2003 Upper Deck UD Pride of New York Yankees Signature Series TOM CARROLL AUTO
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2003 Upper Deck UD Pride of New York Yankees Signature Series DANNY CATER AUTO
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2003 Upper Deck UD Pride of New York Yankees Signature Series ART DITMAR AUTO
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2003 Upper Deck UD Pride of New York Yankees Signature Series AL GETTEL AUTO
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2003 Upper Deck Yankees Signature

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2003 Upper Deck Yankees Signature is a 90-card set released in April, 2003. Each pack contains one signature.


10 packs per box, three cards per pack (MSRP: $30). Eight boxes per case. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 90 - two-per-pack
Pride of New York Autographs 88 - one-per-pack
Pinstripe Excellence Autographs 28 125 ?
Yankees Forever Autographs 30 50 ?
Monumental Cuts 10 varies ?


Base Set

Jim-Bouton.jpg?id=65b51499-2d98-4f98-8f29-73a37453753e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Jim-Bouton.jpg?id=65b51499-2d98-4f98-8f29-73a37453753e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Al Downing

2 Al Gettel

3 Art Ditmar

4 Babe Ruth

5 Bill Virdon

6 Billy Martin

7 Bob Cerv

8 Bob Turley

9 Bobby Cox

10 Bobby Richardson

11 Bobby Shantz

12 Bucky Dent

13 Bud Metheny

14 Casey Stengel

15 Charlie Hayes

16 Charlie Silvera

17 Chris Chambliss

18 Danny Cater

19 Dave Kingman

20 Dave Righetti

21 Dave Winfield

22 David Cone

23 Dick Tidrow

24 Doc Medich

25 Dock Ellis

26 Don Gullett

27 Don Mattingly

28 Dwight Gooden

29 Eddie Robinson

30 Felipe Alou

31 Fred Sanford

32 Fred Stanley

33 Gene Michael

34 Hank Bauer

35 Hector Lopez

36 Horace Clarke

37 Jake Gibbs

38 Jerry Coleman

39 Jerry Lumpe

40 Jim Bouton

41 Jim Kaat

42 Jim Mason

43 Jimmy Key

44 Joe DiMaggio

45 Joe Torre

46 John Montefusco

47 Johnny Blanchard

48 Johnny Callison

49 Lew Burdette

50 Johnny Kucks

51 Steve Balboni

52 Ken Singleton

53 Lee Mazzilli

54 Lou Gehrig

55 Lou Piniella

56 Luis Tiant

57 Marius Russo

58 Mel Stottlemyre

59 Mickey Mantle

60 Mike Pagliarulo

61 Mike Torrez

62 Miller Huggins

63 Norm Siebern

64 Paul O'Neill

65 Phil Niekro

66 Phil Rizzuto

67 Ralph Branca

68 Ralph Houk

69 Ralph Terry

70 Randy Gumpert

71 Roger Maris

72 Ron Blomberg

73 Ron Guidry

74 Ruben Amaro

75 Ryne Duren

76 Sam McDowell

77 Sparky Lyle

78 Thurman Munson

79 Tom Sturdivant

80 Tom Tresh

81 Tommy Byrne

82 Tommy Henrich

83 Tommy John

84 Tony Kubek

85 Tony Lazzeri

86 Virgil Trucks

87 Wade Boggs

88 Whitey Ford

89 Willie Randolph

90 Yogi Berra


Pride of New York Autographs

Tommy-John.jpg?id=1ef7d930-76a3-4a69-ac70-44d86e32139f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tommy-John.jpg?id=1ef7d930-76a3-4a69-ac70-44d86e32139f&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Inserted at a stated rate of one per pack, these 88 cards feature authentic autographs from either retired Yankee players or people associated with the franchise in some way. This set included the first certified autographed cards for figures such as Yankee GM Brian Cashman, and actors John Goodman and Jason Alexander. Bud Metheny was supposed to sign cards for this product but he passed away before he could sign his cards. In addition, Cashman, Goodman, Dwight Gooden, and Yogi Berra did not return their cards in time for inclusion in this product and we have notated that information with an EXCH in our checklist. David Cone signed some of his cards in time for inclusion and others were available as an exchange card. Collectors could redeem those cards until March 27th, 2006. Upper Deck announced some shorter print runs and we have put that stated print run information next to the player's name in our checklist.

