1998 Pinnacle Mint

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The 1998 Pinnacle Mint set was issued in one series of 30 die-cut cards and 30 paralleling coins. Pinnacle Brands designed the product (unsuccessfully) to appeal to both card collectors and numismatists. The coins were designed to fit inside the die-cut cards, and came packaged in a 2.5" X 3.5" plastic holder.


Hobby: Two die-cut base cards, one Bronze parallel, and two coins per pack (MSRP $3.99)

Retail: One die-cut base card, one Bronze parallel, and one coin per pack (MSRP $2.99)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 30 - 2:1 1:1
Bronze 30 - 1:1 1:1
Silver 30 - 1:15 1:23
Gold 30 - 1:47 1:71
Brass Coins 30 - 2:1 1:1
Nickel-Silver Coins 30 - 1:41 1:41
Gold Plated Coins 30 - 1:199 1:199
Brass Artist's Proof Coins 30 500 ? ?
Nickel Artist's Proof Coins 30 250 1:48 1:97
Gold Plated Artist's Proof Coins 30 100 ? ?
Solid Silver Coins 30 - 1:288 1:960
Solid Gold Coins 30 one-of-one ? ?
Gems 6 - 1:31 1:47
Gems Coins 6 - 1:31 N/A




12 Greg Maddux

14 Mark McGwire

17 Mike Piazza

18 Cal Ripken

22 Frank Thomas

24 Larry Walker

Brass Coin Samples

12 Greg Maddux

14 Mark McGwire

22 Frank Thomas

Base Set

NOTE: Each card has a die-cut hole designed to fit the corresponding player's coin.

1 Jeff Bagwell

2 Albert Belle

3 Barry Bonds

4 Tony Clark

5 Roger Clemens

6 Juan Gonzalez

7 Ken Griffey Jr.

8 Tony Gwynn

9 Derek Jeter

10 Randy Johnson

11 Chipper Jones

12 Greg Maddux

13 Tino Martinez

14 Mark McGwire

15 Hideo Nomo

16 Andy Pettitte

17 Mike Piazza

18 Cal Ripken

19 Alex Rodriguez

20 Ivan Rodriguez

21 Sammy Sosa

22 Frank Thomas

23 Mo Vaughn

24 Larry Walker

25 Jose Cruz Jr.

26 Nomar Garciaparra

27 Vladimir Guerrero

28 Livan Hernandez

29 Andruw Jones

30 Scott Rolen


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

NOTE: Each card has a either a bronze, silver, or gold foil stamped team logo where the hole is on the corresponding die-cut base cards.


Each of the 30 base cards are available as coins. Each coin is the same diameter as the hole punched in each die-cut base card, and are available in the following metals.

  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Gold Plated
  • Brass Artist's Proof (limited to 500 coins)
  • Nickel Artist's Proof (limited to 250 coins)
  • Gold Plated Artist's Proof (limited to 100 coins)
  • Solid Silver
  • Solid Gold (One-of-one, EXCH)

NOTES: Each Artist's Proof Coin is stamped with the "ARTIST'S PROOF" phrase, to differentiate them from the standard coins. The production figures listed were released by Pinnacle Brands at the time of release; however, the coins themselves are NOT serial-numbered.

The Solid Silver and Solid Gold coins are made of one solid troy ounce of real silver or 24 carat gold.

The production figures on the Solid Silver Coins was not revealed, but it is estimated at around 20-25 coins.

In lieu of inserting the Solid Gold Coins into packs, exchange cards were issued. Due to Pinnacle Brands' 1998 bankruptcy, very few of the Solid Gold Coin exchange cards were redeemed.


Chipper Jones Benefactor Card

This special Chipper Jones card was available through a mail-order offer on 1998 Pinnacle Mint packs. The card could be ordered for $9.95 plus a $4 shipping and handling charge.


This six player card and coin set features 1997's major award winners.

1 Ken Griffey Jr.

2 Larry Walker

3 Roger Clemens

4 Pedro Martinez

5 Nomar Garciaparra

6 Scott Rolen

Gems Coins

Unlike the base set, the Gems Coins are only available in brass. Also, unlike the base set, the images stamped onto each Gems Coin are the same as those on the corresponding Gems card. The Gems Coins set is Hobby only.