 Nick Johnson RC

130 Matt Belisle RC

131 Jorge Toca RC

132 Masao Kida

133 Carlos Pena RC

134 Adrian Beltre

135 Eric Chavez

136 Carlos Beltran

137 Alex Gonzalez

138 Ryan Anderson

139 Ruben Mateo

140 Bruce Chen

141 Pat Burrell

142 Michael Barrett

143 Carlos Lee

144 Mark Mulder RC

145 Choo Freeman RC

146 Gabe Kapler

147 Juan Encarnacion

148 Jeremy Giambi

149 Jason Tyner

150 George Lombard


All 150 base cards area available in the following parallels.

  • Player's Private Issue (serial-numbered to 250 copies)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each card)


Awards Gallery

AG1 Kerry Wood

AG2 Ben Grieve

AG3 Roger Clemens

AG4 Tom Glavine

AG5 Juan Gonzalez

AG6 Sammy Sosa

AG7 Ken Griffey, Jr.

AG8 Mark McGwire

AG9 Bernie Williams

AG10 Larry Walker

Gallery of Heroes

GH1 Mark McGwire

GH2 Sammy Sosa

GH3 Ken Griffey, Jr.

GH4 Mike Piazza

GH5 Derek Jeter

GH6 Nomar Garciaparra

GH7 Kerry Wood

GH8 Ben Grieve

GH9 Chipper Jones

GH10 Alex Rodriguez


This 20-card set is done in the style of the 1953 Topps set and features the artwork of James Fiorentino. At the time of the product's release, collectors responded well to the 1953-style and would set the stage for the retro-themed products like Topps Heritage that would drive The Hobby in the early 2000s.

Hank Aaron, who did not appear in the 53 Topps set, has a "Card That Never Was" in this set.

A Heritage Proof parallel printed on foil-fronted polystyrene cardstock is also available.

TH1 Hank Aaron

TH2 Ben Grieve

TH3 Nomar Garciaparra

TH4 Roger Clemens

TH5 Travis Lee

TH6 Tony Gwynn

TH7 Alex Rodriguez

TH8 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TH9 Derek Jeter

TH10 Sammy Sosa

TH11 Scott Rolen

TH12 Chipper Jones

TH13 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TH14 Kerry Wood

TH15 Barry Bonds

TH16 Juan Gonzalez

TH17 Mike Piazza

TH18 Greg Maddux

TH19 Frank Thomas

TH20 Mark McGwire


Heritage Postcards is a seven-card over-sized partial-parallel of the Heritage insert set.

1 Mark McGwire

2 Sammy Sosa

3 Roger Clemens

4 Mike Piazza

5 Cal Ripken, Jr.

6 Derek Jeter

7 Ken Griffey, Jr.

Auction Points

For the second straight year Topps ran an Auction Points promotion within the Gallery brand. The original artwork for each of the 20 1999 Topps Gallery Heritage insert cards, plus the four different colored printing plates (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) used to produce the Heritage cards, attractively framed together, were the prizes.

Collectors were encouraged to accumulate as many points as possible utilizing seven different points cards - all of which were randomly seeded into packs as follows:

  • 25, 50, or 75 points: one-per-pack
  • 100 points: 1:12/packs
  • 1000 points: 1:240/packs
  • 5000 points: 1:640/packs
  • Double Points: 1:640/packs

Once a collector had accumulated as many points as possible, he or she had to then decide upon which of the pieces of Heritage artwork to vie for. All point cards had to be sent in to Topps by October 15th, 1999. As the deadline neared, it was typical to see transactions for tens of thousands of points trading hands in bulk lots for 1/10th or 1/20th of a penny per point.

The backs of each Auction Point card have one of six set checklists.


E1 Sammy Sosa

E2 Mark McGwire

E3 Greg Maddux

E4 Roger Clemens

E5 Ben Grieve

E6 Kerry Wood

E7 Ken Griffey, Jr.

E8 Tony Gwynn

E9 Cal Ripken, Jr.

E10 Frank Thomas

E11 Jeff Bagwell

E12 Derek Jeter

E13 Alex Rodriguez

E14 Nomar Garciaparra

E15 Manny Ramirez

E16 Vladimir Guerrero

E17 Darin Erstad

E18 Scott Rolen

E19 Mike Piazza

E20 Andres Galarraga


GA1 Troy Glaus

GA2 Adrian Beltre

GA3 Eric Chavez