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Android BCP Checklist App

We are proud to announce that we now have a checklisting app for Android mobile devices. It's only in beta as of now, so please try it and send us your feedback.


You can send feedback via email at or Twitter us at @baseballcardped. You can also edit the Comments section of this page.


To install the app, follow these directions:

1. Tap Settings, then Applications then make sure Unknown Sources is checked.

2. Go to this link

3. Once the file is downloaded, scroll down the top menu bar and tap bcp.apk.

4. When the installer launches, tap install.

5. It should now appear in your list of applications


To use the app, you must have an account on BCP. With an account, you then can login with your username. From there you can select a year, set and check or uncheck various cards that have your don't have. Some sets are missing. Most of 2010 is missing. We know. We're trying to build up the database as much as we can, but unfortunately, some sets are still missing.

To Do

1. Add BCP password integration (this is harder than I thought!)

2. Shorten the long lists of setnames


Q: Why isn't the app in Google Marketplace?

A: Once the app is complete, it will be uploaded to Google marketplace.

Q: Any plans for an iOS version?

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