2014 Topps Factory Sets

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Topps produced six different versions of their annual factory set in 2014.

The first wave of 2014 Topps factory sets were released exclusively to The Hobby the week of July 16, 2014. There were two versions of the set: one for Hobby distribution and the other to commemorate the 2014 All-Star Game in Minnesota. The Hobby set came in a red box and had a five-card pack of Orange-bordered parallel cards, each serial-numbered to 199 copies. The All-Star set had five bonus "All-Star" cards and came in a black box.

The second wave of factory sets were released to mass-market retail and Hobby outlets in November. All retail factory sets, which were in a blue box, came with five exclusive Rookie "variation" cards. The Target and Wal-Mart sets also came with one of three Refractor or Gold Refractors of Sandy Koufax (Wal-Mart; Purple Box) or Ted Williams (Target; Green Box).

Finally, Topps produced a special "1st Edition" factory set. Randomly seeded in Hobby/Jumbo boxes of 2014 Topps Series One were ten Power Players Spring Training Access Pass redemption cards good for a 1st Edition factory set. The redeemed set is a retail (Blue Box) factory set, that also included all five Rookie Variaiton cards. Each card, and the outside of the box, has a "1st EDITION" logo stamped on the front.


Six different editions of the 2014 Topps Factory Set were produced, each with it's own box.

  • Red (Hobby)
  • Black (All-Star)
  • Blue (retail)
  • Green (Target)
  • Purple (Wal-Mart)
  • Blue w/1st Edition stamp (1st Edition)



All-Star Game Exclusive Variations

    AS1 Andrew McCutchen

    AS2 Derek Jeter

    AS3 Miguel Cabrera

    AS4 Joe Mauer

    AS5 Mike Trout

    Retail Exclusive Rookie Bonus

    NOTE: Each Factory Set Rookie Bonus card has a production code of "#CMP009373" on the reverse side.

    • 36 Billy Hamilton
    • 133 Xander Bogaerts
    • 195 Nick Castellanos
    • 496 Jose Abreu
    • 661 Masahiro Tanaka

    Walmart Exclusive Sandy Koufax Refractors

      79 Sandy Koufax 56T

      187 Sandy Koufax 58T

      302 Sandy Koufax 57T

      Target Exclusive Ted Williams Refractors

        1 Ted Williams 54T

        66 Ted Williams 54B

        165 Ted Williams 51B