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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.



2016 Topps The Mint was released August 10th, 2016 -- a week earlier than previously announced. Each box will yield five serial-numbered on-card autographs with a limited checklist. On a box-per-box basis, this is the most expensive trading card product Topps has produced to date.

The Mint will feature the first fully-licensed autograph of Vin Scully.


Five cards per box (MSRP: $899). Four boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Iconic Jersey Relics 2 - ?
Franklin Batting Gloves Book Relics 22 ? ?
Franchise Autographs 29 ? ?
Franchise Autographs Blue 29 50 ?
Franchise Autographs Green 29 10 ?
Franchise Autographs Red 29 one-of-one ?
Arrivals Autographs 12 ? ?
Arrivals Autographs Blue 12 50 ?
Arrivals Autographs Green 12 10 ?
Arrivals Autographs Red 12 one-of-one ?
Gem 10 Autographs 9 ? ?
Gem 10 Autographs Blue 9 50 ?
Gem 10 Autographs Green 9 10 ?
Gem 10 Autographs Red 9 one-of-one ?
Golden Engraving Autographs 29 ? ?
Golden Engraving Autographs Green 29 10 ?
Golden Engraving Autographs Red 29 one-of-one ?
Authenticated Patch Autographs 10 ? ?
Authenticated Patch Autographs Green 10 10 ?
Authenticated Patch Autographs Red 10 one-of-one ?



NOTE: Relics will NOT take the place of any of the promised five autographs per Hobby box. Those boxes yielding a Relic will have six cards.

Iconic Jersey Relics

These two cards feature swatches of the game used jerseys worn when A) David Ortiz hit his 512th career home run and B) Adam Jones set the Orioles' all-time career home run record.

IJR-AJ Adam Jones

IJR-DVO David Ortiz

Franklin Batting Glove Book Relics


All Autographs are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (serial-numbered to 50 copies; not available for the Golden Engraving Autographs)
  • Green (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red (one-of-one)

NOTE: A number of autographs also have an "Image Variation." It is unclear if any of the variations have parallels.

Franchise Autographs

FA-AJ Adam Jones

FA-APO A.J. Pollock

FA-APU Albert Pujols

FA-AR Anthony Rizzo

FA-BH Bryce Harper

FA-BP Buster Posey

FA-CC Carlos Correa

FA-CH Cole Hamels

FA-CK Clayton Kershaw

FA-CS Chris Sale

FA-DK Dallas Keuchel

FA-DO David Ortiz

FA-DP Dustin Pedroia

FA-DW David Wright

FA-EE Edwin Encarnacion

FA-EL Evan Longoria

FA-FF Freddie Freeman

FA-FL Francisco Lindor

FA-I Ichiro

FA-JA Jose Altuve

FA-JD Jacob deGrom

FA-JH Jason Heyward

FA-KB Kris Bryant

FA-MM Manny Machado

FA-MTR Mike Trout

FA-NA Nolan Arenado

FA-RB Ryan Braun

FA-SM Starling Marte

FA-YC Yoenis Cespedes

FA-CC Carlos Correa VAR

FA-I Ichiro VAR

FA-KB Kris Bryant VAR

FA-MTR Mike Trout VAR

Arrivals Autographs

AA-CS Corey Seager VAR

AA-KS Kyle Schwarber VAR

AA-LS Luis Severino VAR

AA-AN Aaron Nola

AA-BP Byung-Ho Park

AA-CS Corey Seager

AA-HOW Henry Owens

AA-JG Jon Gray

AA-JU Julio Urias

AA-KM Kenta Maeda

AA-KS Kyle Schwarber

AA-LG Lucas Giolito

AA-LS Luis Severino

AA-MS Miguel Sano

AA-SP Stephen Piscotty

Gem 10 Autographs

G10A-AG Andres Galarraga

G10A-AR Alex Rodriguez

G10A-JA Jake Arrieta

G10A-JV Jason Varitek

G10A-NL Tim Robbins "Nuke LaLoosh"

G10A-OV Omar Vizquel

G10A-PK Paul Konerko

G10A-RB Sylvester Stallone "Rocky Balboa"

G10A-VS Vin Scully

GEA-CB Craig Biggio VAR

GEA-CR Cal Ripken Jr. VAR

GEA-GM Greg Maddux VAR

Golden Engraving Autographs

Autographed Relics

Authenticated Patch Autographs

All Authenticated Patch Autographs are available in the following parallels.

  • Green (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red (one-of-one)

APA-AM Andrew Miller

APA-DL DJ LeMahieu

APA-DO David Ortiz

APA-EL Evan Longoria

APA-I Ichiro

APA-JM J.D. Martinez

APA-JS James Shields

APA-LS Luis Severino

APA-MS Miguel Sano

APA-MT Mike Trout

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