1992 Jimmy Dean

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1992 Jimmy Dean is an 18-card food issue, produced by MSA for the sausage maker. A pack of three were included inside each package of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and sausages.

NOTE: This set is not licensed by MLB Properties and as such has all MLB trademarks airbrushed out.




Base Set

1 Jim Abbott

2 Barry Bonds

3 Jeff Bagwell

4 Frank Thomas

5 Steve Avery

6 Chris Sabo

7 Will Clark

8 Don Mattingly

9 Darryl Strawberry

10 Roger Clemens

11 Ken Griffey, Jr.

12 Chuck Knoblauch

13 Tony Gwynn

14 Juan Gonzalez

15 Cecil Fielder

16 Bobby Bonilla

17 Wes Chamberlain

18 Ryne Sandberg