1969 Kahn's

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Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 25 - ? ?


Base Set

A1 Hank Aaron Portrait

A2 Jim Maloney Pitchinghands at side

A3 Tony Perez Glove on

B1 Hank Aaron

B2 Matty Alou Batting

B3 Max Alvis69 patch

B4 Gerry Arrigo Leg up

B5 Steve Blass

B6 Clay Carroll

B7 Tony Cloninger: Reds

B8 George Culver

B9 Joel Horlen Pitching

B10 Tony Horton Batting

B11 Alex Johnson

B12 Jim Maloney

B13 Lee May Foot on bag 2

B14 Bill Mazeroski Hands on knees 2

B15 Sam McDowell Leg up 2

B16 Tony Perez

B17 Gary Peters Pitching

B18 Ron Santo Emblem 2

B19 Luis Tiant Glove at knee

B20 Joe Torre: Cardinals

B21 Bob Veale Hands at knees no glasses

B22 Billy Williams Bat behind head