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rec.collecting.cards.discuss (R.C.C.D.): A Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of sports trading cards. It also doubled as a forum for like-minded individuals to discuss other topics of interest such as sports, pop culture, sprinkled in from time-to-time with a flame war or two.

RCCD was created in November of 1994, and before the emergence of web-based bulletin boards (beckett.com's Message Boards, sportcardforum.com, freedomcardboard.com, et al) it was the premier destination for sports card news and discussion. RCCD hit its peak in late 2000 when it was receiving 2500 to 3000 postings a month. By 2003 however, traffic had been reduced to less than 100 posts a month. Currently RCCD receives about 10 to 20 posts per month (mostly spam).

But during its brief "golden age" (1998-2001) RCCD attracted a number of notable personalities, many of whom have moved onto other boards and other internet ventures.