AD Al Downing

AG Al Gettel

BD Brian Doyle

BL Johnny Blanchard

BR Bobby Richardson

BS Bobby Shantz

BT Bob Turley

BV Bill Virdon

CA1 Johnny Callison

CA2 Brian Cashman EXCH 100

CC Chris Chambliss

CE Bob Cerv

CH Charlie Hayes

CO David Cone

CS Charlie Silvera

CX Bobby Cox

DC Danny Cater

DE Bucky Dent

DG Don Gullett

DI Art Ditmar

DK Dave Kingman

DM Doc Medich

DR Dave Righetti

DT Dick Tidrow

DW Dave Winfield 350

DZ Don Zimmer

EL Dock Ellis

ER Eddie Robinson

FA Felipe Alou

FS Fred Sanford

GM Gene Michael

GO Dwight Gooden EXCH

HB Hank Bauer

HC Horace Clarke

HL Hector Lopez

HR Hal Reniff

JA Jason Alexander 50

JB Jim Bouton

JC Jerry Coleman

JG1 Jake Gibbs

JG2 John Goodman EXCH 100

JK Jim Kaat

JL Jerry Lumpe

JM Jim Mason

JT Joe Torre

JW Jim Wynn

KE Jimmy Key

KS Ken Singleton

KU Johnny Kucks

LB Lew Burdette

LM Lee Mazzilli

LP Lou Piniella 542

LT Luis Tiant

MA Don Mattingly

MO John Montefusco

MP Mike Pagliarulo

MR Marius Russo

MS Mel Stottlemyre

MT Mike Torrez

NS Norm Siebern

PN Phil Niekro

PO Paul O'Neill 500

PR Phil Rizzuto

RA Ruben Amaro

RB1 Ron Blomberg

RB2 Ralph Branca

RD Ryne Duren

RG1 Ron Guidry

RG2 Randy Gumpert

RH Ralph Houk

RT Ralph Terry

SB Steve Balboni

SL Sparky Lyle

SM Sam McDowell

ST Fred Stanley

TB Tommy Byrne

TC Tom Carroll

TH Tommy Henrich

TJ Tommy John

TK Tony Kubek

TS Tom Sturdivant

TT Tom Tresh

VT Virgil Trucks

WB Wade Boggs

WF Whitey Ford

WR Willie Randolph 283

YB Yogi Berra EXCH

Pinstripe Excellence Autographs

Each Pinstripe Excellence Autograph is serial-numbered to 125 copies.

AA Felipe Alou / Ruben Amaro

BA Hank Bauer / Felipe Alou

BP Wade Boggs / Mike Pagliarulo

BR1 Hank Bauer / Phil Rizzuto

BR2 Tommy Byrne / Marius Russo

BT Jim Bouton / Ralph Terry

CK Chris Chambliss / Dave Kingman

DC Bucky Dent / Chris Chambliss

DR Bucky Dent / Willie Randolph

DS Ryne Duren / Tom Sturdivant

FB Whitey Ford / Yogi Berra

GB Jake Gibbs / Johnny Blanchard

GM Ron Guidry / John Montefusco

GR Ron Guidry / Willie Randolph

JK Tommy John / Jim Kaat

LG Sparky Lyle / Ron Guidry

LM Jerry Lumpe / Jim Mason

MC John Montefusco / Chris Chambliss

MK Gene Michael / Tony Kubek

ML Sam McDowell / Sparky Lyle

MR Don Mattingly / Dave Righetti

NT Phil Niekro / Luis Tiant

RB Bobby Richardson / Hank Bauer

RC Bobby Richardson / Jerry Coleman

SC Ken Singleton / Jerry Coleman

ST Tom Sturdivant / Bob Turley

TK Luis Tiant / Jim Kaat

TM Mike Torrez / Lee Mazzilli

Yankees Forever Autographs

Each Yankees Forever Autograph is serial-numbered to 50 copies. The following cards were issued as exchange cards of which could be redeemed until March 27th, 2006: GCK, GRJ, MTT, TCO, WMG, WPC.

ALB Felipe Alou / Hector Lopez / Hank Bauer

AOM Felipe Alou / Paul O'Neill / Lee Mazzilli

BSB Yogi Berra / Bobby Shantz / Hank Bauer

DFB Al Downing / Whitey Ford / Yogi Berra

DRC Bucky Dent / Willie Randolph / Chris Chambliss

EMG Dock Ellis / Doc Medich / Don Gullett

FKB Whitey Ford / Johnny Kucks / Jim Bouton

GCK Dwight Gooden / David Cone / Jimmy Key EXCH

GRJ Ron Guidry / Dave Righetti / Tommy John EXCH

HMC Ralph Houk / Gene Michael / Bobby Cox

HRB Tommy Henrich / Phil Rizzuto / Ralph Branca

JKL Tommy John / Jim Kaat / Sparky Lyle

KCC Dave Kingman / Chris Chambliss / Danny Cater

KGT Jim Kaat / Don Gullet / Mike Torrez

KJB Jim Kaat / Tommy John / Jim Bouton

MTT John Montefusco / Mike Torrez / Dick Tidrow EXCH

OBK Paul ONeill / Wade Boggs / Jimmy Key

PTV Lou Piniella / Joe Torre / Bill Virdon

RBC Phil Rizzuto / Yogi Berra / Jerry Coleman

RKD Phil Rizzuto / Tony Kubek / Bucky Dent

RRC Dominic Rich / Willie Randolph / Jerry Coleman

RSB Paul Russo / Tom Sturdivant / Tommy Byrne

SSB Fred Stanley / Charlie Silvera / John Blanchard

STE Mel Stottlemyre / Luis Tiant / Dock Ellis

TCO Joe Torre / David Cone / Paul O'Neill EXCH

TLN Luis Tiant / Sparky Lyle / Phil Niekro

TMT Luis Tiant / Sparky McDowell / Ralph Terry

WHM Dave Winfield / Tommy Henrich / Lee Mazzilli

WMG Dave Winfield / Don Mattingly / Ron Guidry EXCH

WPC Dave Winfield / Lou Piniella / Chris Chambliss EXCH

Monumental Cuts

BM Billy Martin 9

BR Babe Ruth 1

CS Casey Stengel 3

JD Joe DiMaggio 4

LG Lou Gehrig 1

MH Miller Huggins 2

MM Mickey Mantle 1

RM Roger Maris 6

TL Tony Lazzeri 2

TM Thurman Munson 1