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This article is about a set that is scheduled to be released in the near-future.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2015 Topps Mini is a 700-card under-sized parallel of the 2015 Topps Baseball flagship, scheduled for release November 18th, exclusively on Topps' website. After three years of being distributed in pack form (and steadily declining sales), the 2015 edition will be sold as a factory set. Each set will also include eleven parallels serial-numbered to ten copies or less, and a ten-card insert based on the 1975 Topps Mini set. Fewer than 1000 sets will be produced.


Factory sets only. (Retail price: $100) Exclusive to Topps.com


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 700 1000 one full set
Black 700 10 *
Red 700 5 *
Gold 700 one-of-one *
1975 Mini 10 1000 one full set


Base Set

The checklist is the same as the 2015 Topps set. Please refer to that set's entry for a checklist.


All 700 base cards are available in the following Mini parallels.

  • Black (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Red (serial-numbered to five)
  • Gold (one-of-one)


1975 Mini

Byron Buxton

Clayton Kershaw

Addison Russell

Noah Syndergaard

Francisco Lindor

Bryce Harper

Mike Trout

Carlos Correa

Kris Bryant

Jake Arrieta