1983 Topps Traded

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1983 Topps Traded is a 132-card update set measuring 2.5 × 3.5 inches. Known as the "circular portrait" set, this set mimics exactly the traditional Topps base set from that year. Similarly to the previous year's 1982 Topps Traded, Topps sequentially-numbered the Traded series from 1T to 132T. Also repeating a theme from the previous year, the backs of the cards are noticeably offset from the base set, with the traded set being a bright, salmon pink in color with black print, in contrast to 1983 Topps which had brownish backs.

The set features player photos as seen in the uniform of their new team, and new prints of rookies called up during the season. The design is a mix of action shots and portraits coupled with another small circular portrait of the subject of the card located in either the lower left or right corner of the card. To the left (or right, depending on card design) of the portrait is the player's name, position, and team affiliation.

The reverse of the card contains the players standard biography (Name, height, weight, throws, bats, how/when drafted, how acquired, birthdate, birthplace, and home city). It also contained the players career statistics up until 1982. If room allowed, the bottom of the card contained either a small comment regarding the players career, previous seasons major accomplishments. Two silhouettes of players in action were also included, one in the upper left corner which was part of the Topps logo, and a second that may have appeared, if room allowed, in the lower right corner, typically of a pitcher about to throw a pitch. And of course, the card's number in the collated set appears in the uppermost left corner.

Key Rookie Cards in this set include Darryl Strawberry and Julio Franco.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 132 - ? ?


Base Set

1T Neil Allen

2T Bill Almon

3T Joe Altobelli

4T Tony Armas

5T Doug Bair

6T Steve Baker

7T Floyd Bannister

8T Don Baylor

9T Tony Bernazard

10T Larry Biittner

11T Dann Bilardello

12T Doug Bird

13T Steve Boros MG

14T Greg Brock

15T Mike Brown

16T Tom Burgmeier

17T Randy Bush

18T Bert Campaneris

19T Ron Cey

20T Chris Codiroli

21T Dan Collins

22T Terry Crowley

23T Julio Cruz

24T Mike Davis

25T Frank DiPino

26T Bill Doran XRC

27T Jerry Dybzinski

28T Jamie Easterly

29T Juan Eichelberger

30T Jim Essian

31T Pete Falcone

32T Mike Ferraro MG

33T Terry Forster

34T Julio Franco XRC

35T Rich Gale

36T Kiko Garcia

37T Steve Garvey

38T Johnny Grubb

39T Mel Hall XRC

40T Von Hayes

41T Danny Heep

42T Steve Henderson

43T Keith Hernandez

44T Leo Hernandez

45T Willie Hernandez

46T Al Holland

47T Frank Howard MG

48T Bob Johnson

49T Cliff Johnson

50T Odell Jones

51T Mike Jorgensen

52T Bob Kearney

53T Steve Kemp

54T Marty Keough

55T Ron Kittle XRC

56T Mickey Klutts

57T Alan Knicely

58T Mike Krukow

59T Rafael Landestoy

60T Carney Lansford

61T Joe Lefebvre

62T Bryan Little

63T Aurelio Lopez

64T Mike Madden

65T Rick Manning

66T Billy Martin MG

67T Lee Mazzilli

68T Andy McGaffigan

69T Craig McMurtry

70T John McNamara MG

71T Orlando Mercado

72T Larry Milbourne

73T Randy Moffitt

74T Sid Monge

75T Jose Morales

76T Omar Moreno

77T Joe Morgan

78T Mike Morgan

79T Dale Murray

80T Jeff Newman

81T Pete O'Brien XRC

82T Jorge Orta

83T Alejandro Pena XRC

84T Pascual Perez

85T Tony Perez

86T Broderick Perkins

87T Tom Phillips XRC

88T Charlie Puleo

89T Pat Putnam

90T Jamie Quirk

91T Doug Rader MG

92T Chuck Rainey

93T Bobby Ramos

94T Gary Redus XRC

95T Steve Renko

96T Leon Roberts

97T Aurelio Rodriguez

98T Dick Ruthven

99T Daryl Sconiers

100T Milt Scott

101T Tom Seaver

102T John Shelby

103T Bob Shirley

104T Joe Simpson

105T Doug Sisk

106T Mike Smithson

107T Elias Sosa

108T Darryl Strawberry XRC

109T Tom Tellmann

110T Gene Tenace

111T Gorman Thomas

112T Dick Tidrow

113T Dave Tobik

114T Wayne Tolleson

115T Mike Torrez

116T Manny Trillo

117T Steve Trout

118T Lee Tunnell

119T Mike Vail

120T Ellis Valentine

121T Tom Veryzer

122T George Vukovich

123T Rick Waits

124T Greg Walker

125T Chris Welsh

126T Len Whitehouse

127T Ed Whitson

128T Jim Wohlford

129T Matt Young XRC

130T Joel Youngblood

131T Pat Zachry

132T Checklist