2008 Braves Upper Deck

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This 25-card team set was given away to fans who attended the April 2nd, 2008 Atlanta Braves home game. The design is similar to that year's Upper Deck flagship set, but without foil stamping. To differentiate these cards from the flagship set (and the First Edition set which also had the same design), each card is marked "2008 ATLANTA BRAVES TEAM SET" on the reverse side.




Rafael-Soriano.jpg?id=663c0996-9da4-4c1e-8134-15c05cd29273&size=original&side=front&.jpg Rafael-Soriano.jpg?id=663c0996-9da4-4c1e-8134-15c05cd29273&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • AB-1 Kelly Johnson
  • AB-2 Clint Sammons
  • AB-3 Bobby Cox MGR
  • AB-4 Jeff Francoeur
  • AB-5 Chipper Jones
  • AB-6 Brandon Jones
  • AB-7 Tim Hudson
  • AB-8 Brian McCann
  • AB-9 Yunel Escobar
  • AB-10 Matt Diaz
  • AB-11 Mark Teixeira
  • AB-12 John Smoltz
  • AB-13 Jeff Bennett
  • AB-14 Mike Hampton
  • AB-15 Tyler Yates
  • AB-16 Royce Ring
  • AB-17 Chuck James
  • AB-18 Jo Jo Reyes
  • AB-19 Buddy Carlyle
  • AB-20 Rafael Soriano
  • AB-21 Manny Acosta
  • AB-22 Tom Glavine
  • AB-23 Mike Gonzalez
  • AB-24 Blaine Boyer
  • AB-25 Peter Moylan