2015 Upper Deck Icons Industry Summit Autographs

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2015 Upper Deck Icons Industry Summit Autographs were distributed to attendees of the annual Las Vegas Industry Summit. In keeping with the Las Vegas theme, each card is design to look like a playing card. The set includes players from a wide variety of sports, and each card is hand-numbered.




LV-BO Bobby Orr 25

LV-BW Bill Walton 35

LV-GSP Georges St-Pierre 25

LV-JD Jonathan Drouin 30

LV-JG Johnny Gaudreau 25

LV-JK Jason Kidd 35

LV-JN Joe Namath 5

LV-JW Jerry West 10

LV-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. 5

LV-LJ LeBron James 5

LV-MM Mark McGwire 10

LV-NR Nolan Ryan 10

LV-SC Steve Carlton 45

LV-TW Tiger Woods 5

LV-WG Wayne Gretzky 20

Signature Chips Dual Autographs

LV-2CR Steve Carlton / Nolan Ryan 10

LV-2GD Johnny Gaudreau / Jonathan Drouin 15

LV-2GO Wayne Gretzky / Bobby Orr 15

Jackpot Triples Autographs

LV-3EGD Aaron Ekblad / Johnny Gaudreau / Jonathan Drouin 10