1985 Braves Hostess

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1985 Braves Hostess is a 22-card set produced by Topps and distributed in packages of Hostess snack cakes throughout the South. Each Hostess package contained three cards. The fronts are similar, but not identical, to that of the 1985 Topps set; however, the backs have the same design, albeit with a blue background.


Three cards in specially-marked Hostess packs.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 22 - 3:1


Base Set

  • 15 Craig McMurtry
  • 16 Dale Murphy
  • 17 Ken Oberkfell
  • 18 Pascual Perez
  • 19 Gerald Perry
  • 20 Rafael Ramirez
  • 21 Bruce Sutter
  • 22 Claudell Washington