1990 Score Rookie/Traded

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1990 Score Rookie/Traded is a 110-card set and marked the third consecutive year Score had issued an end of the year set to note trades and give rookies their first card. The set was issued through Hobby accounts and only in factory set form. The first 66 cards are traded players while the last 44 cards are rookie cards. Rookie Cards in the set include Derek Bell, Todd Hundley and Ray Lankford.

A card (#100T) of hockey prospect Eric Lindros taking batting practice with the Toronto Blue Jays is included in this set. Lindros was expected to be the first pick in the 1991 NHL Draft and had already signed an endorsement deal with Score.


Factory Sets only. Hobby only.



Base Set

Eric-Lindros.jpg?id=564d35dd-a1ff-465d-aeee-3f07f7b11ad1&size=original&side=front&.jpg Eric-Lindros.jpg?id=564d35dd-a1ff-465d-aeee-3f07f7b11ad1&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1T Dave Winfield
  • 2T Kevin Bass
  • 3T Nick Esasky
  • 4T Mitch Webster
  • 5T Pascual Perez
  • 6T Gary Pettis
  • 7T Tony Pena
  • 8T Candy Maldonado
  • 9T Cecil Fielder
  • 10T Carmelo Martinez
  • 11T Mark Langston
  • 12T Dave Parker
  • 13T Don Slaught
  • 14T Tony Phillips
  • 15T John Franco
  • 16T Randy Myers
  • 17T Jeff Reardon
  • 18T Sandy Alomar, Jr.
  • 19T Joe Carter
  • 20T Fred Lynn
  • 21T Storm Davis
  • 22T Craig Lefferts
  • 23T Pete O'Brien
  • 24T Dennis Boyd
  • 25T Lloyd Moseby
  • 26T Mark Davis
  • 27T Tim Leary
  • 28T Gerald Perry
  • 29T Don Aase
  • 30T Ernie Whitt
  • 31T Dale Murphy
  • 32T Alejandro Pena
  • 33T Juan Samuel
  • 34T Hubie Brooks
  • 35T Gary Carter
  • 36T Jim Presley
  • 37T Wally Backman
  • 38T Matt Nokes
  • 39T Dan Petry
  • 40T Franklin Stubbs
  • 41T Jeff Huson
  • 42T Billy Hatcher
  • 43T Terry Leach
  • 44T Phil Bradley
  • 45T Claudell Washington
  • 46T Luis Polonia
  • 47T Daryl Boston
  • 48T Lee Smith
  • 49T Tom Brunansky
  • 50T Mike Witt
  • 51T Willie Randolph
  • 52T Stan Javier
  • 53T Brad Komminsk
  • 54T John Candelaria
  • 55T Bryn Smith
  • 56T Glenn Braggs
  • 57T Keith Hernandez
  • 58T Ken Oberkfell
  • 59T Steve Jeltz
  • 60T Chris James
  • 61T Scott Sanderson
  • 62T Bill Long
  • 63T Rick Cerone
  • 64T Scott Bailes
  • 65T Larry Sheets
  • 66T Junior Ortiz
  • 67T Francisco Cabrera
  • 68T Gary DiSarcina RC
  • 69T Greg Olson RC
  • 70T Beau Allred RC
  • 71T Oscar Azocar RC
  • 72T Kent Mercker RC
  • 73T John Burkett
  • 74T Carlos Baerga RC
  • 75T Dave Hollins RC
  • 76T Todd Hundley RC
  • 77T Rick Parker RC
  • 78T Steve Cummings RC
  • 79T Bill Sampen RC
  • 80T Jerry Kutzler RC
  • 81T Derek Bell RC
  • 82T Kevin Tapani RC
  • 83T Jim Leyritz RC
  • 84T Ray Lankford RC
  • 85T Wayne Edwards RC
  • 86T Frank Thomas
  • 87T Tim Naehring RC
  • 88T Willie Blair RC
  • 89T Alan Mills RC
  • 90T Scott Radinsky RC
  • 91T Howard Farmer RC
  • 92T Julio Machado RC
  • 93T Rafael Valdez RC
  • 94T Shawn Boskie RC
  • 95T David Segui RC
  • 96T Chris Hoiles RC
  • 97T D. J.Dozier RC
  • 98T Hector Villanueva RC
  • 99T Eric Gunderson RC
  • 100T Eric Lindros
  • 101T Dave Otto
  • 102T Dana Kiecker RC
  • 103T Tim Drummond RC
  • 104T Mickey Pina RC*
  • 105T Craig Grebeck RC
  • 106T Bernard Gilkey RC
  • 107T Tim Layana RC
  • 108T Scott Chiamparino RC
  • 109T Steve Avery
  • 110T Terry Shumpert RC